I thought the view was great but there was graffiti and trash all over. Kind of disappointing. And, while labeled easy, it’s a bit of a uphill and not easy for many.

Easy hike to the top at Ensign Peak! Beautiful views! A bit rocky but somewhat easy to navigate. Also a fun place to watch planes take off in the distance. Beautiful view of The Great Salt Lake.

LOVED this trail! Shade, off leash for dogs and a babbling creek the entire way for the kids and furry friends to play in. When we visit Utah again we will surely return!

mountain biking
5 days ago

easy for beginning bikers

Great place for dogs to play in the creek. I'd love for this to be a running trail, but it only goes back for about a mile before it's too sketchy to run anymore.

Usually it's pretty crowded. But a nice, quick, relatively easy hike to do after work with your dog.

It's a short hike. Lovely view of the valley and great spot to enjoy sunset/sunrise.
However, there is always someone up there.

Amazing view. First family hike in Utah. Teenager was first up and first down. My youngest was a little nervous on the last part of the trail before the top.

easy trail, beautiful view!

Short, steep, and not well shaded. Views of the city are GORGEOUS. Sunset or after dark are great times to go. Don’t expect to be alone. Took my 7 month old in a pack and he did great.

Beautiful views, clear trail. Easy if you have an hour or less and want a quick hike.

Short, steep trail with amazing view of the city. Fairly easy even for non prepared people.

29 days ago

Good view and well maintained. Very steep (treacherous decent if you aren’t sure-footed)
Unfortunately there is a ton of graffiti along the trail and at the peak- so sad that people can be so idiotic.

One of the easiest trail in Salt Lake City. The view from the top was amazing and the I went at the time of sunset, so to witness that was simply beautiful. I strongly recommend this short trail.

Short easy hike but the view of the city is beautiful. Especially at night. Such a breath taking site.

Spectacular view of the Salt Lake City valley. It says easy and it is, but don’t think small chillins and their grandparents are gonna find it easy.

BUT, if you are in town for a short trip and need a fix for a super view that’s very accessible; drive the 5 minutes from downtown and you will love it.

Very short hike but the views are amazing at sunset of the city.

1 month ago

Short but very rewarding hike.

Super easy! Kids can do it!! Is uphill all the way, but not too bad. Great view of the whole valley! It can get a little crowded at sunset.

1 month ago

A very decent trail with a lot of honors to the military. I originally wanted to run this, but there was so much to see that I decided to walk. Very beautiful, the only issue I had was I way off trail a couple of times. At first I thought it was me, but then I realized that it was the map. I had to just leave the trail and walk on the road around the southern band and then I was trailer again after.

1 month ago

Beautiful view for a short hike. Well worth it!

1 month ago

Pretty woodland setting. Add or subtract a star depending on whether hordes of off leash dogs and their abandoned waste is a pro or con for you.

Great Hike. It was great weather this past Monday.

short but we'll worth the view

Simple and Relaxed Hike. Beautiful view of valley and great salt lake. Amazing hike for sunset views.

1 month ago

Easy short walk/hike. Mix of sun exposure and shade. Good for dogs and kids.

Short and somewhat steep walk up on a well marked trail. It wasn't very crowded which surprised me because it is a holiday weekend and the weather is excellent. The views are very nice at the top. It's close to the capitol building so we stopped by there and walked around after the hike.

It was fun, strapped on the 2 year old and my 4 year old navigated it well! Great views want to come back and watch a sunset!

2 months ago

I’m an out of shape lady and this trail is great. It has a nice incline, length, and diverse landscape for a beginner trying to get out of the house for some light exercise.

There is plenty of parking, a fair number of people, and the trail is wide enough that it’s never weird skirting by other walkers— lots of dogs, families, and people from all walks of life. I enjoy this walk at dusk. You’ll find plenty of shade walking on the east side of the stream on the dirt path (with lots of places to sit and rest along the way), or a paved road on the west of the stream (with no places to sit). It’s feels a little cooler temperature wise from the stream.

This is noted as an up and back walk, however—you can walk up one side, cross either one of the two bridges to the west/east side of the stream then walk back. Enjoy! (Lastly, to my knowledge, there is no open bathrooms/water fountains in this area— I might be wrong, but I’ve never come across any.)

Great hike for kids, and great views of the Salt Lake valley.

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