5 months ago

Hiked only about a mile of this trail from the Loafer Mountain Trail junction. Nice trail but there were a lot of cows in the area

The trail is mostly shaded and does not have many places where you can see out of the trees. When you can you are able to see Mt Nebo in the distance. There are a number of switchbacks that make the 1,500ft climb easier. Difficulty is always relative but for an individual hiker experience but after 40+ years of hiking I would rate this hike as moderate. There were no really steep climbs and when it does get steep there are switchbacks. Hikers, Horses, Mountain Bikes and Motorcycles are allowed on this trail. I thought it would be very busy but only saw 4 motorbike and 1 horse rider.

mountain biking
10 months ago

This is right next to grotto falls. It is pleasant if you are trying to steer away from other people!

My sister and I went and February, funny thing is we thought we are on a different trail. We were looking for a waterfall, we never found it. There are many beautiful views on this hike. We were the only ones there that day. We will definitely be back next fall.
If you go during the winter, make sure to wear some kind of footwear that has grip. Many snowy ice patches and very slippery mud.

What a great hike! The grade is steep in some places, especially ascending the summit after the saddle. Plenty of wildflowers all throughout the summer. Don't expect to finish this in the "expected" 5.5 hours. Took our group 7. Great views from the top and from the saddle. BEWARE - NO WATER ALONG THE TRAIL, so pack all the water you will need. I summited with my lab too, so you can take the pooch along if they have well developed pads. Last mile is loose shale, and will cut up the paws if they are rookies to hiking.