For the $8 entry fee into Kodachrome, this park might be one of the best value stops in the area! We started the long loop around noon on a very warm and sunny day; as we started out, my group had some regrets about not starting earlier because it is very exposed and very warm, but as indicated by the materials provided at the visitors' center...if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes! We experienced full sun, cloud cover, wind, rain, thunder/lightning during our 2.5 hour hike. Highly recommend sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water! The Cool Cave at the halfway point is a serene, crisp and cool reward for sweating out the first three miles. It's no Bryce Canyon, but this less-traveled trail would be great for all levels of physical fitness and families; plan on picking up a lot of red dust! Also, up the road there is an awesome and extremely well-tended laundromat and restrooms to clean up and regroup after your hike!