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5 days ago

I did it a few years ago, not knowing it was rated difficult and having no hiking experience. I did struggle at some point, but my friends helped me out and I survived. I guess I would say don't be discouraged by the difficulty. Beautiful view. China wall is cool and the trail is really nice. Will have to do again next time I'm in the area.

7 days ago

10 days ago

This trail sucks.

The directions on here are poor at best. It took me an hour of driving around just to find the trail head and then I had to park way far away because the dirt road before the trailhead is private property and you can't park there. The single track is short and not worth the hassle.

23 days ago

It's hard and it is not 4 miles. My tracker had me closer to 7 miles mainly because of all of the switchbacks. It's a ton of fun. The part that makes it hard is the steep decline. With a lot of loose rocks it's easy to slide. I found myself on my butt more times then I am willing to admit. Also there is a certain section of path that is flooded. It's not that big of a deal but I thought for a second at the very end there was no more path. :)

What a pain getting to this trail. Hard to find. After going on a dirt road for 3 miles with ruts a foot deep, having to open multiple gates, that's it for me. After parking, the trail is 2.5 miles to the top. We saw a few rattle snakes and a blow snake (I hate snakes). The river winds down through the canyon and the trail crosses it 10 times. The river is freakin cold and is sometimes 20 feet wide and up to 2 feet deep. My shoes were full of little rocks from crossing the river so many times and I couldn't feel them because my feet were so cold and numb. Bring plenty of bug spray. I got so many mosquito bites. It is pretty but not worth it.

Take my advice and don't waste your time on this trail. Dusty, deep water to cross, hard to find, and horseflies everywhere, it was miserable. The land owner also yelled obscenities at me for parking on the side of the road on his property I guess. I won't be going back.

Don't let forest service catch you up this. They will give you a fine. It's wilderness and illegal to bike it. Not worth the drive to hike it either. Too many rattlesnakes.

This trail doesn't even deserve a 1 star. Every time I go I see a rattlesnake or 2 in the middle of the trail and the last time I went alone I saw the biggest rattler I've ever seen, almost bit my dogs. I also saw a cougar! Kinda cool actually but scary too. Not only that but a herd of 3 dozen Texas longhorns just roam the trail free and won't move for you, in fact one charged at me protecting a calf. The trail is terrible, tons of boulders, deep water, and overgrown. Access is a pain also. Green canyon and providence canyon trails are so much better.

30 days ago

View is amazing

Great view of Logan canyon!

One of my favorite hikes!

1 month ago