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great 6 mile hike with beautiful waterfalls and rock formations.

watch for horse poop. they should ban horses or make them bag their poop. I have to with my dog. they should with their horses.

My favorite slot canyon so far. Zebra and Tunnel were interesting, but the shapes and colors of Willis are amazing!

Great hike down over slickrock to pools and waterfalls. Beautiful scenery looking out over canyon

Relatively easy. Many dogs not on leash.

Went here prior to starting Buckskin Gulch to Lee’s ferry. Had some time to kill so went for it. Super easy hike, amazing location. Had so much fun swimming and messing around at the waterfalls. Very happy we took the chance and went. Very worth it if you go swim. Idk about sitting on beach and watching.

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2 days ago

This is a photographer's dream. Loved the garden and easy access to drive to, no hiking!

Well worth the drive down the wash board dirt road and through the free range cow herds.

The road is a mix of car passable and “I’m glad I am driving a four wheel drive”, though some people actually made it to the parking area in a minivan & car (rental cars I suspect).

From the parking area, follow the cairn stacks down the hill. You end up in a river bed with three directions to choose from; left is Dry Fork Slot Canyon, straight ahead is Peek, and to the right a curving river bed that leads to Spooky.

Highly recommend doing Peek to Spooky and not Spooky to Peek.

About half way up Peek, someone carved “End” in a rock; ignore this, it is only the halfway point.

The true end comes out in another small dry river bed (to your left). At this point turn to your right and start walking until you come to another, much wider, river bed. Spooky Gulch will be to your right when you are in the large river bed.

About 1/3 way into Spooky, we came to some huge boulders the seem to block the way. If you look over the top of the you will be about 30 feet above the bottom but if you look underneath the left side of the biggest boulder, you’ll see a small hole that drops down to another small boulder.

From there, it is a short drop to a large flat rock, then a few hundred feet of some pretty narrow slots.

Have fun..

3 days ago

We hiked this trail last year, but there was too much very cold water in the slot to get in far enough to see the Zebra striping in the rock. Today, no water in the slot!!! Yay!!!

Well worth the effort, beautiful red rock on the hike out, parts are reminiscent of the area near The Wave in Arizona. Beautiful striping in the slot if you can make it past the small blockage about 2/3 of the way in.

Trail is easy to follow, just be sure when you reach Harris Wash to look for the small cairns which lead you to the left, up the wash to the slot.

This hike was amazing! We hiked Dry Forks out and back and then looped from Peekaboo to Spooky. It wasn’t super well marked to loop between Peekaboo and Spooky, but if you have a map you should be able to follow the few cairns and footpaths and be fine. Some scrambling in Peekaboo and Spooky was the narrowest of the three. We had to pass our backpack in a few spots and if we had done Spooky out and back from the trailhead side we would have just left our packs at the entrance. Super fun to explore... would highly recommend!

Beautiful hike! We got there at 8:30am and the parking lot was almost full so I highly recommend getting there early- happy we did because the trail was heavily trafficked on our way back. Trail was well kept and had a guide of interesting things to follow along the way. Absolutely gorgeous waterfall with enough space to lounge at the celebrate the end of the hike. Could not recommend more for everyone!

Amazing slots! Definitely 30 miles off the beaten path so make sure your car can handle bumpy, dirt roads for quite some time. Amazing slots- got lost going between spooky and peak-a-boo, there were rock formations that are supposed to be a ‘guidepost’ to the other slot but somehow we ended going back through peak-a-boo again. Still worth the drive, beautiful and not heavily trafficked on a Friday!

We enjoyed this route on 5/15. Fairly easy, cool in the narrows. We took the route south to north which seemed like it was probably easier than the other way around. Nothing too fancy.

Amazing views at every turn

Absolutely beautiful. I went with my 35lb dog. I only did spooky out and back (I wanted to do peek-a-boo, but that 15ft up/down was not happening with my dog).
At the north end of spooky, there are two very difficult uphill spots, the last of which I could not pass (and neither could the two other people I met along the way). However, it was nice going back down Spooky because it looks so different from every angle.
The road to get to the trailhead, Hole in the Rock Rd, is very rocky, sandy, and overall difficult on the car. I have a crossover and it took me 1 hour to get 27 miles. When you first get on the rocky road off of 12, if you are not comfortable on the first couple miles, turn back because the road only gets worse. However, if you can make it, it is worth it.

Gorgeous hike. Made it up to T intersection. Drive is tough, but was doable in Camry. I saw other sedans as well. So don`t be scared off and do it as long as the weather is good and you drive carefully.

Phenomenal hike. Fairly easy and the scenery leading up to the falls is beautiful! Not to mention the falls were stunning.. Bring plenty of water and good trail snacks and you're set. Possibly a swimsuit if you're feeling up for a swim in the water under the falls.

Absolutely phenomenal slot canyons to hike. Makes for a great adventure and experience. Bring plenty of water and good trail snacks.

Amazing arches and high canyon walls. Spooky slot canyon is tight while peekaboo has the beautiful arches.

Lots of fun. Download map in advance to avoid confusing cairns pointing to different directions.

I only had time to do this or peek-a-boo and spooky slot canyons. This sure was a beautiful hike.

Well worth the drive. We drove our car almost the whole way at about 35 mph. Going 10 miles an hour or 35 mph, you’re still going to run into some ruts and vibration. You might as well go 35 mph.

We drove our car, “Pepe the Prius” all the way to the first parking area. From there, we needed to walk up to the high clearance parking lot. Most of the 4 x 4‘s and some other cars made it up, however we decided just to walk. The hike down to the slot canyons was somewhat hot and we knew it was going to be miserable coming back, so we are glad we brought a lot of water and hats.

Once we got to the first slot canyon, we met some others that told us to make the clockwise loop from peekaboo to spooky gulch. It is much easier to drop down through spooky gulch rather than climb your way up counter clockwise.

Ensure that when you get out of peekaboo, once you reach the big tree in the wash, make a right and follow cairns up and over the brushy area. From there you will drop down into spooky Gulch and it is a lot of fun.

Save some energy for the hike back up and out to your car.

You will be glad you made the trip. The heat is a little challenging but the slot canyons are well worth it. Our tip is, the earlier, the better.

15 days ago

I rate this five stars for its ease of accessibility and beauty. There are not many areas where you can pull off the road and immediately be swept up in a hiking wonderland.

The drive on BLM200 is a little rutted but not so bad that our car, “Pepe the Prius” couldn’t make it.

Great for afternoon picnics or a quick place to just enjoy the splendor and enchantment of an unusual destination.

Easy parking and bathrooms onsite.

Hike, enjoy, relax and discover. Lots of fun for all ages.

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This was one of the best hikes I've ever done, and I've done all sorts of stuff throughout southern Utah. The canyons are absolutely incredible, winding, tight, surprising, just amazing. The beginning of the trail is confusing. Just try and follow the careens and you'll be fine.

The road getting to this trail head is TERRIBLE. Super washboarded and bumpy. Plan on going under 10mph if you love your car, or over 45 mph if you're daring (this smooths out the bumps). Anything in between rattles your teeth out.

Absolutely a must do hike in the area. The views are majestic, the trail isn't hard, and the waterfall at the end is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of caterpillars hanging from the trees on the hike in the spring, just as a fair warning if you don't like bugs. Not very much shade until the last mile of the hike.

Great slot Canyon with very few people. It took us 4 1/2 hours at a slow pace.

This was an add-on hike while also doing the Panorama Trail and nearby Grand Escalante. We spent ~2 hours hiking up the river through the slot canyons, which were cool to see. Water level was very low. We spent more time avoiding horse poop along the river than worrying about getting our feet wet. I wouldn't call this a destination unto itself, but the canyons are well worth a few hours of your time. Note: the road to the trailhead is unpaved and somewhat long (~8 miles). We were glad we had an SUV with good ground clearance.

Beautiful trail to deliver mail! I will definitely be coming back for more. Not an easy hike and plan for lots of poison ivy in the canyon!

Overall it was epic!

20 days ago

There's a new barbed wire fence blocking the side canyon and access to the arch. The hike along the river is still very nice.

My roommate and I tackled this trek on a beautifully sunny afternoon last week after completing Peekaboo Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park earlier in the day.

I did this trail in my Teva sandals and they were the perfect choice to trek through the sandiness of this trek. It took us about 2 and 1/2 hours to complete the trail in its entirety and we even stopped at the pool for a quick dip (it was incredibly cold, but well worth it), before heading back out to the trailhead.

A beautiful waterfall awaits you at the climax of this hike, but would recommend doing this one in late morning so the sun is shining down upon the pool, that is, if you're looking to go for a swim.

Highly recommended!

Very different scenery here. Fairly easy trail, except for one short portion that I didn't like as I do not like narrow paths near drop offs of any kind. Other than that, it was easy. Looks like you are on another planet.

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