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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument spans nearly 1.9 million acres of America’s public lands. From its spectacular Grand Staircase of cliffs and terraces, across the rugged Kaiparowits Plateau, to the wonders of the Escalante River Canyons, the Monument’s size, resources, and remote character provide extraordinary opportunities for geologists, paleontologists, archeologists, historians, and biologists in scientific research, education, and exploration.

Great hike! My >65 parents were able to make it without any problems thanks to the help of a handful of breaks. Take plenty of water and sun protection. The fall is absolutely breath taking!

The trail is easy to follow along the rim of the canyon. Be on the lookout for the cairn marking your decent into the second layer. From here it is a very sandy slog. The arch is located on the back side of the small outcropping of hoodoos in the area.

We did not make it. We went to the "main entrance" and there was a long lane of people waiting to go in. We decided to go reverse, we started but it was so narrow that it was difficult to cross with people. We kept going until we met a family with 6 months old, 1 and 2 years old kids. The kids were crying, the mum was crying and terrified we gave up and went back to the main entrance which was empty by that time. We started the climbing which was really difficult for someone with no experience and they were ponds of dirty water we did not want to fall into since we were wearing our last pair of dry shoes. It was too hard for us and we turner around for good.

6 days ago

Fascinating for the historic significance.

What a hike! Easy hike (albeit dusty and dry and can get pretty hot). The waterfall at the end is a cool treat and such a sight to behold. It's amazing to see the desert so alive with the life giving water from the falls. A MUST DO HIKE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done. Not just the falls, but the hike itself is so pretty.

Walked the extra mile from the first parking lot and did the larger slot to the left of peek-a-boo. Very cool!