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Hiked through both a day after a pretty big rain. It was already dried out just a few puddles. Total time from Escalante was 5 hrs, 1 hrs drive each way and about 3 hrs to do both canyons and the alternate one as you get to the bottom of the wash. Peekaboo had a moderately challenging rock scramble to get into but was otherwise fun and quick. Follow the cairns to find spooky at the end of a wide sandy wash. Spooky is narrow, tight and longer. I'm not sure how it would work if it was crowded in there had to take my small pack off for about half of the canyon. Hit peek first then spooky and have fun.

one of our all time favorites. takes some time to drive the 26 mile dirt rd to the trail head, but worth every bump and other trails u can hit along the way. We were lucky to find someone on the trail who had been her before, not always clear where the trailhead begins, and some distance between the two slot canyons in this area, so get good maps to aid you.

Such a beautiful hike with awesome stops to check out along the way (make sure to grab an info map at the register box at the trailhead!) Also, very conveniently, there is a water fountain at the trailhead to fill up water bottles and camelbacks. The waterfall was still a bit too cold to get in but great to cool off your feet before heading back. Very much worth the drive and hike!

12 days ago

Trail was a bit more up and down, especially at the end, than we expected. It was almost easier to walk in the creek bed than the trail in most spots. Once we got to the top, it was terrific. You could spend a few hours exploring all over, not just the toadstools. Oh, we are 71 and 68 years old too.

amazing arches road ok

This trail is actually closer to 19 miles. It is down a gravel road, so be ready for 30-45 minutes of rough terrain. We saw some guys make it in a Honda Civic, but you’d be better off with a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The red breaks canyoning trail is stunning, but very (stress, VERY) challenging. We were lucky to be hiking with a tall, experienced, agile, and strong bunch, so we could help each other over large boulders and pass backpacks when spots got too tight. Luckily, we were all skinny enough to fit through some tiny cracks - definitely be wary of this trail if you’re on the larger side and/or claustrophobic. Some of the canyoning is rather technical if you’re not used to climbing. We all came out with many scrapes and bruises, but in a good way....

The trail to the cosmic astray is unmarked, and not really a trail as far as we could tell. Downloading the map is critical to make sure that you know where you are.

Too long, didn’t read: only go on this trail if you’re 1) ready to get lost 2) have the map downloaded 3) are strong and skinny 4) have lots of snacks and water 5) have more than 3 people in your group, preferably more. 6) allow up to 8-10 hours to do this hike comfortably.

Challenging for me so I am glad I did it. If you are short you will need help getting up some of the areas. I was also surprised by the people who brought toddlers who were very scared. Went the first part of spring break. I would have had more claustrophobic issues if there were more people in it.

16 days ago

Worth the hike. A post card water fall.

I hiked a total of 16.1 miles according to this app, but my other apps clocked in at 21+ miles. I am assuming it is because of all the climbing and this app loses connection at times and just connects the lines. Either way, be aware of the mileage and time it takes. Slot Canyons are not easy so be prepared. Multiple people should go and be in shape. The slot canyons are very tight and there is a lot of climbing and maneuvering involved. Once you are out of Red Breaks, you really need GPS, it’s a must have to find the cosmic ashtray.

Be in shape!
Bring a large amount of water!
Have as many people with you as possible!
GPS is a must!
Best hike I have ever done by a long shot.

The road from hwy 12 to the trail head was terrible driving on it, 26 miles of wash board road. I was driving an AWD, CRV and it was still yucky. Parts of it you can go faster and it would help with minimizing the shaking but parts of it you had to slow down. It took a while to drive it, so be sure you’re not in a hurry when going there because it will take time to and from. I parked at the parking lot right before the road got really rough (the last turn off before the trailhead) and then we just walked the last mile to the trail head. The hike to and from the slot canyons, not too bad, just follow the cairns. I downloaded a map and studied it prior to going so I had an idea of where things were and could easily refer to he map if needed. We had a fantastic time hiking these slot canyons. We ended up doing three of the four in the area, dry fork, peekaboo and spooky slot canyons. Dry fork, easy peasy, no obstacles great for all ages, it started off wide and by the time we finished the walls were about three to four feet apart (the hike in it was in and out). It was a pretty slot canyon, great for photos. Peekaboo and spooky (the hike we did it as a loop together), they were challenging indeed. It was like an obstacle course. There were a few times I doubted my strength, but was able to do it with the help of others. If I’d do it again, I would take a rope. And be sure to have others with you, not a go at it alone type of hike, because there times that the two us needed others help to get through some of the challenging sections. When we went (spring break) it was busy lots of people, go early so you’re not having to wait too long when you get to the narrow parts where only one person can pass at a time. The were only three spots that had water that we had to avoid getting wet feet, but overall it was pretty dry in all three slot canyons. We had a great time, we would totally do it again. Enjoy!

We really enjoyed this hike. Easy to follow trail and easy to medium hike. Part of the trail was shaded but mostly exposed to the elements. As you approach the waterfall you can catch a glimpse of it from a distance, it’s a beautiful contrast from the desert landscape to an oasis where the waterfall sat. Once you get there, it is much cooler in temperature and lots of trees to sit under and have a picnic as you enjoy the view of the waterfall. The water was very very cold, but it was still fun trying to see how long you can stand in it the pool of water. Go early because this is a busy hike and lots of people visit it during this time of the year (spring break). When we got to the waterfall it was just us and two other couples and then after ten minutes we were surrounded by five to six families with 3-5 kids each. So the tranquility of it went away fast, LOL Regardless, it was it was a great hike. Enjoy!

loved it! easy trail with amazing views of the canyon.

Amazing slots! Some technical scrambling, mostly in Spooky, but very doable. Some areas of standing water, but not more than ankle deep when we were there. Most were easily passable.

Some tips:
- We have a AWD sedan that did great on Hole-in-the-Rock Road, but couldn’t make it the last 0.75 mile to the TH due to deep holes. We ended up walking to the TH. There is a small parking lot for cars that can’t make the last bit.
- We did get a little lost trying to find the connecting trail between Peekaboo and Spooky. Downloading a map or bringing GPS would be very helpful.
- Definitely bring shoes with good traction to help climb the sandy rocks. Tennis shoes probably won’t cut it on certain parts.
- We brought our 6 month old in a pack, and ended up carrying him ahead of us through most of Spooky. There were a lot of families with young children who had to lift them up and down several parts as well. Just be aware.

I loved this hike! I’d definitely do it again. Easily one of the coolest slots I’ve done.

This is an excellent, easy hike with kids. We began the hike at 1000 and got back at about 1430. The trail was easy to follow, very sandy in certain areas, and there were unique features to see along the way, such as pictographs and Fremont Indian granaries hidden amongst the cliffs. We spent about an hour at the falls, eating lunch and playing in the water. It was too cold to swim in, however the mist from the falls felt great and cooled us down from the hike. It was Easter Weekend, which made it pretty crowded...I do wish we could have gotten started a little earlier in the morning to avoid all the people.

Beautiful hike. No issues driving up to the coyote gulch in a small suv without 4WD. Someone had fixed a rope at the exit by jacob hamlin arch. I watched people climb up without rope. I used it and made it out just fine.

Extremely dry! A very easy and extremely photogenic Canyon. Hiked in to the “T” junction and went aways around the right after it. We hiked w/a seven year old who had a blast! Highly recommended and very short and easy! Took lots of pictures. Oh,we started in around 9am and there was only one other family in. On the way back out it looked to be getting crowded, lot was full too. The road was smooth, not rough at all. ( rolled up in a Prius C)

20 days ago

Amazing place! It is very fun to climb the toadstools when you arrive. Very easy trail.

The ride out on hole in the rock road was a bit rough. The hike was one of the highlights of our trip. My 5 year old did awesome with a hand at a few spots. Downloading the map beforehand is a good idea.

We did the 2-canyon loop with our two girls (aged 5 and 9) in 3 hours and had the time of our life. Before you venture into Peakaboo and Spooky be aware that:

• you’ll drive Hole-in-the-Rock road comfortably with a 4WD. It’s about an hour from Escalante to Dry Fork. The last mile to the TH is only accessible by 4WD.

• when you enter the canyons you soon realize some parts are technically challenging. You’ll need to be fit and agile enough to pull yourself up on your arms, jump down a 10ft wall or wiggle your body through very narrow slots (10-15”). We saw a relatively fit man in the mid 30s panicking that he couldn’t make it through (he did eventually). If you can, travel with someone else: an extra arm can be very handy.

• the canyons are one-way only, once you’re in (especially Spooky) you’ll need to go all the way to the other end for 200-500m, there’s no turning back. They can get crowded too and negotiating narrow passages can be challenging at times: be patient and allow plenty of time. We did the loop clockwise, following the advice of the rangers at the VC.

• when we visited, both canyons had knee-deep water in many spots. Ask at the visitor center in Escalante about weather conditions and accessibility. We wore sturdy Keen sandals with a good grip, and we had a much easier time than people in hiking shoes. Saw a few kids hike bare foot.
• make sure to download the trail map before getting to the trailhead. There’s no signal in Dry Fork and finding the path connecting Peekaboo to Spooky, without taking the long trail extension to the north, would have been challenging.

It was a fantastic adventure and unlike anything you’ll see if you mostly hike the national parks in the area.

Great place!

Nice trail. Waterfall was great. Boyfriend jumped in for a dip and said it was still fairly cold. Did this at around a 20 minute/mile hiking pace.

These slot canyons were great. They were definitely not something I’d be able to go do on my own since I needed help in a few spots from my much taller boyfriend.
Spooky is Very narrow at some points. If you are broad, even if you’re fit, there’s a good chance there are a few spots that you may not fit.
Some people were taking their toddlers through and honestly that kind of ruined it for most other people in there. They cause huge hold ups and seemed scared at many moments. Think hard about bringing young kids with you.
There was rain 2 days before I did the loop and peekaboo had up to knee deep water in some places. Spooky was much dryer. We did it in sandals and that was perfect for wading through water and having enough grip on the stone. Make sure to check weather conditions in the area ahead of time. We wanted to do Brimstone but the water was more than waist deep. Temperature was great in March.

no clear trail and brings you to the backside of the ashtray. if you like route finding in the middle of the desert and lots of slick rock hiking this is for you. advanced skill required and a download of the map

We hiked this trail on a Saturday in March and it was busy, but the scenery is beautiful. Watch for trout in the creek, beaver dams, and petroglyphs (trail markers 7 and 8) before you reach the falls.

Great Hike, winds a lot! Terrain changes! Great views! LOTS of sand! If wet, plan on MUD! Dry plan on dust! Seems long but worth it when u get to the falls! Plan on staying at falls for awhile in summer-swim!

Road there was a bit rough, but well worth it. We were the only ones there when we went. Spent a few hours along the trail, and got some amazing photos to remember our hike!

We went about an hour and a half before sunset, and we had the falls all to ourselves when we got there. Long, but easy hike there and back. It got dark on our way back, and the view of the stars was spectacular. Not a light to be seen but the moon and stars. Would love to go back someday and camp. Beautiful sites right along the creek.

Awesome!! A little bit more difficult than we were expecting but 100% worth it! We did this to break up a long day of driving from Santa Fe to Zion. Also it’s fun to say hoodoo.

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