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Always a favorite. Not much snow until you get about .5 mile below the pass. It is easy to get off the trail here (but that won't matter in a few weeks). The ridgeline to the summit was over 5ft of snow and I was wishing I had some snowshoes. A couple of postholes later and we made it to the summit. One of my favorite Wasatch summits.

Easy...after crossing the road, take the path to the left. You’re going to have to cross the large log and then the waterfall is right in front of you

Hiked 4/29/18
This hike is straight up with no forgiveness. Lots of spring crossings along with hiking up streams. Your feet Will get wet, just be ready for that.
There are many downed trees, I'm going to get 12+ That you have to scramble over. Along with ducking under another 4 or so trees. This trails is very rocky and boulder filled. It is Very technical, because of that, I would rate this as hard.
There is a LOT of bush wacking, be prepared to be walking through a lot of leg scrapping bushes and plants. Wear pants!
We only found 2 of the mines, this part of the trail is virtually impossible to follow. People have hiked all over so it's easy to follow the wrong path.
There is a rocky landing at about 3/4 a mile up that has wonderful mountain views. Not long after this the trail becomes steeper and much harder to navigate with a lot lot more bush wacking, if you want a significantly easier hike, stop there.

Hiked 4/29/18
This is more of a short scramble over to the falls. Stay to the left of the stream! This will allow you to get up and close to the waterfall. If you go right and start there are no views!
Not really a hike but 100% worth the stop.

20 days ago

This trail was rated as a moderate. I would say that it's more towards the difficult side. Definitely not for a beginner.
This is listed as a 2.5 mile hike. It is more towards 3. Or more depending on how far you go after the first sign of the mine.
The trail can be difficult to follow.

You will most likely get your feet wet. There are several river crossings and there are parts that are literally hiking up the stream. So bring some extra footwear for the ride home.

My recommend gear would be trekking poles and a machete. Further up, there are several spots that require bush whacking.

We were able to find the first two abandoned mine shafts. On our way to the third, we lost the trail and turned around.

We didn't see much as of wildlife. We saw a couple small lizards and a deer bedding spot.

There are some great views though.

We also picked up some trash on the way out. Please be respectful and clean up after yourself. Thanks!


very short, beautiful

I only went to the overlook (which I think is not accurately marked on this map...I was right where the GPS said it was and that spot was not a place to see everything, there was, however a beautiful rocky area overlooking everything just before the spot marked on this app). There was still some snow, but I survived in sneakers. Gorgeous views of the canyon at the top and I loved the part that was close to the river (and at times IN the river...be prepared to get wet!)

1 month ago

Many creek crossings. Creeks are flowing in the Spring. Best I can tell, in some sections the creek is the trail. Make sure your boots are waterproof. If you are more than 50 ft away from the creek, you are off-trail. There was a bull moose on the trail near the mine.

1 month ago

Very easy short jaunt with lots to explore. Follow the river - check our our vlog of our experience: https://youtu.be/87H0n_bKshU

Description is incorrect. This is in the watershed, thus pet dogs are not allowed anywhere Big Cottonwood Canyon, even in your car and definitely not on this trail. There are hefty fines if you do.

Gorgeous and a must do in the wasatch. Combine with Raymond’s peak as well.

Beautiful view and trail with uphill and canyons!! Really enjoyed!

5 months ago

Try it during the winter time, you gonna have fun.

Micro spikes very helpful early in the trail where there was quit a bit of ice and icy snow - definitely recommend if you're hiking early in the morning when temps are below freezing. After we passed Circle Awl Peak the snow was packed down (no need for snowshoes) and then I was quite surprised to see so much snow up in Mill A Basin (about 2 feet of fluff). Needed snow shoes once we reached the basin. Great climb up to the ridge-line where we dropped the snowshoes and went through a Class 3 hike (about 1/4 mile) to the summit. Overall really enjoyable climb with various obstacles and we saw three moose, bonus!

Cute hike

Great trail to break in some snowshoes after a good heavy snow. The first part of the ascent is a little icy in the winter so make sure you have some good spikes. The summit was fairly difficult to reach with snow, but doable. Definitely would hike up again.

First mile and distance from the saddle to the top was pretty steep. And the top was freezing cold! All worth the time and effort. Took us about 5 hours total. Many false peaks, so keep going until you actually can’t go up any more. Would love to do mount Raymond (which is left at the fork when you get to the saddle) but could probably do both goblers and Raymond in one day if you wanted to put in an extra hour.

Hiked 8.25.17

BEAUTIFUL VIEWS from Gobbler’s Knob! One of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the area and totally worth the butt kicking the trail gave me. :)

I hike a lot, but this is the most elevation gain I’d done on a hike and it was intense. Took me 2 hours to get to the top.

Saw 3 individual hikers, very few patches of snow, aspen in leaf losing mode

Nice hike. Great fall colors!

7 months ago

Moderately difficult trail with beautiful views. We had to turn back at the end when too much snow was falling. We could barely fund the trail. Plenty of stunning views. Just remember the weather can change quickly towards the top.

8 months ago

Hardly a hike. More like a walk across the road to the hidden falls. It is a beautiful hidden spot and on the weekdays it's usually empty. The mine up there is also neat.

Easy/moderate hike until the last quarter mile to Mount Raymond's Summit, which gets steep and requires a couple easy scrambles. Beautiful view at the peak!

8 months ago

This hike was absolutely beautiful! The trail starts at the TH sign, then crosses the road and continues up the stairs on the right. The first bit is the hardest, switchbacks in the sun on rocks. Once it curves around to the back side of the mountain it follows a creek for a little ways. Then you continue up the mountain. I went up about 2.5 miles and most of it was in the shade. I didn't see anyone else on the way up. The views were spectacular!! Will definitely do this one again!!

wonderful morning hike. the scramble section looks harder than it is

8 months ago

Not a particularly beautiful trail but once you get to the top there are gorgeous views all around. It is difficult to follow in spots (more so uphill than downhill) and is quite steep.

the hike is short and nice once you go the right way. the wrong way is to take the stairs. it's very steep and not great for kids. follow the river and it's good

8 months ago

Mostly covered trail with sections that are nearly overgrown. Trail is not well marked. It is uphill all the way there and can be strenuous in sections. My activity tracker measured it as 1.7 miles each way. Ran into a small rattle snake on the way down. Beautiful, peaceful hike.

We drove up to this spot and a park ranger said we where not allowed because we had a dog?
I put the address in my phone and it took us to cottonwood canyon .... is that right?

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