Camp in the quiet campground, and boat and fish on the blue waters of Millsite Reservoir. Play 18 holes on a nearby golf course or bring off-highway vehicles and mountain bikes to enjoy miles of trails in nearby Ferron Canyon.

The trail starts off next to the road, not so great. Once you finally get back into the trail, which is technically an atv trail, it completely drops off. It seemed like there was a big storm that washed away part of the trail. Once I went around it and hiked for a bit longer there was no trail whatsoever. We just ended up walking around all of the atv trails nearby.

Quite possibly the worst trail I’ve ever visited. It is literally some kind of dump. Before hiking I stopped at the picnic tables for lunch. There were construction trucks- the kind that haul rocks- driving in every 2-3 min the whole time I was there. They would drive in, turn around, and drive back out. No idea what they were doing. If there didn’t happen to be one passing through, there was still the noise of the idling caterpillar, which I also did not see do any work in the time I was there.

The trail is not obvious and not marked at all. I wasn’t able to complete the full loop because I lost the path after only 1/4 mile. This is not the sort of country where you want to get lost. The worst part? This is a paid park. I paid $5 for this crap. Terrible.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017