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Lake Powell and so much more! Encompassing over 1.2 million acres, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area offers unparalleled opportunities for water-based & backcountry recreation. The recreation area stretches for hundreds of miles from Lees Ferry in Arizona to the Orange Cliffs of southern Utah, encompassing scenic vistas, geologic wonders, and a vast panorama of human history.

Don't go here. Worst hike ever! ; )

This hike is 1.2 miles long. There is a LOT of people. I mean, by the bus load! We took our dog and he was a bit anxious with so many people. A lot of people wore flip flops which I do not recommend. The hike is in mostly deep sand. During our time there we saw that they are constructing a paved accessible trail, not sure when that will be completed. The views are amazing, worth doing.

I planned on doing a day hike of maybe 10-15 miles with my daughter being that this had a rating of easy. I was fooled... quicksand is a real thing and it went up to my hip (my phone flew out as I tried to escape too... so make sure you keep that in a secure place and waterproof it). I would definitely like to go back better prepared for the situation. Please note that if you are entering from Lee’s Ferry ...that you should account for about a 1 mile hike between the parking lot til you get to the Paria Trail. I say take your time on this trail to enjoy the scenery and plan on spending the night so you don’t feel rushed!

good day play near water and sand.

Extremely short hike, heavily trafficked, free parking(!), and unparalleled views!

Just did this trip last week. To me,there is no better trip than to the deserts of southern Utah. This trip was amazing in all aspects. There were some technical areas, Narrows, and amazing hikes through the bottom of the canyon. I can’t say enough about all the arches that we saw and the beautiful painted rocks and cliffside’s. Everywhere you turn is a beautiful vista. Utah has it all!!

Short hike that with amazing views waiting at the end.

Such a beautiful natural wonder. Once you get to the rim edge hike off to either side and then you get horseshoe bend all to yourself and away from crowds. If you find yourself a quiet spot you can even watch boats go in and out of the bend.

I would agree with person who said not sure if end destination rates a 5. Definitely do it with a GPS. Most people make it round trip 6 to 8 hours, a few who know where they're going might do it 4 to 5. It was quicker for us on way back because we knew better where we were going. The Escalante River crossings were somewhat confusing and winding our way through the tamerisk and river reeds was a challenge at some points. The end reminded me a bit of a larger calf creek falls perhaps without the water flowing, but the dome of the rock formation was pretty cool. We were so concerned about making sure we did not take too long to get back to our car at a reasonable hour--took us longer to get there than we thought--that we didn't feel we had the time to stay and take it in. BE SURE to bring 100 oz of hydration or a bit more. In summer I'd bring even more than that. Can't imagine doing this hike in 90/95+ temps. I'd worry about bringing enough hydration. October was great. Not sure we would have found it without GPS, or perhaps would have take us longer and then water would have been even more important.

This has been the most spectacular view I have been privileged with by a hike. It’s breath taking and needs to been seen by all, most especially those who live in this great state.

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