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Did this a few days ago. Decent amount of mud but nothing crazy. Mosquitoes were decently bad in the trees. We camped in the open above the lake and it was super windy so mosquitoes weren’t a problem for us. Hiked to the upper lake and crossed one small snowfield but the upper lake was 90% ice. Caught 5 brook trout in the lower lake.

Stunning views and lots of wildlife. The trail all the way up to Gunsight Pass is quite easy and moderate. The trail to Anderson Pass is also fairly mellow. The ridge to Kings Peak is fairly challenging with continuous bolder scrambling and occasional exposure. Don’t recommend the ridge if weather is present. Overall really wonderful hike!

Perfect weekend trek! We started out from Henry’s Fork and ended up finding a camp spot near some trees right before gunsight pass. Things I wish I’d known:

-There is great camping in the valley after Gunsight Pass.
-there’s plenty of water on the trail all through the hike except once you get to the saddle next to King’s Peak and start climbing the ridge.
-Beware of altitude sickness, and watch for symptoms of high altitude cerebral or pulmonary edema (HAPE and HACE). Both are serious and require immediate movement to lower elevation.

That’s it! Amazing and would always recommend. Enjoy ya’ll :)

The trail from Wyman to Packard is not well marked and we had to bush wack the hillside to find it. The trail is blocked a lot with a dead fall trees and is disappearing with a lack of use. This map is not very accurate with the fork from Wyman to Packard. It starts further up the trail by Wyman lake. There is an old wooden sign saying "Trail" and pointing straight along the lake. Turn left right there and start looking along the hillside for the trail. The lakes themselves are rather ordinary but just past them to the south is the Dushesne River Gorge with nice views. Lots of mosquitoes this time of year!

amazing i did this hike from leadie peak off of highway 40. came out on Mirror Lake Highway we did this whole entire trip in 8 days could have done it in 5 Kings Peak was great that was day 5 we need to see anybody until we got to Kings Peak backpacking fly rod fishing was amazing. they were so good to eat refreshing in you. drinking from the mountains is great do you have to use a filter porcupine pass was really tough and dead horse pass and Rocky sea pass or a couple other ones that were tough North Pole pass actually you were snowed on and rained mixed with thunder and lightning very scary at times because you're the tallest things up there Red Mountain Pass was beautiful and amazing this backpacking trip is definitely one you should have on your bucket list for me it was everything and more once I reach destination I realize I was just getting warmed up and the Pacific Crest Trail is in my sights next then after that maybe the 80 but for now I'm going to go conquer Frank Church the Wilderness of no return.

Gorgeous hike! Even spotted a moose on the trail not far from the lake. Expect lots of mud, multiple river crossings and TONS of rocks. The drive into the trailhead can be pretty rough also. There was still some snow on the trail 06/10/18 but wasn’t an issue at all. Trailhead had toilets available, no trash cans.

6 days ago

Hiked 6/13/2018: first 4 miles are snow free (I turned off here to hike Mt. Agassiz). Some windfall across trail. Be prepared for lots of ups and downs on a good trail. Views from the peak are awesome of the basin; looks like a great place to visit!

We did this hike in early June. I was worried it would be too cold but it wasn't too bad. There was A LOT of snow melt which resulted in muddy trails. There were plenty of rocks to step on to try to avoid getting muddy. We backpacked in and stayed the night at the lower lake. Red Castle was absolutely beautiful and worth the long hike. This was my first backpacking experience and it was a good one!

I’d wait until July to do this again.Awesome trail with a balanced amount of elevation gain and distance. After the 2nd fork in the trail, you start to encounter more snow patches, marsh areas, muddy sections, and places where the trail becomes a creek. The last 1/4-1/2 mile were pure marshland. High top waterproof boots would do fine with careful foot work. My shoes were only dry to 1.5 inches and after slipping in the mud and marsh, I just let my feet get wet in the marsh.The shore was a great place to dry my shoes and socks before heading back.

on Amethyst Lake Trail

14 days ago

My favorite season opener. Straight forward trail out of Christmas meadows. Eastbound turn up the drainage to Amethyst Lake becomes quite steep, but it's worth every step. Many folks hike the trail up and back in one day. Amethyst Meadows is the place to camp if you have protection against mosquitos. Remember to camp away from lakes and streams to protect the scene. Ostler lake is a GREAT option if you want more solitude, just be prepared to overland without a trail.

on Cutthroat Lake

15 days ago

Great camping spots

16 days ago

Be aware that there is a bridge to cross the river at the start. It is a hundred yards or so upstream from the trail.

17 days ago

Packed into this site May 20, 2018 to reminisce a few day hikes taken with family almost 25 years ago! The river side trail is what makes this hike, as do the beaver ponds and spring flowers. Beautiful ridge lines make a great backdrop for camping.

19 days ago

Let us be honest here...this is NOT a moderate trail that you can just show up to and expect you and the kids to complete or even get through. I am not sure of the other posters here, or why this is even in the moderate category to be honest. I see trails on here that I can park on pavement on the edge of SLC, complete in a day or less that are less straining than my treadmill, and they are considered moderate or advanced? Sorry folks I have been doing this trail for years, multiple times a year in fact, including winter.... and between the elevation, terrain, and weather, if you have never hiked the backcountry, this is NOT the trail for you without experience. THIS IS AN ADVANCED trail. Please please please, if you are posting on this site, please give your experience level so it is not misleading to those that are just starting. This trail may be moderate to you because you have been backpacking for years, but may kill someone if all information is not given. This is one of the reasons why people just starting or with moderate experience wind up on the news being rescued because they thought they were only going for a moderate hike, etc...smh

All that said, I am an advanced Backpacker/hiker of 25 years, and this is the Ultimate hike/backpacking experience in Utah without a doubt! High elevation, beautiful scenery and solitude...be ready to take your time and spend a week or two just feeding your soul! This is not a hike for the weekend warrior, in fact it can take a couple weeks if you do the whole thing and really enjoy it! Very good hike/backpacking trail to recharge your batteries! This trail also scales in difficulty with the seasons to always provide the challenge one is looking for! Before taking on this trail, make sure you research it thoroughly, as well as altitude sickness, and what flora and fauna you can find just to be safe!. Also, make sure you have basic survival skills, a way to navigate and communicate if needed, etc. If you do not plan your days right, you can wind up in areas of the trail that are not human-friendly at the worst times and on this trail could be life or death. Same goes for if you get injured and dont know how to treat yourself. If you do your research and plan accordingly, you can enjoy mountain camping, fresh water and a bit of fishing every night to finish your day in one of the most secluded and untouched areas of the United states. Please be cautious and do your homework though!!!! I cant stress this enough! This is a very demanding trail, but one that will leave you with lifelong memories if you play your cards right!.

22 days ago

Me and my mom hiked this trail in August of 2017. We completed 50 miles of it from mirror lake to moon lake in 5 days. Prepare for cold nights and light rain during the day. Some pretty amazing thunder storms during the night. One of the best experiences of my life. Two very difficult passes to get over but other than that it was moderately difficult.

good trail. started at 10 in the morning after finding the trail head and got back to the car as the sun was setting. this trail has nice veiws and water everywhere! you really only need to bring a filter and maybe one bottle. The trail seems to go on forever. would be more enjoyable to stay the night below the peak instead of doing it all in one day

1 month ago

Great destination for those seeking solitude. I camped along the creek in the upper basin and did day hikes to the various lakes. Saw only one other hiker on the trail—on a weekend in September.

1 month ago

An excellent destination for those seeking solitude. We found few traces of human visitors in the basin and experienced fantastic fishing.

1 month ago

This hike is not for the faint of heart... Features stunning views and exhilarating hiking and bouldering. This is a Family favorite for my family and I. Just a note from us... Go around the west side of the false peak and there is a chute a few hundred yards north of that--that you can climb back up to the ridge before you summit. This hike requires a lot of steep bouldering and climbing. The hard work is worth it for the amazing view at the end.

2 months ago

We decided to hike this one last year. It was the first hike I’ve done on the south slope. It sure seemed like a never ending uphill. The fishing wasn’t very good at Betsy or Mohawk. It appeared to me that this trail gets a lot of traffic. We had a group of annoying kids yelling across the lakes the whole time which was definitely a major annoyance. Overall this hike was ok and so I wouldn’t do it again. The drive up to the trailhead is pretty cool though. You drive right along the edge of this huge mountain and keep going up and up and up.

When the byway is closed, one can drive in only about 15 miles. At this point, there will be a road closed sign. There is a parking lot here. Many trucks come carrying their snowmobiles to use on the snow covered roads and trails. The main byway up to this point seems to be maintained by plows during the day (not at night), but the side roads to the campgrounds are not plowed, but some of the roads you can drive a little into depending on the type of vehicle you have and how much snow is still on the roads. I rated it 2 only because we did not have a snowmobile or skis or snowshoes to go into the trails, the rating would be better if we had any of those things to make the snow-covered roads more fun!

Did this hike on 4th of July Weekend 2017. The first 4 miles follows the Uintah River and is beautiful. Tons of trees, few good fishing spots, very nice easy hiking. From Sheep's Bridge you start switchbacks for 4-5 miles. They suck. You feel like you'll never get out. After that you'll cross Krebs Creek. From there I think it's only another 2 miles to the Lower Chain lake. We camped here for 2 days, did lots of fishing and exploring. The hike in took us 7 hours, back took us 4. We'll be going back this year to go all the way to King's. Should be fun

on Shingle Creek Trail

3 months ago

A good trail for snowshoeing. Went up a couple miles after a snow storm and enjoyed the winter scenery.

on Grandaddy Basin

3 months ago

The trail is a little steep and rocky at first, but this is a great hike with beautiful lakes. There’s a fair amount of traffic between the trail head and Grandaddy lake, but once you’re in the basin, the trails are easy going, and it’s a lot less busy.

The red castle really is worth all the hype. The trail is pretty level and never steep, but the trail surface was trash from all the horse traffic, and really wore my feet out, so wear good shoes. There were moose along the lake. When we went the last weekend in August, it rained for a little bit but it was fine. There were also about a couple hundred sheep being run late at night from east red castle down the valley so that was... interesting. You’ll also pass lots of cows on your way there and the trail appears to be more popular with horse packers than backpackers. So it was more like the High Uintas Farm than a wilderness... still worth it to camp under the red castle.

You have to go to the upper lake! It might be hard to motivate yourself after already hiking 10 miles, but it’s so worth it. The layers in the rock and the view you get of the valley are spectacular, and the upper lake itself is more scenic than the lower one.

Palisade have been one of my favorite lakes in the Granddaddy Basin for years. There is a nice bench about the lake to camp with a view of the lake below.

Nice loop hike with great view and the potential to see mountain goats

Awesome trail. Very glad I had the chance to do this hike!

on Highline Trail

5 months ago

My son and I along with his friend Isaac hiked the trail in 2016.
Here is a video clip from our hike.

Pack light and take sun screen, fishing pole, water bottle that purifies and, take the InReach Explorer for communicating and GPS. With it I was able to communicate with my wife by email and it tracked our course every 20 minutes and posted it on Facebook for those that wanted to follow us on the map.

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