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Tough trail. Very steep most of the way including a good amount of scrambling at the top. 3.5 miles to the top. Some road noise until you get about 2 miles up. Great views. No snow or ice on the trail as of 5/13. Tiny bit of snow at the summit.

2 days ago

OMG! I ended up on this trail instead of Butler Fork Loop, and I almost made it to the top. What stopped me? The snow as I ascended the first false summit. Great hike!

I'm one for a challenge, and this route to the peak will definitely give you a workout. It's quite a steady incline the entire way up through gravelly rock at the beginning, and ending with a semi rock scramble. Great views the entire way. I'll be back!

Just finished Neffs Canyon to Thanes Peak with a friend and my dog. The trail was steep and rocky with spots where you will have to walk through the stream. Its a beautiful trail with little snippets of the Salt Lake Valley peaking through the trees and a truly amazing view if you can get to the ridge or peak. It is still quite snowy right after the meadow and can be slippery and soft in places, use caution. We were both in good hiking boots and made it through the snow. we were also able to find and uncover the spring near the top of the trail. it seems we were the first to drink from the ice cold spring this year! A really rewarding and underrated hike but not for the faint of heart!

7 days ago

Only went up about 2 miles and then hit snow on the trail. We turned back because we had intended to be on Desolation Trail! But it was beautiful the whole way and completely in shade. I’d like to do this one again and finish it.

Always a favorite. Not much snow until you get about .5 mile below the pass. It is easy to get off the trail here (but that won't matter in a few weeks). The ridgeline to the summit was over 5ft of snow and I was wishing I had some snowshoes. A couple of postholes later and we made it to the summit. One of my favorite Wasatch summits.

trail running
12 days ago

Awesome trail but pretty much a full incline for 3.5 miles to the top. The very top is basically a rock climb with little or no signs of a trails. But the views make it worth it! I got just under 7 miles on my watch to the top and back. I would suggest bringing some sort of hydrations and maybe some bars, it is not a quick one!

13 days ago

Can hear the highway for a majority of the hike. The hike itself is a nice set of switchbacks but there is very little listening to nature done on this hike

14 days ago

Excellent trail, and difficult. Round-trip to and from the saddle took about 5 hours for me (I am 61 years old). My 9 y.o. Swiss Mountain dog made it too, but she was very hot at the end! Go at sunrise if you are hiking with a doggie! I saw a rattlesnake on the trail too, so be aware. All in all, a great trail for training!

14 days ago

Fantastic hike, I highly recommend. Difficulty gets progressively harder as you ascend. Incredible views up top. Snow is all but gone, no more need for spikes or yak trax. Amazing views of the valley, and Antelope island/ Great Salt Lake in the distance. Bring a minimum of 2 liters of water per person. Dog friendly, the trail crosses a couple of streams canines can drink from mid way up the trail.

Easy...after crossing the road, take the path to the left. You’re going to have to cross the large log and then the waterfall is right in front of you

Great hike today, definitely a leg burner! Great views at the top!

Still a lot of deep snow once you get up high. Turned around because I began post holing (knee deep or more) and didn’t want to deal with it. Would be better in June I bet.

17 days ago

Very strenuous hike that leads to an amazing view. There is a little bit of ice and mud towards the end. Make sure to wear sunscreen because there is not much shade!

17 days ago

This was such a challenging hike! It was worth it but I am in awe of all the trail runners who zipped up and down this trail so quickly. Bring lots of water and spikes, I did the hike without putting them on but there is still some snow and ice at the top.

absolutely stunning views over salt lake valley and also along i-80. views for days! took me 3 hours round trip with stopping to eat and allowing time for photos as well. highly recommend it before it gets to hot.

Muddy in spots and some ice pack. Good shoes and maybe poles will help a lot. Long and challenging hike for me. Fantastic view from the top! Start early to beat the heat.

Amazing trail! This trail is pretty hard but so beautiful ! The view from the top is just awesome. You need some SPIKES, there is a lot of snow and ice melting right now. The last part to reach the Mount Olympus is bit harder but you can reach it if you are in shape and have good gear. Alson bring enough water.

Great fun. Melting Snow and icy the last 1/2 mile. The scramble at the end was most challenging.

Hiked 4/29/18
This is more of a short scramble over to the falls. Stay to the left of the stream! This will allow you to get up and close to the waterfall. If you go right and start there are no views!
Not really a hike but 100% worth the stop.

22 days ago

Great hike. The snow has pretty much all melted but there were still some slippery sections toward the top. I brought yaktrax but didn't end up needing them. I ended up losing the trail at the peak but still made my own way up. Amazing views made the steep ascent worth it!

Great spring hike to train for be bigger stuff

very short, beautiful

Pretty tough going up, a bit icy during the morning but very slushy and muddy coming back down around 3PM. I'd definitely recommend having some good climbing boots or trail runners for this, I did it in the running shoes I use for regular trail running but I slipped a lot.

The scramble towards the top was a lot of fun, I'd definitely recommend this trail - it's a very rewarding one.

25 days ago

This is the first peak I have ever climbed and it was very tough for me. It was icy in the morning and slushy in the afternoon. spikes, gloves, and poles made it very manageable.

27 days ago

I'm 13 and just did this hike for the third time. There is snow on the way up to the saddle, but no snow on the scramble. We started at 5:30 and made the top by 7:30, we got down at 9:50. The only gear we had was hiking poles, so it is possible without ice gear. The view from the top is amazing, but the hike is not. The hike is very steep but worth it.

Holy pain in the butt! Doing this hike is no easy task. The trail gets confusing once you start the scramble to the top, so when all else fails, just keep climbing!

30 days ago

This hike is NOT 3 miles. About 6 to the very top. Beautiful but pretty challenging hike. Spikes are a must right now

Gorgeous hike!

trail running
1 month ago

I love this easy trail! I run here often!

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