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Great for kids. Head to the falls for a little more challenge

It was a steep hike but very pretty at the lake!

Best scene I’ve seen so far in trialing!

Full disclosure: we only did the first mile of this hike to the Red Pine split, but what an amazing trail so far! So many families with small children doing just a portion of the trail as well. I love a trail that is gorgeous even if you don’t go to the destination. The journey, any part of it, is worth it on the trail. Views of the valley, the river, and a gradual incline made this a nice little hike. Would love to come back someday in better shape and do the whole thing!

on Rocky Mouth Falls Trail

1 day ago

Once you get up to the trailhead the hike to the waterfall is very short. You can keep going on the BST if you need more of a hike.

Goal setting out was the complete loop. Made it to the saddle 2 3/4 miles from trail head. My daughter 15 and companion fantastic 45 yr had some issues the last mile. The grade gets and continues to be steep and rocky. I had heavier ankle high hiking boots and they had low ankle approach type shoes, wear heavier boots suggested do to rocks and uneven terrain. 3 liters water and liter of Gatorade type used each of us. Also had protein type bars and string cheese. Exposure sunny and some Sade with a breeze on and off. Sun and altitude be sure to wear sunscreen. Little snow at the white rock slide near the top but no problem. Earlier start would have been best. Left around 245 and returned 8. Be sure to drive up into the camp ground to the actual trail head and park and hard to read map posted. Trail is strenuous and rocky as described and was easily to stay on, nice waterfall about half way. Enjoy! Would like to get to the top of Box Elder peak and finish the loop.

Very easy!!’enjoy it.

The views are beautiful and the trail is challenging. I really enjoyed this hike.

Great hike for kids and families looking for a small hike.

Great little hike for small kids. Took my 7-2 yr olds and they had a great time. The 2 yr old walked the whole time.

great first hike of the season with our two kids, age 7. wearing shoes that can get wet was a great suggestion. hike is up hill, so still shoes that strap on with a little tred. a little deceiving as I didn't realize it was less than mile total round trip. after you walk through the neighborhood, from the actual trail head to the waterfall is only .3 miles. you can follow Bonneville trail line as well though for a little more walking and got back to the waterfall to cool off. shaded nice hike.

Easy going for the first mile. The trail has some snow and water running down it, but it gets much worse once you reach the upper bridge (the one you don’t cross). From there on be prepared for snow and lots of water running own he trail. Your feet are going to get wet. I had micro spikes and I had no trouble with the snow. There were four groups totaling 8 people on the final snow field ascent when lightning started to strike. We all chose to bail even though we were in a quarter mile of the lake. Hail rain lightning...it was an awesome day. Met some cool people in the process. There is plenty of water on this hike so carry a filter and a few less liters of water

7 days ago

Maybe I haven’t been on enough hikes to rate this fairly, but I thought this was hard and very rocky. Not ideal for little ones. Hardly any path without having to climb large rocks. It was fun and a pretty location. Nice to hear the nearby running river and ends at a beautiful lake. Went Sunday at 1:30 and it was very busy.

If your looking for a tough climb with a spectacular reward, this is the climb for you. Went to the top and there was still snow but wasn’t to bad. The downhill killed me and had to run 2 miles in boots to get off mountain before storm really started to come down. Would do this one again if I had more time here!

Hard hike today, still lots of snow towards the upper reservoir. Trail was mostly visible until the you reach the deep snow. Had to post hole last bit of the trail with micro spikes. Overall great time and will do it again!

This was our 1st hike. It was amazing and has sparked our urge to do more!

I would hike here everyday for the view and peace if I could. Went high noon on a Tuesday and it was practically empty minus a select few. Highly recommend going to the other side of the lake for sure.

I loved the hike and the views were worth it!!! I’d definitely go again!

17 days ago

About the hikers: two non-local, relatively fit 20-somethings. No real experience hiking in snow. I'd say our pace was slow - maybe a 5 minute break every 30 minutes.

We hiked this the week of May 6, 2018. We ran into a local on the trail who said all the snow would be gone in a week, but when we were there there was plenty of snow. We had micro-spikes and trekking poles and were very happy to have them.

We started the hike at 8:15 AM. The following are duration timestamps for when we hit certain markers. Maybe that will be helpful for someone else to estimate their pace.
0:45 - Arrived at the split with White Pine Lake Trail
1:15 - Came to the Lone Peak WIlderness sign
2:20 - Came to an unmarked bridge near a sign that marked 'Red Pine Lake' and 'Trailhead'. The trail doesn't cross that bridge.
3:30 - Made it to Red Pine Lake
4:15 - Started back
4:45 - Back at unmarked bridge we first reached at 2:20
5:40 - Back at Lone Pine Wilderness sign
5:58 - Rejoined with White Pine Lake Trail
6:30 - Back at trailhead around 2:30 PM

So it took us 3:30 to go up and only 2:15 to come back down. We consumed about 3 liters of water between the two of us and that was fine.

There were a couple of different routes that diverged somewhere around the unmarked bridge mentioned above. One went through an open meadow and the other through the trees, but I don't think they were more than 50 yards from each other at any time. We came up through the trees and down through the meadow, but it didn't make much difference.

For us this was a pretty strenuous hike, but I loved it! Very few people on the trail and great views. Also spotted a Dusky Grouse. I'm glad we got an early start and very glad we had the spikes and trekking poles. We rented those at REI for very cheap.

17 days ago

There are still large area of snow going up the trail, your feet will get wet. I'm looking forward til the snow it gone. Enjoy!

This was our first hike in Utah. It was a great beginner hike. It had some nice views and a few alternate paths to travel for a more “off-road” experience. It was pretty crowded when we went, but it was on a weekend.

This was a nice easy hike. I wish I would have worn waterproof shoes because you can get right up to the falls if you have the right shoes on. It was pretty busy there though.

22 days ago

Incredible hike!!! We only made it 4 miles up, shy of the lake by a mile or so. We were not prepared to traverse the knee to waist deep snow in spots. Must do! We will be back!!!

Awesome hikes and climbs!!

Great hike for come back hikers. Easy to complete and it’s fun to be around water for sometime. It’s reasonably busy and can completed in couple hours.

This was such a fun hike. There is a great climb for the first half of the hike and then the rest is just a nice trail hike around the lake. Super fun to come down as well!

definitely worth the view. Went up on the 4th of July last year, beautiful to watch the valley light up with fireworks.

Great hike! Easy enough to do, but hard enough to definitely break a sweat. It was also a good enough hike to do it barefoot!

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