Photos of Mount Nebo Wilderness Hiking Trails

3 months ago

Hiked again today, Oct 18, 2018. Some parts of trail were quite muddy and some snow in the shadows in higher 1/3 of trail. A few trees/deadfall to scramble over especially towards top. Moderate slopes in most areas. My 11 yr old son made it nearly to the top but we turned around at 4 miles. I'm guessing by our mapped location the top of the trail at Nebo Loop road is about 4.3 to 4.5 miles from the start (about 9 miles round trip). We counted the trail crossing over the little creek 14 times, though most crossings were just a few hops across rocks. Didn't get wet, but I'm betting in spring you'll get your feet wet somewhere along the trail. Saw several bear tracks near the top. Great fall hike.