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Masonry that has stood for centuries Once home to over 2,500 people, Hovenweep includes six prehistoric villages built between A.D. 1200 and 1300. Explore a variety of structures, including multistory towers perched on canyon rims and balanced on boulders. The construction and attention to detail will leave you marveling at the skill and motivation of the builders.

Fun hike that was interesting in contrast to Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. While I'm no expert on the ancient ones, Hovenweep seems to be a great addition to Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde in a journey to learn about the ancient ones. The trail circumnavigates a slot canyon that is rimed with various ancient-one watch towers and ruins, and then the trail descends into the little canyon and back up the other side to complete the loop. Well-marked trail that is dog friendly.

The actual trail is an out and back totaling .75 miles. The ruins are quite large, but if you're looking for a good hike look elsewhere.

Very nice and fairly easy trail through some very historic sites

Very nice Monument! Campgrounds are very clean and staff super friendly and helpful. Didn’t have much time but did do the ancient trail loop. Worth the time and the drive. Will be coming back in the near future!

Very interesting ruins. This is a quieter site than nearby Mesa Verde. It requires more driving due to it's location, but worth it. Very easy hike/walk. Pay attention to signage and rock markers on the ground to return to the visitors center. it is not visible from most of the trail. Be mindful of animals and children, there can be rattlesnakes near the trail.

4 months ago

My 6-year-old loved clambering up and down the rocks and steps on this trail. It is a loop around and into a small canyon to view several ruins perched on precarious ledges. Despite the bit of up and down it's not very strenuous. Beware of rattlesnakes - we saw one. Visitor's center is closed Tue and Wed but we had a great visit despite missing out on that part.

These two hikes are short. The hike to Holly was 0.4 mile, and the hike to Hackberry was a mile roundtrip. We did take a truck to get to the parking lot of these two hikes. It is meant for off roading vehicles. We went a few hours before sunset and had great pictures!

4 months ago

We enjoyed the hike a lot. Like other reviewers mention, it does take you around (and into) the canyon with up close views of the pueblos. Our dog had a great time as there were lots of rabbits. We heard there was a rattle snake but never saw it.

more of a walk then a hike

5 months ago

Fun little trail with interesting above ground ruins spread out around a small canyon. You could really imagine the quaint community that once lived there.

Easy hike. Very cool to be that close to ruins.


Easy hike mostly around the perimeter of a canyon. The north end of the trail does take you into the canyon. There were almost no other visitors here. Hot day, so take water. Very educational.

7 months ago

My girlfriend and I visited hovenweep in august of 2015 while staying in Cortez Colorado. Very interesting ruins not to mention the scenic drive that takes you there. Nice little stop if you have the time. We took the short hike and enjoyed it very much.

Monday, October 31, 2016

very nice easy hike around the park, many interesting ruins.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Outstanding trail walking by a number of ruins

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nice easy trail that takes you past ancient ruins. It's amazing that they are still there. Dogs are allowed on a leash. The visitor center has restrooms and a water fountain. Even in mid July it wasn't hot walking the trail.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The trail takes you past many ancient ruins and is really quite incredible. Easy for all ages and it seemed that many parts were wheelchair accessible.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Great short hike for all ages.

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