This is a really cool place. I wouldn’t have expected it to be up there behind just the neighborhood

18 days ago

This is a nice easy family hike. My 5 year old had no problem. Beware as we saw needles and other drug paraphernalia towards the beginning of the trail head, but afterwards it was all natural beauty. The suspension bridge was awesome and overall it was a enjoyable experience.

Rolling trail with enough elevation change to switch things up, but not too much. Crosses the Bear Canyon suspension bridge. Looped with the logging road, horse trail, back to BST. Trail is ice packed.

Definitely not moderate but a very fun easy hike. The suspension bridge is worth it alone. Make sure right by the bridge you go on bear canyon loop, it takes you up a little higher where the stream is.

I give this only 3 stars based on several factors. For solitude it rates a five. For being well-maintained I give it a one point five. It is very difficult to follow in the Big Willow forested area. Once out of the forest the bushes have nearly overtaken many portions of the trail. I call it trail- oriented bushwhacking. The views are a four if you make it into the Big Willow drainage. I have been up this trail 25 times + and it is still often difficult to stay on it. Someone has put red metal markers on key trees and those help. If there is a ton of snow, be careful - getting lost will be easy.

This was an easy but fun hike. I have never been on a suspension bridge and it was worth the hike to see it and cross it.

It was steep at some points.

It's really an easy trail so I'm not sure why it is rated as moderate.

Awesome easy hike with great views. Dog friendly and relaxing.

Nice hike but I got lost at first till I figured out I have to go with BST trailhead then once you find closed gate take the stairs down on the right side and keep going till you reach bear canyon loop and the suspension bridge

4 months ago

This was a nice trail. Some ups and downs, but mostly flat. I went on a slightly rainy Sunday morning and I never saw a soul, which was lovely. The leaves are beautiful on the hillside, but sadly you can see them much from the trail as most of it is fairly wooded. Would be a great hike for kids.

Nice graded, family friendly hike. Nice views throughout. We took our 6 & 7 year old boys. They did great.

Only went to the first stream due to lack of time (had already done a little hike before that and was curious about this trail). Beautiful hike with great views. Starts out steep. I plan on going back and going farther.

4 months ago

Only one on the trail today- in good condition until ~6900 ft had several recent downed pines. Turned around at 7400 ft due to snow and ability to see trail.

easy beautiful short hike.

Easy hike, but not very shaded so try to go earlier in the day or late at night. Overall it was okay and the bridge was cool.

Great hike! Awesome view and the trail overall was pretty cool. Some incline at the beginning but overall not too hard and well worth the hike. WARNING: Make sure to watch out for snakes! We saw a 2 snakes at different points on the trail.

great views of the city, not to hard

Gorgeous trail! Little confusing to find but we figured it out! The Bears Loop was a fun little extra, maybe half mile, after you cross the bridge rather than going back over it. Went around 8:30 in mid July and most of it was still shady and cool!

7 months ago

The hike itself was gorgeous since we went night hiking. however, I followed the directions on the app and it lead me to a church and waaay off from where the actual trailhead started.

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