1 day ago

Trail well marked up until you hit the riverbed. Once at riverbed look closely for drift wood markers & rock markers. At the slots the water was COLD in October but fun as hell. Water went to just above my belly button and I’m 5’7” tall (67 cm). Enjoy! It’s beautiful

7 days ago

Nice trail, the first part is in the desert, without shadow and without any kind of signs. At the parking cross the road and follow the sand path.
The slot is very nice. We do it with 3-4 foot of water inside but the walls of the canyon are very nice.
Trail of 3 hours

trail markers were a bit hard to find, but it was fun to squeeze and shuffle our ways through the slot canyon!

Great hike. Zebra was chest deep in water in places. Just made it more fun. Tunnel slot also had deep water. tunnel is very short. Hiked through and then followed the narrow canyon and over the slick rock back to the trail head. Great all the way.


The hike was enjoyable but Zebra was chest high deep with water, so not passable with our kids and cooler temps. Found some moqui marbles along the way.

don't forget your waders during winter. 3 feet of water on Zebra slot