Quite the mellow hike. Loved it! Dog friendly!

Pretty good trail that was decent for my kids. No shade at all so make sure to go early or late in the day if it's hot.

11 days ago

I hiked this trail at the end or April or early May but some how it never ended up on my completed trails list. This hike turned out to be quite an adventure. After getting to the top of the trail we decided to hike down the chute at the top of the trail and go over to the Sawmill trail. The OSM layer showed a trail going down the chute. Boy that decision a mistake the trail must have been a ski trail. The chute was still covered with hard pack snow. I glad we had chains in addition to snow shoes because the chute was too steep for snowshoes. Because of the hard snow and the steepness it turned out to be one of the scariest descents that I've ever been on. It was a big mistake. Once we got to the bottom and back on the Sawmill trail it turned out that it saved us a hour and reduced the distance quite a bit. See my trail of the Eagle track for full details.

17 days ago

went with a 2 year old and 5 year old. My oldest walked the whole way. My youngest probably hiked two miles and I carried her the rest of the way. It was fun! very peaceful. there was complaining on the way up because it was taking forever to get to the bridge but we made it! going back was super quick. we also loved the hole in the rock/cave.