Nice easy trail. Good views of Valley whole time, no shade. Easy hike to take the family on.

Cell service the whole way - we continued on the BST for a total of 5 miles. Still a few icy patches on some parts the trail but it was beautiful! Picked up 2 gallons worth of trash though - please pack out your doggy bags, TP and snack trash. 2/9/17

4 months ago

An enjoyable quick hike with the family.

4 months ago

Hot trail with little shade. Good hike for kids but bring lots of water.

Easy hike, we did this one in the evening which is perfect because there's no shade. The bridge is so pretty if you continue behind and look back over the canyon and the bridge.

Beautiful! Fun hike!

favorite short hike. also good running trail along BST that leads to the bridge.

One of my favorite easy trails! They finally allowed dogs on it this year and now they're banned again so we're pretty sad!

I really like this trail. The very beginning is steep, but once you get past that first little bit the trail isnt too bad. It is narrow, but fairly easy (my 3 elementary age kids could easily hike this one). The bridge at the end is fun and the views are pretty. I went in the morning. If you go when the sun is high it will be hot.

Go in the evening. There was not a lot of shade.

6 months ago

6 months ago