We approached the Henry range from the southeast on UT95. If you use your smartphone for mapping, ignore any route with "Granite" in it. We were in a 4WD and that route wasn't much better than a rock path. If you come from the SE, you will want to find Sawmill Basin Rd. Much better road. Also, the Lonesome Beaver campground looked very nice. The hike was nice. Quite exposed. We went all the way to Mt. Ellen Peak, which was very tiring on the return portion.

Awesome trail with spectacular views all around. The drive to the trail head is insane. You definitely need a truck or Jeep to get there - the road is known to pop tires so make sure to have a spare! The hike itself is slightly challenging but doesn’t take long to complete. Well worth the hassle of driving up there!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hiked this peak in high winds and hail around mid September. We were shrouded in the clouds for most of the hike too. Weather can appear and disappear fast. The trail unfortunately is mainly on the windy side of the mountain most of the way up, but it's a great hike with majestic views all round!