7 hours ago

The Red Canyon Rim trail is part of a network of trails in the area around the Red Canyon Rim visitor center and campgrounds. You can get on and off this trail in multiple places. This AllTrails listing shows the hike starting at the Greendale Overlook right off of UT 44, using the trailhead on the west side of the parking area. This is actually not the best option, as it entails walking 3 miles through a pretty, but not especially interesting pine forest before you get to the spectacular views of the gorge. If you just start the trail at the other end, by the visitor center, and go 2 miles out and back, you will be along the rim the whole way. I did a partial loop going by Greens Lake, which involved walking parallel to the visitor center road for awhile, which wasn't great. The trail is very well maintained and signed, probably to facilitate use by mountain bikers and cross country skiers in the winter. I never saw any sign of a trail going down to the river.