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I don't usually post here, but a lot of the reviews for this hike are misleading, so I thought I'd weigh in. This is actually quite a difficult hike. There are many spots where the trail is well-maintained and a gradual incline, but also many that are steep and rocky and/or overgrown. Note that many of the people posting that it's a moderate hike did not make it to the top. The rocky overlook is the halfway point. After that, the trail gets pretty steep and you're pushing through a lot of overgrowth. The terrain isn't quite as difficult as Lake Blanche, but it's comparable in difficulty, especially because of the distance. It is a beautiful trail with some stunning views and well worth doing if you like a challenging hike. But it shouldn't be attempted lightly. Start early and pack plenty of water and snacks if you're planning on doing the whole thing. It'll take a while.

Doesn't waste any time gaining elevation and will stay that way all throughout.

Requires some light scrambling / bouldering, but well worth it!

I attempted this back last Fall, but the snow was too sketchy and did not have any spikes or anything.

My buddy and I ended up navigating down that steep rocky channel as a shortcut.

It was a good challenge and test to overcome fear of heights.

If you go that way be careful and watch your footing.

Rock surfing can be WAY fun … lol … :-)

I really did love this hike. If the sky Is clear you have mountain Views to the east and valley views to the west! It did have some areas of the trail where if I failed to look up I definitely went along the wrong trail as it seems there are some lightly trafficked areas that can pass as trails. The ascent was steep but a great workout and the descent was pretty challenging as well. I consider myself fit and was sore for a few days after. I saw 2 snakes that definitely made me jump but they were otherwise harmless. Definitely more bugs above the tree line but they didn’t bite.

Gorgeous hike! We only went up a little past the lookout, which I would agree is not marked at the correct location in this map. We just happened to take the little turnoff when we came to it and the views were very rewarding! The beginning is definitely a little steep, but manageable if you can make tall steps. We hiked mid morning and there was plenty of shade.

This trail was great from the start! It’s a bit steep in the beginning but it levels off to a creekside and forest hike. The map shows the trail west of the creek but it’s really east of the creek. Once you get to the fork, go right for the overlook. It’s amazing!

Hiked on snowshoes a little higher that the viewpoint. Nice hike

Plenty of deer and occasional moose if you hike quietly during the week. Busy trail on weekends.

We just finished the loop for the first time. This was a very difficult hike! Constant uphill. The views where incredible though. I highly recommend trekking poles for the decent. Our knees were wrecked afterwards without them. We did see a rattlesnake in the evening right before the loop. It was on the right side of the trail in the brush. it was small, agressive, coiled and not happy we we're walking by. We left it alone and steered clear but I just thought others should be aware.

Like others have said the trail sort of disappears near the top. Then it is some scrambling before you find the trail again. On the way up, I stuck to the left side of the ridge when looking towards the summit. On the way down I mostly just walked right along the ridge line.

did this hike yesterday. very enjoyable not difficult at all. walk through the creek a little so prepare for that. great view from the top.

A great late afternoon hike and only saw one other group of hikers and a runner, all heading down as I was going up. Took me around 4.5 hours with a few breaks. The wildflowers here in the summer are simply gorgeous. It's hard not to stop and stare. The trail starts a bit steep before winding through tall grass as well as pine and aspen forest. I'll just be frank: the trail will end abruptly about 100 yards from the summit, and one must scramble over a rock formation (stay on the Ridgeline) to get to the trail which begins, and I say begins loosely, on the other side. Just stay in the middle away from drop offs on both sides and you'll be golden.

Loved this hike! The trail is a bit steep at the beginning, then ascends at a pretty mellow pace for the majority of the hike. Just before the false summit, it picks up again but not for too long.
Wildflowers are beautiful this time of year, but the trail is a touch overgrown so be careful if you’re allergic to bees, they hang out pretty close to you. We didn’t have an issue with them at all.

beautiful hike but the trail is at some spots to much closed from flowers that you can't see the trail really...
and if you're allergic to bees and wasp stings, the trail is bad at the moment.

This is a great trail with a doable elevation gain. The destination was nothing amazing. The hike was 12 mi round trip (6 up and 6 down), not the 9.8 mi this app tells you. Bring plenty of water, 2+ liters. The descent was not good on my feet even though I had good hiking shoes. Got bloodied toenails. But overall, I would say it was a good hike!

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STEEP!!! If you’re looking to gain as much elevation as possible within a short distance, look no further. The trail is ruthless on the ascent and descent if you choose to not do the loop. Save your knees and descend via the loop. Throughout the trail, you have a beautiful view of the city and an even better view from the top. Start early to beat the heat since there isn’t much shade. Overall, decent trail (besides all the snakes).

Amazing panoramic views. Vegetation very dense currently. Steep but worth it.

Great hike, quite steep! Well placed switchbacks and the wildflowers were gorgeous

A lot of fun. The waterfall is only a few feet from the road, then you double back and go to the peak at the end of the trail. My 6 year old had a fairly easy time with it.

Great trail! The first .5 mile or so is the steepest, rocky and sun exposed if you're not early enough. We started about 8:45 and it was cool and shady, but sunny when we got back down. Once the trail heads back a bit into the woods it's cool and shady the whole rest of the way. Beautiful views the whole way up. One small area had us walking in the water, but very shallow and manageable. We went as far as a rocky overlook area, a little trail diverts off to it on the right, you can see the rock face from the trail. At this point you are pretty much at the top, the trail continues on but I'm not sure how much further. We called it good here, spectacular views in all directions! I would definitely do this one again.

one of the best

Awesome hike, not overgrown and mostly shaded. Will be doing this again

We took the right trail with the stairs and didn’t realize this was NOT the waterfall trail. The waterfall trail is to your left and through some brush. Since we ended up hiking 1.6 miles up the trail, we didn’t have time to actually see the waterfall. I will definitely be back. The trail offered lots of shade, but there were bugs, so bring bug spray!

Great hike for beginners like my husband and I. We’ve done a few short ones (donut falls, grotto falls) so this one was the longest for us thus far and I was worried we bit off more than we could chew. Thankfully the hike down was such a breeze and so fast. The view at the top is definitely worth it:) also: we ran into two families (one at the lookout and the other in the middle of the first switch backs) that were only there to see hidden falls. We advised them that at the very beginning of this trail there are stairs on your right and a trail to your left.. taking the left trail will get you to the falls in like five minutes. Hope that helps someone from hiking all the way up.

SNAKES! lots of them

Great for kids. Anywhere in Utah has great views, so I won’t say it had “decent” views; because that’s just not true. Really mellow incline in elevation. If you continue heading east on the trail, you can extend the hike. Other than that, pretty short and sweet.

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My go to hike after work heading to the lookout point. Keep an eye out for snakes. I've seen two good sized rattle snakes in the last two weeks close to or on the trail.

Took my eleven year old who hasn’t hiked much and she did awesome. Well groomed trail with plenty of views.

Holy hell this is steep. Are you crazy enough to hike this at noon on the day that reaches 100° I hope not. If you’re smarter than me and you to start early in the morning while there is more shade this trail has great views of the valley with occasional spots to stop in the shade at least that’s the first half mile. Stop in the shade and watch a white line and airplane slowly glide across the valley heading north to the airport. 4920-5576 ft. in 1mile.

I had to take approximately 50 breaks on the way up because of the constant ascent. Just straight up, up, up for 2-3 hours depending on your pace. Not to mention the zero shade that the trail offers (Approximately 10 trees with shade in total). The views are absolutely breath-taking though, from start to finish! I definitely recommend doing this early morning or late afternoon or on a day when the sun won't be beating down on you. And wear some good grip hiking shoes as the rubble can be quite slippery!

Beautiful scenery

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