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11 hours ago

Great views of the river going up and an even better view when you can see to the other side once you reach the top. A bit like horseshoe bend but without the crouds. No shelter available along the route.

Très impressionnant comme point de vue. Pas besoin de beaucoup de temps, se fait très bien.

4 days ago

I did this loop as a 1-night overnight. Actually, it was my first backpacking trip though I have day-hiked many, many miles. We dropped in at crack-in-the-wall and exited at the Sneaker Route.

Be mindful of storms in the area, for the few days prior to your hike. I find these warnings fatiguing when I read about canyon hikes, but when you are *in* the canyon and you see how prone you are to water you realize you can’t be too careful with this risk.

As a hike, this is tremendous. It is magnificent and worth all the effort. Take this hike. I would advise this as a day-hike, though. At 11 miles it’s a reasonable day-hike length and the effect of a large pack on your center of gravity at egress is unwelcome.

[1] The drive down Hole in the Rock road takes longer than you think. It’s rough, slow driving.
[2] There are 2 trail heads - the first is called Water Tank and is close to Hamblin Arch, the second is called 40 Mile and is more east. The path from 40 Mile trail head, east to Crack in the Wall, is easy to follow and turns from sandy to bare rock about halfway. Cairns are easy to follow.
[3] In the gulch, the trail miles just zoom past. There is so much to see and the trail is constantly changing. That said, it’s not particularly fast, and it’s not particularly taxing (even with backpacking weight). We did about 25 minutes per mile in the gulch without really trying, and without dawdling.
[4] I found Hamblin Arch, itself, a bit underwhelming, but the rest of the canyon was far better than expected.
[5] The Sneaker Route (called Moki Stairs on Google Maps?) is wildly fun. I ascended it without rope and with 30 pounds on my back - slowly. Prior to my trip I had read countless reviews of this feature and I saw a wide variety of comments representing all skill levels and risk appetites. I found it to be less physically taxing than expected, but simultaneously a bit more unnerving. Know yourself before doing this.
[6] The Sneaker Route is right on the trail and easy to find if you know what you’re looking for. But...if you don’t you might walk right past like I did. I found this AT app to be valuable in this regard.
[7] It is difficult to determine the “top” of the Sneaker Route as the rock simply becomes less steep. The cairns point to Water Tank trail head, so if you parked at 40 Mile TH be prepared to get east before you might think you need to. After the egress, the hike to the TH is anticlimactic.

4 days ago

As others have said this is a 16 mile hike. We went down the Crack in the wall. Fantastic views and the gulch itself has new vistas around every corner. Slow going for the first 3 miles in the gulch. The rock scramble up from the Jacob Hamelin arch is totally underestimated in all descriptions. It is hard and the ropes left by others cannot be relied on. Two in our party could not do this and walked out the Hurricane Wash for an extra 5 miles

Amazing quiet trail. We passed 2 other hikers on the entire hike - and he views at the top are spectacular in all directions. It’s an easy trail to follow, reasonably steep with plenty of uneven ground to cover.

Very touristy but if you’re okay with that then it’s breath taking... I understand why it’s filled with tourist because it’s easy to access off a main road, easy hike for the whole family, and beautiful views!

I would call it a walk than a hike, its too crowded and very touristy. It's nice but too crowded, got a feeling am in Niagara state park.

9 days ago

Amazing view! Slight overcast but still could see everything! Be patient with the parking because it can be a mess but once you get to the top it’ll be worth it!

even in the rain it's worth the time

Really good hike. Great workout. The river view is amazing.

Lots of people very hot. make sure to bring water.

14 days ago

Super easy with amazing views. We hiked a little further up too. a couple great shots from a slightly different hike.

Touristen Touristen Touristen... 30-45 min hin und rück
beste Zeit vormittags oder sunset

Very cool views, went mid morning... half the canyon was in the shadows. If it’s not too hot I would recommend afternoon, but expect the crowds to be insane.

Tour bus after tour bus. Not a bad walk out and back. Dogs enjoyed being able to go with us (otherwise we wouldn't have stopped). Looks like they are constructing new trail, unfortunately doesn't look wide enough to support amount of foot traffic this trail experiences. Watch out in the parking lot since it looked like a war for people to get a spot. Worth the walk to see the bend in the river though.

Beautiful views. Easy river access along way. Dogs loved it!

Great view. Big crowd, but still very good.

I wouldn’t consider this a hike at all since it’s super short, but it was gorgeous and beautiful as hell. Definitely something to cross off the bucket list if you already haven’t. The view is amazing!

I was most worried about the Egypt road to get to the trailhead, but it is passable with only a few stream/wash crossings that are sketchy. Beautiful formation, and nice walk along the river.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike because you are just walking down the hill to the edge to go see Horseshoe Bend. The views are what make this trail amazing. I would go early or late to avoid crowds.

Beautifull hike but quite streneous. After crack in the rock it was hard to find a passable trail. A couple of German hikers we met gave up there. We went up the rocks to find a passage. After it gets better but still not much of a trail. Took us 8h overall to do the loop. probably can be done faster by experienced hikers. Get out of the canyon was tough, especially for my companion who is a bit scared of heights. Better not underestimate that part. I was glad I brought: a gps, rope, water filter (We drank 11 liters). Otherwise great hike! Enjoyed it.

Started from a boat on the lake. The water level was very low so it was a steep, rocky hike. Very beautiful at the top but not an easy climb. Wouldn’t recommend bringing dogs. The rocks get very hot. Well worth it in the end though.

1 month ago

A beautiful scene, however, I can barely consider this a hike. It is almost a dirt road that goes up to a viewpoint, which is surrounded by fences and overhangs. Going anytime after 10 AM is a zoo, with parking lots full of buses. It is definitely a must see place, but I am disappointed its become such a tourist attraction, more focused on the commercial aspect rather than the beauty of wilderness. If you do go, keep in mind the crowds and PACK OUT YOUR TRASH. I was baffled at all of the trash we picked up on this short trail, and we watched a woman throw her food wrapper on the ground. PLEASE, respect our nature and its beauty!

Great hike, worth every minute!

1 month ago

Easy, short walk over a small hill. Sunrise will come up behind you as you’re looking at the bend so before with the canyon in full shadows or a little later in morning once the sun is fully lighting the canyon are probably the two best picture options unless you’re going for sunset

1 month ago

Small walk to sign off bucket list. Looks like ants walking up and down. Horrible parking, chaos.

2 months ago

This is a fairly easy walk down to the bend. The view is awesome. You can walk right up to the edge and look down. Make sure you keep an eye on those little ones. Its a bit scary because there is nothing holding you back. Worth the hike. Bring water with you.

2 months ago

This entire trail is not shaded which in August, made it a very hot hike. Trail is not well defined. Follow the cairns and you should be okay.

This trail is not for the faint of heart or anyone with even a slight claustrophobia. There are sections of this slot canyon that are extremely narrow. I highly recommend getting some beta on this trail. It was extremely fun, and not at all what I expected (it was my first real slot canyon....we did Peek-A-Boo and Spooky the previous day). The walk back is through the desert so make sure you bring enough water and snacks to keep you fueled.

A really great view not that long or hard of a walk. But be prepared to get sand in your boots. Also parking is limited and there’s a lot of tourists. If you need to go to the bathroom do it before you start the trail.

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