1 day ago

My husband and I hiked this trail on April 22. What a fun, unique trail!

According to the signage at the trail, completing the big fill loop is actually just 1.5 miles. Alltrails adds extra mileage in case you want to continue walking down the train grade.

This trail is a great source of historical information about promontory point and the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Along the 1.5 mile loop, every few hundred yards, there is a signpost with a number. You call the phone number, enter your signpost number, and listen to the pre-recorded message about the historical significance of that site. The only drawback is that this area is so remote, so we didn't always have cell reception. If our call wouldn't go through, we'd just catch up at the next sign.

We did the first half of the loop, continued down the train grade for another mile or so, then turned around and finished the second half of the audio tour. I don't think we made it to what alltrails considers to be the "end" of the trail.

We wish we had brought more water because it was a warm day and there was zero shade along the trail. We enjoyed seeing the little marmots scurrying around. We also saw some mice and a baby snake.

Obviously, train history might not be super exciting for everyone, but we had fun!