road biking
8 months ago

Great trail. We started on the north end at Farmington Station where you can park for free and its in a mall area, so plenty of people around for 'safe' parking. The directions here take you to the far north end of the trail which is at a farm and we were unsure if we should park there, but the train station is less than 2 miles south of the 'start' of the trail, so it was great. We road about 12 miles round trip (6 south, 6 north). We turned around due to some inclement weather (heavy winds and clouds and thunder/lightening later that day). Trail is well kept and very nice, but it is exposed so bring a hat/sunscreen. Great place to bike, walk, and stroll with the dogs. We went on a Sunday mid-morning, so it traffic was lite. Just got my first Road Bike so I am looking forward to utilizing this trail more.