Only sent 3 miles in and back. Fairy boring in my opinion

ohv/off road driving
4 days ago

The bridge over the Hells Backbone is something else. Pretty drive after but not as interesting.

The actual hike/walk was much shorting that the recording. Would be a great place to get out of the heat in the Summer.

Very nice and quiet trail, mainly in the wash. Nice views on both sides and easy to follow. The destination makes the distance worth it, the hoodoos are magnificent and very unique. There’s no shade on the trail so it’s better doing it during spring or fall and use plenty of sunscreen! :-)

With extra exploration around the Confluence fork, this was a solid 16-18 miles in the sun and sand with minimal reward for the effort. Yes it's cool to be in the biggest wash I've ever seen and yes there are a handful of interesting rock formations, but frankly the scenery was on the dull side compared to the jaw-dropping colors, formations, and slots that abound in Utah. Please do yourself a favor and choose one of the many other awesome hikes in the area.

We began hiking before 7am, which enabled us to enjoy cool temperatures and shade the entire way to the confluence. We saw no other hikers until we turned around and began hiking back. Those who started later looked way hotter - I recommend starting this hike as early as possible to avoid hiking in sand, direct sun, and the hottest time of the day for the last three miles. The confluence and arch were neat features. We also saw some fun birds, including a rock wren and a blue grosbeak.

scenic driving
12 days ago

Leaving Escalante you may wonder if you followed the right road, but there are signs once you get into the forest. The Escalante side is mostly driving through the shade and trees, a definite change in scenery compared to the desert scrub in the surrounding area. Getting close to the bridge the views open up nicely. Family car totally fine in dry weather, may want 4WD if it's wet.

There is NO river water flow currently in the river until you arrive at the hike's end at the confluence. This hike was 100% in sand (the sandy river bed or sandy benches adjacent to the river bed). Hiking in sand = extra effort for feet/calf muscles. Very few people.

no shade
washed out
21 days ago

Only saw one other group of hikers on our trip- great place if you want to feel socially distanced! The hike is long and there really isn’t much to look at until you get to the end. You’re pretty much following a wash the whole way but keep your all trails map open so you don’t wander off in the wrong direction. Would only make this trip again on an ATV or dirt bike. Highly recommend sunblock as there was very limited shade!!!

Great hot day hike because you will be crossing the river a good bit especially when there is a good water flow. Very peaceful and the weekend we did this we only saw one other small group of people. Take water or a filter, don't drink the water due to cattle in the area. Great views.

27 days ago

Not really a hike. You get out of the car and walk into the slot canyon which is just across the road. Truly beautiful. There was a group of young guys playing guitars and singing. The acoustics were incredible. Makes a very nice stop as you are driving Burrs Trail Road.

Good poorly marked trail. You have to cross the river several times. On the fourth crossing we called it quits as it looked deeper than we were prepared for. Look up ahead on the cliffs and you can see a beautiful arch higher up. I would rate it moderate for our age (70).

Such a cool place to visit. The caves still have bed frames in them and old mining equipment. Very cool

The hoodoos have a lot to offer! It’s definitely a destination hike; not much to see on the way out and back.

no shade
off trail
1 month ago

Wow what a great hike, we were a little skeptical at first as it seamed like we would be in a wash forever,, in fact we we’re but the hike was well worth it for the prize at the end. The canyon will appear on the left past the bushes, very nice

Enjoy doing this hike we got a little bit confused staying on the trail but very nice I highly recommend it

no shade
3 months ago

Spectacular white hoodoos after a four mile hike up a broad wash. The hike isn't that interesting. There was only a little water flowing through the creek bed today. Rain could make the hike impossible. Dogs are allowed off lease. I was glad I did it but it's a lot of work so make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the hoodoos. The directions for the linked trail take you way past the trailhead.

so freakimg cool go go go follow alltrails's accurate 9 miles

off trail
4 months ago

Walked about 9 miles round trip following the creek, so we got very muddy and a bit wet. It was also really sandy. Luckily we were the only ones here today hiking so it was very peaceful and serene with the mountains all around. It is definitely quite sunny on the trail so bring water and hats. It was about 39 degrees Fahrenheit today but we all ended up taking off our jackets. The hoodoos are really beautiful and it was 100% worth the 4 hour hike. Definitely hike to see them before they are weathered down in the future.

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