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A little difficult to find at first. Trailhead is just past Tony Grove Rd if you're going north on 89 from Logan. Parking area is on right side of road, trail starts on other side of road. You'll also come to a gate but just go over it. Trail is narrow and pretty steep in some places. Not an overly pretty hike. Trail is loose sand and rocks. Moderate as described. Lots of cows and therefore lots of cow patties. Kind of gross and smelly but what can you do....Not a lot of shade either so bring lots of water and get an early start.

8 months ago

Love this trail.

Started from the trailhead near Cherry Peak Resort.

This hike had enough variance over the 5.4 miles that you don't feel like you are hiking the same thing for more than a mile. Expect to see Shady Wooded areas, Grassy Ridges, Rocky Passes, Mountain meadows, and butterflies, birds and squirrels along the way.

It got cold towards the top and in the ravine near the river. I would not be surprised to have seen snow a little later in the year here. There is a lot of sun exposure on this trail as well. So equally plan your layers for hot and cold protection. We hiked early morning and it was very nice weather but the sunrise glare was terrible - pack sunglasses. on the way down I was glad to have sunblock and a cooling bandanna.

This trail has a few good rest spots but the last mile they are scarce and the trail gets thin.

Also expect to run into horses and horse poop. On the flip side this trail is dog friendly.

There are a lot of patches of loose rock on the trail and really steep switchbacks and saddles. I would recommend very good hiking shoes with good grip and if you have weak ankles or knees some trekking poles/stick. also clip your toenails, the down grade is steep.

I'd plan first aid around trail slips, twisted/rolled ankles, and falling on loose rock.

Parts of the river were dry in late August Early Sept. If you bring a water filter and are relying on it - check on the water runoff or bring backup. Also bring purification because of animals and farm area.

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8 months ago

Great my mountain biking! It makes a difference when a biker makes a trail... this one is. The trail flows really well with some added features to hit. I don't feel like I'm just bombing down because it weaves enough that it's a silky smooth ride. It is a bit hard to find though so be aware of that. (Ps there is a cul-de-sac south of the dirt road (not connected to the main access road) that has single track leading up to the road that's fun. Much better than driving halfway up and unlocking gates.)

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9 months ago

Honestly, the place isn't that hard to find. You can drive up the dirt road and park near the entrance of the National Forest. Or you can park at Mack Park and just walk/bike/run up the road which never hurt anybody. The river is beautiful and it made for an awesome trail run.

10 months ago

? The directions put you to the Cherry Peak Resort which is a ski resort and CLOSED right now (Mid-July). There are enough NO TRESPASSING signs to warn you off. Sorry but I am not from Utah, just visiting BUT in the east when it says NO TRESPASSING, they generally mean it. Did not hike it.

it's a nice little trail

This trail sucks.

The directions on here are poor at best. It took me an hour of driving around just to find the trail head and then I had to park way far away because the dirt road before the trailhead is private property and you can't park there. The single track is short and not worth the hassle.

What a pain getting to this trail. Hard to find. After going on a dirt road for 3 miles with ruts a foot deep, having to open multiple gates, that's it for me. After parking, the trail is 2.5 miles to the top. We saw a few rattle snakes and a blow snake (I hate snakes). The river winds down through the canyon and the trail crosses it 10 times. The river is freakin cold and is sometimes 20 feet wide and up to 2 feet deep. My shoes were full of little rocks from crossing the river so many times and I couldn't feel them because my feet were so cold and numb. Bring plenty of bug spray. I got so many mosquito bites. It is pretty but not worth it.

Take my advice and don't waste your time on this trail. Dusty, deep water to cross, hard to find, and horseflies everywhere, it was miserable. The land owner also yelled obscenities at me for parking on the side of the road on his property I guess. I won't be going back.

Don't let forest service catch you up this. They will give you a fine. It's wilderness and illegal to bike it. Not worth the drive to hike it either. Too many rattlesnakes.

This trail doesn't even deserve a 1 star. Every time I go I see a rattlesnake or 2 in the middle of the trail and the last time I went alone I saw the biggest rattler I've ever seen, almost bit my dogs. I also saw a cougar! Kinda cool actually but scary too. Not only that but a herd of 3 dozen Texas longhorns just roam the trail free and won't move for you, in fact one charged at me protecting a calf. The trail is terrible, tons of boulders, deep water, and overgrown. Access is a pain also. Green canyon and providence canyon trails are so much better.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Awesome hike! Very pretty. Steep at times but well worth the effort. Amazing views once you reach the top.

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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Kudos to whoever added the single track. First time up there but very impressed. Watch out for Texas Longhorns!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


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Monday, May 16, 2016

It begins as a dirt road that goes several miles and through several gates. On a mountain bike, and as a novice, it was hard but I peddled the whole way. After you get beyond the forest service gate, the road continues and is follow able all the way to the end. Once beyond the gate, however, many people have been putting in work to add a single track mountain bike trail that weaves in and out of the trees and criss-crosses the road several times.

The whole trip transitions from open in to very wooded and covered. There are several stream crossings, some with bridges others not so if you are walking or biking, you will get wet. There were several parts where I had to get off and walk my bike, but I am an amateur with a cheap bike. It ends at a forest service site of some type, but I was in a hurry to get back so I did not take much time to take in the scenery at the end. The downhill on the way back, I followed the road all the way as opposed to the single track, and while a bit bumpy, I made it out in good time and made the climb worth it.

on Cherry Peak Trail

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good day hike. Trail is usually well kept, though there are some spots where it gets steep and can be covered in scree.

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