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This has been the best training peak I’ve been on. If you want to challenge your cardio and push yourself. Very rewarding at the top but sad to say going downhill is even more difficult. Great for training, but choose the east side if you want a somewhat leisure but still difficult hikeZ

We wanted to hike the East trail(moderate one) but ended up at this(Damn you google maps ) . It’s a steep hike and a never ending trail(at least that’s how I felt). I wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner. Carry lots of water.

Still some snow near the top on 5/26/2018, lots of flowers down below. I'd disagree with the moderate rating though. I thought it was pretty hard. It took me six hours and I was pooped when we got back to the car.

I took the loop counterclockwise, descending down the northern leg. Spicy! Haha. My GPS clocked the hike at 5.2 miles RT, with 3,325 ft of elevation gain. 2.5 hours up with plenty of breaks for water and pictures, didn't hang out at the top because of all the flies, and 1.5 hours down. I carried 2 liters of water and drank all of it. A little jogging at the end kept the trip under 4 hours. :)

Gorgeous, steep hike! Aspens don’t have leaves yet at the top, so waiting a couple weeks would provide a bit more greenery, but most of the hike was green and lovely. Awesome views, and great hiking so much of the way next to the stream. Saw many beautiful birds, a moose with two babies, and deer next to the path. Also bagged Circle All Peak on the way up.

6 days ago

OMG! I ended up on this trail instead of Butler Fork Loop, and I almost made it to the top. What stopped me? The snow as I ascended the first false summit. Great hike!

I'm one for a challenge, and this route to the peak will definitely give you a workout. It's quite a steady incline the entire way up through gravelly rock at the beginning, and ending with a semi rock scramble. Great views the entire way. I'll be back!

Always a favorite. Not much snow until you get about .5 mile below the pass. It is easy to get off the trail here (but that won't matter in a few weeks). The ridgeline to the summit was over 5ft of snow and I was wishing I had some snowshoes. A couple of postholes later and we made it to the summit. One of my favorite Wasatch summits.

absolutely stunning views over salt lake valley and also along i-80. views for days! took me 3 hours round trip with stopping to eat and allowing time for photos as well. highly recommend it before it gets to hot.

I only went to the overlook (which I think is not accurately marked on this map...I was right where the GPS said it was and that spot was not a place to see everything, there was, however a beautiful rocky area overlooking everything just before the spot marked on this app). There was still some snow, but I survived in sneakers. Gorgeous views of the canyon at the top and I loved the part that was close to the river (and at times IN the river...be prepared to get wet!)

Well, I haven’t hiked in eight months. Needless to say this hike kicked my ass. We puffed and vented all the way to the summit despite the treacherous ice. The first 1.5 miles of this hike are by far the hardest as they are the steepest. Hiked on 4/8/18 and no spikes/crampons were needed to reach the summit.

very fun.

beautiful hike!

Great, steep trail for pack training. Also, conveniently located next to the gym for multi days.

Great hike yesterday steep, a little snowy at the top with a great view. No spikes but would have been useful on the way back down.

Great well marked trail, challenging and steep hike! Great views from the top!

Just did this yesterday! Pretty Steep, great views. Snow is solid up top, my micro spikes came in handy but not necessary. On the steeper side so not necessarily for first time hikers. Took us about 4 hours...lots of breaks haha.

Great hike! Lots of snow and ice, so definitely need micro spikes.

Gorgeous and a must do in the wasatch. Combine with Raymond’s peak as well.

Good hike, but it is steep and in early February there was a lot of ice and snow toward the top

pretty good hike there is snow and ice in top but ice cleat or micro spike will work prefect. great work out.

Whoa! Amazing climb! Very steep - mostly muddy and sludge today. Incredible view of the valley!!!

Jan. 27, 2018 hiking
Only need microspikes at the moment. It did get pretty windy towards the top so dress warmly. Pretty chill pace since I haven't hiked much the last few months and I developed a blister on my heel. 2 hours up, 1.5 down

Love this hike!

A little muddy but other than that very good. Had to ditch my crampons about 4/5 of the way up because the snow got so sticky it was forming in big chunks on the spikes

Beautiful view and trail with uphill and canyons!! Really enjoyed!

It was hard to run at first, as it was very steep. However after the first half I was able to jog the rest. Took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to summit and about 35 minutes to get back to my car.

Micro spikes very helpful early in the trail where there was quit a bit of ice and icy snow - definitely recommend if you're hiking early in the morning when temps are below freezing. After we passed Circle Awl Peak the snow was packed down (no need for snowshoes) and then I was quite surprised to see so much snow up in Mill A Basin (about 2 feet of fluff). Needed snow shoes once we reached the basin. Great climb up to the ridge-line where we dropped the snowshoes and went through a Class 3 hike (about 1/4 mile) to the summit. Overall really enjoyable climb with various obstacles and we saw three moose, bonus!

Great trail to break in some snowshoes after a good heavy snow. The first part of the ascent is a little icy in the winter so make sure you have some good spikes. The summit was fairly difficult to reach with snow, but doable. Definitely would hike up again.

First mile and distance from the saddle to the top was pretty steep. And the top was freezing cold! All worth the time and effort. Took us about 5 hours total. Many false peaks, so keep going until you actually can’t go up any more. Would love to do mount Raymond (which is left at the fork when you get to the saddle) but could probably do both goblers and Raymond in one day if you wanted to put in an extra hour.

Hiked 8.25.17

BEAUTIFUL VIEWS from Gobbler’s Knob! One of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the area and totally worth the butt kicking the trail gave me. :)

I hike a lot, but this is the most elevation gain I’d done on a hike and it was intense. Took me 2 hours to get to the top.

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