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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument spans nearly 1.9 million acres of America’s public lands. From its spectacular Grand Staircase of cliffs and terraces, across the rugged Kaiparowits Plateau, to the wonders of the Escalante River Canyons, the Monument’s size, resources, and remote character provide extraordinary opportunities for geologists, paleontologists, archeologists, historians, and biologists in scientific research, education, and exploration.

Amazing hike. I'd follow the suggestion of doing peek-a-boo first as there is a 10' drop (or climb) that is far easier to descend than ascend in my opinion (w/o gear). Don't let the drop deter you as it's very manageable once you navigate where to plant your feet. Cannot stress this enough that this hike isn't for overweight or claustrophobic people. Spooky get's very narrow. Also, don't tell anyone about this gem. It's almost like a free version of Antelope Canyon!

Was an excellent trail leading to a beautiful waterfall. Was 6.5 miles round trip but only took 2 1/2 hours because it is fairly level. Small parking lot that filled up even though it is November and cool out.

The hike was beautiful, but I wouldn’t advise hiking this trail if you are driving a sedan. The unpaved road you have to take to access the trail was horrible/dangerous to drive in a sedan (even in dry, beautiful weather). If you are in a truck or SUV, this hike is a great option for a leisurely stroll in a beautiful setting.

You will need to cross shallow water during the hike, so waterproof shoes or water shoes are necessary.

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Gotta do it. A couple of areas required rope for those who are overweight or otherwise not able to, for example, drop down from a 9 or 10 foot drop (in Spooky slot canyon) with the assistance of fellow hikers or (at the base of Peek-a-boo slot canyon) ascend a precarious 20 foot ascent up STEEP and slippery sandstone with a 10 foot drop at the bottom (I personally rescued 2 separate adult males at this point.

on Devils Garden

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Moderate hike with a lot of neat scenic stops (take a guide trail map or you'll miss the petroglyphs!). It is always awesome to end a hike at a waterfall and this one does not disappoint. We love this trail and would definitely do it again!! It's worth going early in the morning to enjoy this piece of solitude without a large crowd!