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no shade
8 days ago

This is a great hike with amazing views. Earlier today was a mix of dirt, mud, snow pow, deep snow and slush! I will definitely be doing it again with my hiking poles and in the spring & summer!

Good hike. The trail was deeply etched because the Wasatch Hiking club went up earlier. The view was good from this minor Wasatch peak.

trail running
no shade
23 days ago

Great smaller practice peak if you wanna do shorter periods for mountaineering training in winter. Great for trail running or simply just super fitness. More of a slog in winter but can be a quickie in summer. Doesn't ever flatten out and is really good for cardio and increasing VO2 max (I'm trying to sound smart here....so...). Anyway hard but rewarding. The view and eating out afterwards are definitely worth it.

I hiked yesterday before reading the reviews. Hiked all the way with trail running shoes with very little grips. Not a good idea.

Last week of February but there is a lot of snow on the trail. Very challenging due to ascension almost 1500 feet each mile. Highly recommend to use micro spike and/or nice pair of waterproof hiking shoes along with hiking poles to come down. Beautiful view of the Mt Olympus and part of wasatch as well as great view of Salt Lake City. It’s absolutely worth it getting to the peak.

Phone died but completed the summit in at 4:40 pm

Hiked before a snowstorm hit on December 30th. Kind of wish I’d taken the East trail as the West seemed to have deeper snow..It was a slog through all of the snow and definitely would recommend setting aside 3-4 hours at least in the winter to summit. Powder levels at the summit were almost 4 feet and deeper in some areas so you really have to watch your step and the coming back down was slippery. Microspikes and waterproof spray for boots/water resistant boots are a must this time of year. Want to hike in the summer now.

Hard and exhausting, but highly rewarding!

Excellent Winter Summit!

Would like to come back with my snowboard, lot's of powder runs calling my name ...

Great little hike. Fair bit of snow in some sections — post-holed it through those. Glad I brought spikes/gaiters/poles. After about a mile, no other human tracks on the trail. Did see moose, deer, and lynx (or small mountain lion) tracks along the trail for ¾ mile though. Stunning views from the overlook.

I planned to hike the church fork route from the east, but did not specify to Google maps, which took me to this trailhead. With limited time before my flight left, I decided to go for it. It was unrelentingly steep for sure, but not overwhelmingly. The afternoon sunlight on the golden grass and city view made it worth it. The east route was likely cold in the shade. Being from Michigan, a handful of breaks were need to catch my breath. It was a cool experience, but will likely explore other options the next visit to SLC.

No snow until you begin moving up Raymond past the saddle. No spikes or yaks needed at this point, but my poles were quite helpful as snow increased with the climb. It was a gorgeous day and the snow was grainy and easy to hike early on. Things did get slippery and spikes are recommended once you get to the ridgeline at least. Pretty deep but the foot path was packed in some areas. Postholing along some parts, so gaiters are recommended too.

Great views at the top, tough going getting there. SO STEEP, but I would still recommend. I went up around 4:30 and came down just in time to see the sun setting.

The start was very rocky and not what I was expecting. Once you make the turn towards the creek, it’s beautiful. The elevation gain was slow and steady. Some parts are over grown do your not sure where exactly the trail leads. Would go again in the spring.

Nice trail beautiful scenery. Saw some deer. The trail was snowy and slick in some parts, wear good boots. 10/21/18

trail running
5 months ago

Once you get close to the first summit, there's snow but it has been tramped down and isn't really a problem. I was running and it wasn't very slippery. More positive still, the recent snow/rain has firmed up the trail a bit. (Downside to the West approach to Grandeur? You hear I-80/215 the entire time.)

Fantastic hike in the snow. Few people and amazing views.

Well that was a lesson learned the hard way ..

While amazing and am extremely glad I pushed through it, I made the poor decision of not wearing pants while deciding to summit this mountain...

At any rate, it was an amazing hike through the snow and October weather.

There is a register up there in a container with an odd / amusing assortment of trinkets and whatnot.


Great trail with great views. First part is UP but as others have said, it levels out to a moderate climb. It was easy to find the cut over to the stack of rocks at the top today because the many footprints visible in the snow. Summit was clear and view was awesome. The trail itself had some snow, a bit of ice and a small area where the overflowing creek, coupled with snowmelt, make the trail it's own. All part of the fun.

Went yesterday between some rain storms this week. What an amazing hike. Ate lunch on the hip between Raymond and Gobblers in the snow. Including lunch and a stop at the top to change socks, it was 2.5 hours up. I'm not much of a trail runner but I ended up running down most of it so I was back in just shy of 1 hour. This will become an annual fall hike for sure.

trail running
5 months ago

Beautiful.. but as others have mentioned, it becomes overgrown about 3.5 miles in. I ended up turning around as I was running and not trying to push through that amount of brush.
I did see a mountain goat near the beginning and overall enjoy the challenge of this trail.

Hidden Falls is a very short walk about 2 minutes to the left of the main trail. The waterfall is only trickle this time if year.

The hike is steadily uphill. A nice workout. This would make a quick out and back outdoor adventure for after work. You can easily miss the little side cut off for this trail. A little ways below the lookout area there is a nice rock platform area for meditation, journaling or Yogo. Happy Trails!

This trail is rated 'hard' and probably deserves it. I went up it today, Monday Oct 1st. It was extremely windy just below the summit coming down and blew me down once. It rained hard icy rain for about 10 minutes. But all that passed and it was fine the rest of the way down.

Facing the mountain, I took the right-hand path up and same path down. This is the harder path and is a lot of elevation gain in a short climb. You'll definitely get a workout. The footing is also treacherous with loose gravel covering steep surfaces. Be careful, especially coming down.

Accidentally chose a severely windy morning, nearly blew off the mountain several times on the way down. This was a brutal hike, started at 5:45, got to the top just before 8. The way back was rough for me as well, fell several times due to the winds and the descent. I think this hike deserves a mailbox!!

I don't usually post here, but a lot of the reviews for this hike are misleading, so I thought I'd weigh in. This is actually quite a difficult hike. There are many spots where the trail is well-maintained and a gradual incline, but also many that are steep and rocky and/or overgrown. Note that many of the people posting that it's a moderate hike did not make it to the top. The rocky overlook is the halfway point. After that, the trail gets pretty steep and you're pushing through a lot of overgrowth. The terrain isn't quite as difficult as Lake Blanche, but it's comparable in difficulty, especially because of the distance. It is a beautiful trail with some stunning views and well worth doing if you like a challenging hike. But it shouldn't be attempted lightly. Start early and pack plenty of water and snacks if you're planning on doing the whole thing. It'll take a while.

ok for a paved trail with summer homes along the way

Doesn't waste any time gaining elevation and will stay that way all throughout.

Requires some light scrambling / bouldering, but well worth it!

I attempted this back last Fall, but the snow was too sketchy and did not have any spikes or anything.

My buddy and I ended up navigating down that steep rocky channel as a shortcut.

It was a good challenge and test to overcome fear of heights.

If you go that way be careful and watch your footing.

Rock surfing can be WAY fun … lol … :-)

I really did love this hike. If the sky Is clear you have mountain Views to the east and valley views to the west! It did have some areas of the trail where if I failed to look up I definitely went along the wrong trail as it seems there are some lightly trafficked areas that can pass as trails. The ascent was steep but a great workout and the descent was pretty challenging as well. I consider myself fit and was sore for a few days after. I saw 2 snakes that definitely made me jump but they were otherwise harmless. Definitely more bugs above the tree line but they didn’t bite.

Gorgeous hike! We only went up a little past the lookout, which I would agree is not marked at the correct location in this map. We just happened to take the little turnoff when we came to it and the views were very rewarding! The beginning is definitely a little steep, but manageable if you can make tall steps. We hiked mid morning and there was plenty of shade.

This trail was great from the start! It’s a bit steep in the beginning but it levels off to a creekside and forest hike. The map shows the trail west of the creek but it’s really east of the creek. Once you get to the fork, go right for the overlook. It’s amazing!

6 months ago

Hiked on snowshoes a little higher that the viewpoint. Nice hike

Plenty of deer and occasional moose if you hike quietly during the week. Busy trail on weekends.

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