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Located in northeastern Utah, the Uinta Mountains were named for the Uintaat Indians, early relatives of the modern Ute Tribe. The High Uintas Wilderness envelops the wild core of this massive mountain range. Characterized by the highest peaks in Utah, countless lakes, and a unique alpine ecosystem, it is among the nation's most outstanding wilderness areas. The High Uintas Wilderness is administered jointly by the Ashley and Wasatch-Cache National Forests. The Uinta Mountains were carved by glaciers from an immense uplift of Precambrian rock. Some of this rock is exposed as colorful quartzite and shales. The main crest of the Uinta Mountains runs west to east for more than 60 miles, rising over 6,000 feet above the Wyoming and Uinta Basins to the north and south. Massive secondary ridges extend north and south from the crest of the range, framing glacial basins and canyons far below. This rugged expanse of peaks and flat-top mountains is the largest alpine area in the Intermountain West and is the setting for Kings Peak, the highest peak in Utah. Hundreds of picturesque lakes, streams, and meadows lie within sculpted basins. Cold, clear rivers plunge from the basins into deep canyons that form the headwaters of Utah's major rivers. The Uinta Mountains rise from 7,500 to 13,528 feet at the summit of Kings Peak, offering diverse habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna. Above treeline, tundra plant communities thrive in the harsh climate of the highest altitudes. Thick forests of Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, and lodgepole pine blanket the land below treeline. These forests are interrupted by park-like meadows and lush wetlands. In the lower elevations, aspen groves and countless mixed species offer contrast to the scene. The Uinta Mountains are home to: elk, mule deer, moose, mountain goat, coyote, black bear, bighorn sheep, ptarmigan, river otter, pine marten, cougar, and 75 percent of Utah's bird species, among many others. The High Uintas Wilderness boasts 545 miles of trail, which may be accessed from a number of trailheads surrounding the wilderness near the gateway communities of Duchesne, Roosevelt, and Kamas, UT and Evanston and Mountain View, WY. This extensive network of trails leads visitors deep into the wilderness, through thick forests, past rushing streams and placid lakes, to sweeping alpine vistas below majestic peaks. Opportunities for exploration are endless.

1 day ago

Really worth the walk. As we entered the four lakes basin we stayed on the trail that goes to Jean Lake, or the northern choice. It was serene and pleasant. No one else was around, in fact we only saw a couple deer for wildlife.

I will add, though, that the mileage is more than the trail description estimates. My GPS calculated 10 miles from the parking of the Highline trailhead to Jean lake. to verify, it was 10 miles on the way out as well. If you're doing this as a day hike it might be worth considering some extra food and having a water filter.

This trail is the most beautiful trail I've ever hiked. Also the longest and I read some of these reviews saying it's too hard and what not.. well by the time I got to the lower lake I had been up for a total of 26 hours from working and then driving 2.5 hours and then taking the 6 hours it took me to get to the lower lake and although strenuous. It's not at all difficult. It's super muddy and it hailed on us everyday so be prepared. The upper castle lake doesn't provide much to look at but when you're up there looking out over the land and you can see red castle and the lower lake it's worth the hour hike over the boulders to the west of the red castle lake.

I've been making the trek to RedCastle for 27 years... it's never disappointing! I chose 4 stars because of the current condition of the trail... it's muddy and wet up there, lots of damage to navigate from horse packing, if you are on a horse 5 stars.
The fishing was great at the middle lake, nailed the tigers and cuts. Use black and yellow jigs, wooly buggers.
Campers need to be more tidy and clean.. came across a few spots where human waste or trash was noticable... bark beetles have wreaked havoc on about 80 percent of the lower pines.. but up above the switch backs ... the pines are pretty healthy. Such a beautiful place to visit and come back to!

2 days ago

Trail is fairly technical. Wet, rocky, mud and swamp like terrain almost the entire way. Waterproof shoes are a must! Plenty of water along the way. Never found the turnoff to make the loop as it wasn't marked well. We made our way up towards Cleveland lake where there was a fork in the trail with a sign then cut over to Queant lake. GPS clocked it right at about 4.5 miles one way. There are 3-4 nice camp sites along the southern end of the lake.

This hike was absolutely worth it but I think knowing a few things ahead of time would have helped my overall experience. Be prepared for some serious bolder scrambling towards the end of the hike!! I anticipated about a half mile of this and it was more like a mile if not more. If you don't do well with heights this will slow you way down. I'm very grateful there were plenty of other people hiking it that day or we would have had no idea where we were going. Once on the ridge line it's really not clear where to go. The cairns are very few and far between. Also, bring plenty of water!! We each had a liter on us along with a filter to fill up but once you start up the ridge the opportunity for water isn't there. And as other have said, bring sunscreen when you summit! We applied first thing in the morning but the hike took longer than we anticipated and I got fried! We camped at Dollar Lake which was beautiful, saw plenty of wildlife and had spectacular views from King's Peak thanks to the beautiful weather we had! Overall it lived up to my expectations for being on my bucket list for so long!

Perfect camp and the bottom of the trail. Little rocky trail, but beautiful.

2 days ago

Done in 3 days one fishing day wonderful fathers and sons trip

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