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2 days ago

Great views of the river going up and an even better view when you can see to the other side once you reach the top. A bit like horseshoe bend but without the crouds. No shelter available along the route.

Amazing quiet trail. We passed 2 other hikers on the entire hike - and he views at the top are spectacular in all directions. It’s an easy trail to follow, reasonably steep with plenty of uneven ground to cover.

Really good hike. Great workout. The river view is amazing.

Beautiful views. Easy river access along way. Dogs loved it!

Great hike, worth every minute!

2 months ago

This entire trail is not shaded which in August, made it a very hot hike. Trail is not well defined. Follow the cairns and you should be okay.

This trail is not for the faint of heart or anyone with even a slight claustrophobia. There are sections of this slot canyon that are extremely narrow. I highly recommend getting some beta on this trail. It was extremely fun, and not at all what I expected (it was my first real slot canyon....we did Peek-A-Boo and Spooky the previous day). The walk back is through the desert so make sure you bring enough water and snacks to keep you fueled.

A hard but nice hike to the top of the „mountain“. Did it in the afternoon with over 100F and no shade at all. Would recommend to do it in the morning... if u don’t want extrem difficulty. we were two and needed 9l of water. Was a lot of fun, because u can’t see the trail when ur going up, but there is one. Had 1h17 up and less then the half down. Not any other hikers seen on this trail :)

This was an excellent way to spend an entire day hiking in a beautiful place. The only downside for me was that I only had a day to enjoy this amazing place.

4 months ago

Awesome Hike
Easy to find
Solo hike
Didn’t see no hikers on Saturday 5.26.18

I noticed a lot of these photos are of Corona Arch in Moab - not Willow Gulch in Escalante...

Kind of tricky to find where it starts off. We ended up in a heap of rocks to the right of the real trail at first. When we did find the real trail it was spectacular. Fairly steep, but other than not particularly challenging. The view from the top is brilliant.
We did it with a dog and it was no problem.

5 months ago

Stunning Rod Rocks, arches, small falls, all breathtaking

Easy hike for 68 year man and woman; but we have also hiked the Verdon Gorge in France. There was some scrambling over rocks. Take hiking poles. In many places there are two or three paths and some are easier than others. It was so quite you could hear your heart beat. We hiked late in the day and the sun was just over the western cliffs as we arrived back to the parking lot.

Looking straight up, I thought no way I can hike to the top. But I did and it’s awesome! Just take your time and rest periodically. Happy Hiking :)

Really love this trail. It is steep in some areas of the trail and narrowness on the trail. Take your time are you go up it’s about 1.5 to 2 hours going up the cliff. 45 minutes to an hour walking down. As you get close to the top, be careful, the last section is steep and very sandy. Other than that, the trail is adventurous and beautiful scenic view of Colorado River/Marble Canyon to the west and to the east you get to see the City of Page from a distance from the top. Very beautiful. Highly recommend this hike to anyone.

Starting before sunrise on Feb 18, it took me 2 hours to get to within 200 m of the top. It's very exposed, but starting so early meant I was. in shade. until I got back near the bottom. The views near and far are extraordinary and because the footing is unstable (rocks, pebbles, sand, slick rock) and I was hiking solo, I stopped often to ogle. Don't rush this trail. Boat sounds carry, so getting out early, you have the quiet of water, birds, and wind before the internal combustion engines harsh the mellow of the river bend.

Hard but worth it for sunrise!

Started at the water tank "sneaker route" trailhead. only make it coyote natural bridge. Will come back and make it to cliff arch someday! There is usually a rope to descend but we were there during the winter and scaled the wall into and out of the canyon as there was no rope. Would not recommend this scramble unless you are able bodied and pretty confident. Rewarding views and solitude make this hike worth it!

9 months ago

kinda the long way to do this - better to drop in at the trailhead via the crack, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin (150' of rope recommended) - NO DOGS ALLOWED IN COYOTE (it's part of Glen Canyon)

yeah, you could do this. better to go to coyote trailhead, drop in via the crack, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin Arch (150' of rope recommended) - NO DOGS ALLOWED IN COYOTE (it's part of Glen Canyon)

Not a hard hike down but poorly marked in sections plus you have to navigate a barb wire fence early on. Also unlike some of the other hikes down to CG this one has no great views on the way down

great trail - STEEP - TAKE WATER

This trail was very rough and steep, and at points erosion had worn it down to about 6 inches wide. Some areas had been reinforced to prevent further erosion, but overall the trail could use maintenance. I’m an avid hiker, but the descent back down this trail really rattled my nerves. I don’t know that I’ll do this one a second time.

Tougher than I thought. I’m in good shape and a moderately experienced hiker and this one got me! Make it to summit in about 80 minutes. Awesome awesome summit view!! 12/10 would do again!

11 months ago

Awesome trail, very fun. Stayed two nights. Entered through crack in the wall, had to lower the packs. A very beautiful trail when the leaves are just turning.
The bathroom by the first waterfall was quite appreciated, though very unexpected.

Great hike to an arch if you have dogs since they aren't allowed on trails in Arches State Park. Some difficult footing spots for dogs and two 'ladder' points where the dog will need to find their own path around since it's steep. Small dogs could be carried here. You can see the arch at a distance prior to these points though.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Don't go here. Worst hike ever! ; )

good day play near water and sand.

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