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A lot of fun. The waterfall is only a few feet from the road, then you double back and go to the peak at the end of the trail. My 6 year old had a fairly easy time with it.

1 day ago

Beautiful views! A lot of shade, but also a few places with full sun. Many mountain bikers on the trail, which is tricky as some parts are very narrow and really only for one person. I heard rattlesnakes but never saw them. Also passed a large pack of young cub scouts at the trailhead shared with Grandeur — easy to continue on to other trails there. The views are stunning.

2 days ago

The stream is dry and unremarkable otherwise. My son and I walked right past it, and the trail to that point is mildly beautiful but I wouldn't recommend it for views, maybe just for cardio. We proceeded another brutal 1.5 miles to the saddle of Mt. Olympus and THAT was phenomenal. Many hikers warned of several rattlesnakes on the path, but we didn't encounter any. 3 stars because the stream trail is super mediocre unless you really like those valley views. As far as nature, there isn't much to see here until you make it to the saddle or the summit.

It was challenging to find the start. You have to cross the road. If you park in the parking lot that the directions take you to you’ll go to the trail head sign and stay left. Next you cross the road. Then stay left for towards the stream. You can stay on either side of the stream to get to the falls but left side would probably make it easier to see that you are indeed headed to the falls. My 3 year old didn’t do well but my 5 year loved it. If I do it again, I’ll wear my 3 year old. The ground was challenging for him to navigate.

Great trail! The first .5 mile or so is the steepest, rocky and sun exposed if you're not early enough. We started about 8:45 and it was cool and shady, but sunny when we got back down. Once the trail heads back a bit into the woods it's cool and shady the whole rest of the way. Beautiful views the whole way up. One small area had us walking in the water, but very shallow and manageable. We went as far as a rocky overlook area, a little trail diverts off to it on the right, you can see the rock face from the trail. At this point you are pretty much at the top, the trail continues on but I'm not sure how much further. We called it good here, spectacular views in all directions! I would definitely do this one again.

one of the best

4 days ago

Wow, 3.5 miles of ascent and the last half mile is a challenge for sure. Found the peak (mailbox and US flags)! Super view from on top!

Beautiful, mostly shaded trail. The wild flowers are amazing! Dogs are allowed off leash on odd number days. The trail is steep almost the entire trail but the views are worth it. The gate that allows you to park right at the trail head doesn't open until 8 AM, but we parked on the road and walked up to the trail head. There is a $3 fee for each vehicle that you pay as you are exiting Mill Creek Canyon and they accept cards. I would definitely do this hike again! Maybe I'll head back this fall.

tuve la oportunidad de llegar hasta la punta, fue una gran experiencia, me gusto mucho, volveria a subir...

Beautiful and a simple short hike you can take your kids on...

Amazing hike, crazy steep and unrelenting climb with few flatter areas but the views at the top were so worth it!

Hiked this with a group of 12 20-somethings on a Saturday from 7:30am-12:30pm round trip. The key for us: weather. The hike is difficult no doubt, but manageable for all of us across a range of athleticism. The boulder scramble at the top weeded out a few, but the view from the summit was WELL worth it. Crucially, though, the day we went was overcast and temps stayed between 75-85 with even a little drizzle on the way down; this felt perfect to us. If you want to make the hike a little easier, search for a day that’s gonna be overcast but not very rainy (rain makes the rocks at the top dangerous). Hard to find in UT summers, but makes a big difference.

Awesome hike, not overgrown and mostly shaded. Will be doing this again

I started at 9:30 AM and finished the round trip at around 2:00. It is definitely a good workout... I would recommend bringing a lot of water and leaving earlier in the day.

8 days ago

6 am start and had shade pretty much the whole way up. A lot of high-stepping on this hike, definitely works the quads and calves! For comparison, it’s MUCH more difficult than Lake Blanche.

With that being said, it’s definitely worth the summit! Spectacular views at the top.

on Hidden Falls Trail

10 days ago

Short but worth it!

We love this hike!!!

We took the right trail with the stairs and didn’t realize this was NOT the waterfall trail. The waterfall trail is to your left and through some brush. Since we ended up hiking 1.6 miles up the trail, we didn’t have time to actually see the waterfall. I will definitely be back. The trail offered lots of shade, but there were bugs, so bring bug spray!

11 days ago

4 start for the lack of shade, but if your hiking this trail, you know what it’s about before you start. It’s well worth the work.

11 days ago

I was aching to try this hike alone and see what kind of time I could get. I felt really good about my 2 hours and 12 minutes to the top. It took a good 3 days to recover but now I am itching to go back. So Amazing! Hard on the knees.

Intermediate to advanced hiker.

Started at just before 8am, got to the top in ~2.5 hours. Drank 40 fl oz of water. Mostly all shade at this time. Pretty intense hike given how short it is and how much elevation gained. The scramble isn't bad, short with lots of good footing and edges to leverage with hands.

Descending down was mostly not in the shade. It got hot fast. I missed how long it took me to get down but only had 25 fl oz left, wish I had more. I also wish I had started earlier to avoid more of the heat.

Lots of lose rocks coming down the scramble. From the saddle on, the path is narrow with lots of big enough rocks that you can't rush it much. Ran into a few rattle snakes. Some sections towards the last half of the hike descending that you can rush by running.

The views are great.

Mount Olympus was a great hike. Awesome views, good shade, and the top is amazing. I will say though that you should start very early and also don’t do this hike if you haven’t done a hike in a while. It is challenging and quite a work out, but still worth it.

Great hike for beginners like my husband and I. We’ve done a few short ones (donut falls, grotto falls) so this one was the longest for us thus far and I was worried we bit off more than we could chew. Thankfully the hike down was such a breeze and so fast. The view at the top is definitely worth it:) also: we ran into two families (one at the lookout and the other in the middle of the first switch backs) that were only there to see hidden falls. We advised them that at the very beginning of this trail there are stairs on your right and a trail to your left.. taking the left trail will get you to the falls in like five minutes. Hope that helps someone from hiking all the way up.

SNAKES! lots of them

I attempted Olympus a few years back with a friend of mine and stopped about halfway up the mountain due to joints acting up. I always wanted to try again but the opportunity didn't come until this week. My sister and I both had the 4th off, and we'd talked about hiking Olympus for awhile, so we finally went after it. We started on the trail just before 6 am and that allowed us to stay in relative shade for the vast majority of the hike. We did the first three miles in just under three hours. The last mile to the saddle took another two hours because the grade just becomes so incredibly steep and rocky at that point. The saddle is almost enough of a reward, but the summit is so close that it'd be a waste of your effort to not go up the scramble to the top. I'm no rock climber, but I have some pretty powerful legs, so the scramble wasn't physically challenging. But I have a terrible fear of heights, so that entire part of the ascent was a constant mental grind to keep going higher. We finally summited just after noon and felt accomplished. Then the descent began, and that's where my fear of heights really went bad. But we made it back to the saddle fine and headed down the trail. It was slow going due to the steepness. And I felt it pretty good in my knees. We were extremely conservative on our water use the whole time, but with temperatures hitting 98, we ran out with about two miles left on the most exposed portion of the trail, so those last two miles were perhaps more painful than the whole rest of the hike combined.

I'm glad I did it, but I will never be hiking this particular trail again. The steepness and the mental challenge against the heights on the scramble were rewarding, but a little too much for my taste. I recommend it to anyone with the stamina and the insanity to take this mountain on, but if you do it midsummer like we did, learn from our mistake and take way more water than you think you're going to need.

Happy trails.

15 days ago

This is just a shorter version of the Peak trail. Even though it is shorter you will defiantly get a work out to this point. It only gets stepper at this point.

15 days ago

I have neglected logging new hikes as I go. I hiked Mt. Olympus on Friday the 13th in Oct. All went well, but at times I felt like I was going to die. There are very few breaks on this trail. It was wonderful to hit the saddle and take in the views and catch my breath before finishing this one out. Hard but worth while hike.

Hoy tuve la oportunidad de subir hasta el final del camino, que muestra el app. Fué de mucha ayuda. El primer tramo fue algo difícil para mi. Pero el último tramo era más empinado, pero valió la pena.

Not going to lie, It was challenging. I would do it again, but I would time myself.

16 days ago

This trail kicked my butt. It's a steep hike with lots of elevation gain. It's been a while since I've had such a good work out. Definitely worth it to scramble up the rocks all the way to the top. I enjoyed it!

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