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Sunny and cold nice hike

Done this trail today without snowshoes. The day after the foot of snowfall we received. The trail is narrow and I can see it getting slippery the next day or so. Icicles hanging down around the "cave", just gorgeous.

Nice snowy hike

This trail is a lovely trail. The only big hill is at the bridge and if you don't want to do the loop back to the bridge there is a trail that will take you directly to the bridge so you can bi-pass it. We went up the hill and around. In total we crossed 3 bridges, a rock cave formation thing and saw the beautiful panorama of the valley. I would say this hike is easy without the big hill. If you add the hill I would say moderate. But I am a weekly hiker.

I dont go on very many hikes and today i thought i would try this one. it a good hike and I almost gave up and I asked someone how much further and she was like ur almost there the hard part is over. I almost gave up there but thanks to the sweet lady I made it to the bridge and it was amazing.

3 months ago

Only putting 5 rating, because it’s an awesome workout. This is steep though. It’s actually steeper than Jacobs ladder and you end up climbing straight up the mountain connecting with trail eagle and going down to bonneville shoreline to get back. This felt more like I was hunting actually, because of terrain on last half. It was 10 miles round trip actually, but only 3 ascending. It’s steep. :)

4 months ago

Did this hike yesterday. Beautiful, but less than a mile after the avalanche sign I ran into fresh mountain lion tracks that caused me to turn around. Looking forward to trying the full trail another time.

Hiked in the evening. Just after dark a large group of Mountain Bikers came through. Fun to see all of the dancing headlamps on the trail

4 months ago

Perfect place for a Sunday fall stroll. We parked at the park and walked along the paved path until we came to the branch off heading toward the Aqueduct Trail. Once we got to the Wright Trail sign, we turned around and headed back toward the park. Beautiful views of the mountains, the valley, and pretty wooded sections of scrub oak with red leaves. Loved the bridge with “Over the river and through the woods.”

4 months ago

Hard climb today

great trail beautiful scenery got some really steep hills though.

5 months ago

Very confusing hike, the name is only the park an the trail you guess, we went as far as Wright Trail an was still confused. It was a nice easy hike ups an downs an really easy

easy hike. the directions took us to a culdesac tho? the hike actually starts at the park next door to the lds church. we did the loop where the waterfall was supposed to be as well and i never saw anything? lol maybe i was too busy talking or theres not much left this time of year?

Perfect first hike of the season. Started at Hidden Hills Park and Hiked south to the extension bridge. It was pretty busy with other hikers. Beautiful views of the valley.

The path had beautiful views and some shady parts, but if you take a dog you can’t get to the waterfalls. So it’s kind of anti-climatic. Otherwise, great FIRST hike with my 4-month old puppy!!

I brought my dog along with me, lots of fun! She loved it and I loved it, win win!

Good trail, and is great for those starting out. Dog owners should note that the BSL part is where dogs can be on a leash, all of the connections do not allow dogs. There were a few times I regretted bringing the dog because I could not venture on paths I wanted to check out.

Very difficult trail. It’s mostly a game trail that climbs steeply and steadily up at a good angle. Great for exercise and conditioning, not much to see and it doesn’t go anywhere noteworthy. it just runs into another trail the leads back down the mountain.

8 months ago

Hiked this today and summited rocky mouth canyon peak. Its a great peak with fantastic views all around. If you make it to the final meadow up big willow make sure to turn north (left) and hit the summit. Its another 700 ft climb from the meadow but well worth the final push. Definitely a five star hike. Its grueling enough, has fantastic views and there are very few people on this trail.

I found a Kia car key/keyfob today way up big willow just below the summit. Let me know if its yours (kbquire-at-gmail).

how and where does the trail start? I came across some houses and it's there's no trail. can anyone help? I really want to go hiking on this trail.

Not a hike for a first date. Even after being married for 22 years the initial steep part of hike taught me things about my husband that I never knew. He is in better shape than he lets on. Fortunately his stamina and cheerfulness are contagious because I would have turned around long before reaching the avalanche sign. The amazing views and a nice lunch alongside Little Willow Creek with wildflowers and butterflies were a great reward. Two hiking poles each are a must for us middle aged hikers on Sawmill Trail. Otherwise I would have fallen for sure several times.

Very pretty, quick and fun!

Perfect in the early evening when the surrounding scrub oak shaded us! My 3 and 5 year old loved all the bridges and fun rock tunnel!!
Take lots of water and beware of snakes! We saw two.

Very easy trail, pretty busy with hikers, families, and a few bikers. End of the trail leads to another trail, so if you parked a car at both ends you could prevent from having to do the same walk round trip.

I have not hiked close to a year now, this was a good beginning hike.

This beautiful hike is perfect especially this time of year! The bridge is amazing.

Only difficult at the beginning but then it’s rolling hills. I didn’t take my kids but I will for sure next time. Beautiful views.

This was a really nice hike. The majority of it is Bonniville Trail; Bear Loop is a very small offshoot but it’s still very pretty with a nice waterfall.

Bring lots of water; the trail is majority in the sun so sunscreen is essential too. It’s a busy trail but everyone is willing to give everyone else room to get by.

3 bridges, a boulder tunnel, a waterfall, mountain and urban views, this trail has something for everyone!

This trail has a few different entry points from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST). Actually, the BST is the only trail you really need to follow if you want to go on the suspension bridge shown in the title screen. However, if you want to see the waterfall and a smaller bridge, then an extra climb is needed.

The trailhead as shown on alltrails starts in Hidden Valley Park in Sandy (South of Salt Lake City), but when you get there, if you don't know the place, it can be a little tricky to find, mostly as you are not parking at a trailhead, but at the park itself. If you go to the far end of the parking lot toward the mountain (GPS marker is listed in the video), you will see a trail going up the hill, follow this paved path about .1 mile to the actual trailhead. This is the way started the trail. However, if you want to shorten it, go further down the paved path maybe .3-.4 mile til you can see a wide gravel path going up a hill, this will shorten your trail by about .5 mile probably. Walk up this hill, take a right at a set of steps and go down over a bridge, follow the BST Trail to a fenced area. If you go into this fenced area this is actually the Bear Canyon Loop which requires a climb up a few hundred feet incline then down over a bridge, where a small waterfall can be seen. However, if you are there with a dog, or just want to see the suspension bridge, then walk past the wooden gate to the Bear Canyon Loop, go straight and get to the bridge in a jiffy! There are map screen shots in the video trail guide that will help you with this hike.

There are other ways to get to this bridge- other trail entries from nearby neighborhoods, or maybe even if you are walking from the opposite direction on the BST.

Keep in mind there is a good chance to see mountain bikers as well as hikers on this trail.

This trail is also popular with families with small children as well as tourists and trail runners.

See photo/video collage here: https://youtu.be/aabCnXQX3VM

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