Good short hike! Only took me around 35 minutes and I’m a beginner. A little steep on the way up but worth the view!

6 days ago

Not exactly a hiking trail, but it’s a very nice area to walk around with your dog

Fun little hike. Steep, but short. Cool history behind it and nice view of the city!

Great trail for a quick hike. Beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley!

Good short warm up for the hiking season

Muddy muddy. Short, but rewarding.

2 months ago

Not really a hiking trail but really fun with the kids. Lots of people. We swam in the river. Had a blast. We have gone back a few times with friends.

It was a nice quick hike to beat the haze... really pretty cloud views. My puppy loved it and it wore him out

It seems there has been a lot of work done on this trail this year. Since our last visit a month ago, we noticed parts of the trail have been widened. It had recently rained, then dried out, so the trail had been remolded by footprints and the widening made the trail packed down a bit. We also noticed additional fencing on the hill itself. It doesn't look as natural as it did even several months ago.

That was not a hiking trail. It was a dog park.

Fun little trail that gives out a huge view of the city. We set foot on the trail for sunrise and was stunned that we were solo on the trail. Great site for magpies and deer.

Nice easy little trail.

We carried our 18-month old in a carrier this most recent time and she said "wow" when we got to the top. I've done this Trail three times (once at sunrise, once during the middle of the day and once at sunset) and I think sunset was my favorite! This is great hike to take out of town guests and gauge their fitness level before heading out on tougher hikes.

Very fun trail for families with kids. Took family with 4 kids (ages 4-11) and had a great time. Highlights of the trip were seeing a Jerusalem cricket that looked like an alien and a large tarantula. I had no idea there were tarantulas in Utah...

Views from the top are amazing!

The trail itself was steepish and short, not really very interesting, but the view of the Salt Lake Valley was beautiful, worth the time. Good trail for family hiking for all but the youngest.

Good to take out of town folks to.

Beautiful park where the trail starts. Very dog friendly. Paved trail option for strollers. Gorgeous scenery including the top of the capital building peaking over the hill. Only downside is there is terrible parking availability.

I've done this trail quite a few times, but the nature on the way up isn't my favorite. I prefer being surrounded by green trees. But very worth the view.

Great little hike if you're trying to get a hike in with little available time. Wonderful views of the city and recommended for those that might be trying to get back in shape. Take water and sunscreen as the trail is fully exposed to the sun.

Really nice short sunrise hike! Beautiful views of the city.

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