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23 hours ago

Went passed the sign that said end of strong canyon, for about 1.5 miles there is trail afterwards it's grown over and gets kinda tricky. Beautiful along the water as you walk up the "trail". Snake, large animal scat and no other hikers.

Beautiful, fun, and easy

3 days ago

Steep but what a wonderful view!!

I would rate this as easy and actually the first kind of boring hike I did this summer.

Very easy but graded well and easy to follow path. Some parts with uneven rocks up toward the creek falls but an easy up and down

Once you get in the canyon pretty shady. I would suggest early morning so you are shaded while on the face of the mountain

The start is a bit boring until you turn onto the actual canyon trail. Before you get to it you will be on a road, with lots of dog mess unfortunately. Once you are headed up into the canyon the scenery is spectacular, and it changes between hiking and a little bit of climbing, but all easy , safe, and well-maintained. The falls are gorgeous, but try to get there early before folks start showing up and climbing the cliffs and acting stupid. (clearly marked, do not climb)

Excellent hike. Did it one morning before a conference.

4-ish ⭐️s Not to bad a hike

Of Wasatch waterfalls, this one is spectacular. We caught it mid day as the canyon shadows disected the misty sunlight above. Amazing hike that is good for families and kids.