trail running
15 days ago

I love this trail for a good run! Beautiful views along the mountainside. I couldn’t see a whole lot due to the fires. But this would be a perfect trail when it is clear and when the sun is setting.

Great quick hike. I would enjoy this a lot more on a mountain bike. Restroom at the start.

Edit: Walked this again last night for a quick hike and I came within 4 ft of a rattlesnake. He saw me before I saw him on the trail Bamberger(sp?), which I assume is the main trail. Just something to keep your eyes out for.

Great trail. Amazing views, but hard. The switchbacks near the top are overgrown, so the tail goes straight up.

trail running
2 months ago

I did a trail run from the parking lot of Bair Canyon to the radio towers. It was just over 4miles (by my garmin watch) to the top of the canyon and another .75 -1 mile to the towers once on top. After about 1.5-2 miles up (past the 2nd creek crossing) this trail gets very steep and doesn’t let up. The brush grows over the trail a good portion until you are above the tree line. Gorgeous once you are on top, especially early in the morning. There are maybe 3 or 4 spots for a single tent the whole way up. I saw two or three fire pits.

This trail is family friendly up to the 1st creek crossing and difficult for anyone after the 2nd.

It was about 5,000 vertical feet of gain in 5miles to the radio towers. It took me 3 hrs from top to bottom and 32oz of water wasn’t enough for 7a-10a.

Great workout. Would definitely do it again.

2 months ago

This hike is a great workout for sure. Its shaded most of the way, so that's nice if you want to stay out of the sun. Trailhead parking is limited (and a little hard to find) so make sure to come early.

2 months ago

Great trail; difficult at sections. Carried a backpack; camped and enjoyed the trail.

Great beginner's trail. After a month of healing from surgery, this is exactly what I needed to enjoy the scenery and build my energy reserves without over-exertion.

Not fun for kids or dogs.....

Tough hike, but lots of shade and water.

2 months ago

Amazing and hardest one I’ve done yet! 1 gopher Snake(big guy) - caterpillar nests everywhere and amazing views guys. Hard climb and hard even down. Loved it though

2 months ago

Awesome hike all the way to the top. Great scenery and beautiful views. Watch out for snakes 05/21/18

lots of fun. zero shade. plan for breaks

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great local trail but also a favorite for hikers so early morning is the best time to avoid the crowds

Lots of trail options. A simple walk to a moderate hike or more if you take the trail to head up to the BST. We will be back next week as everything was just about to bloom. Should be amazing.

There is no shade and it’s pretty dusty... it’s ok. You just kind of look down at Farmington the whole time, the summit doesn’t afford an extra spectacular view. The plaque being all the way up there is pretty interesting though.

I absolutely love this trail it is one of my favorites, but it is really hard but totally worth it!

Great trail!! Beautiful views for miles!! ❤️

10 months ago

It was a pretty area to hike. Steep hike, definitely rated correctly. Had open/sun-exposed areas but had tree canopied areas too. It was nice to hear the river/creek along the way.

10 months ago

went past the 3-mile mark about 4 miles the trail started getting Rocky and steeper then I was prepared for.Good hike. The rating is pretty accurate or difficulty higher on the trail.

on Bair Canyon Trail

11 months ago

Beautiful scenery. Well defined trail. Well shaded. There were some steep drop offs and inclines so I was glad I had my poles. Well placed boulders or bridge made it easy to cross stream. I'd say it was really only "hard" after 2.5 mile

Saturday, August 19, 2017

All trails has the name of this trail wrong. It is Bair Canyon. Named after John Bair who established the first lumber mill in Davis County at the mouth of this canyon.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nice and shady thur half of the trail and there were a couple of hard spots. The second half of the trail you
are out in the open and still easy untill the last hill and it is very hard up and down getting to the road on top.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Not a bad little hike to take the kiddos on. Very easy and linear. I rated a two because what I look for in a hike is an escape from the city and you can still here the cars and hear the noises of people's back yards. Very clean and well maintained though. Great for a quick trail run just to stay in shape.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Beautiful hike located conveniently close to home. Dog friendly and river running through completes it. No car noises or city sounds, good place to escape.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Excellent trail run today!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Snow covered the steep trail at 3 miles in so we couldn't get to the summit. Some good news, though, we didn't see any rattlesnakes! Also, this is actually 8.4 miles roundtrip unless you have a 4x4 to get to the trailhead marked on AllTrails. Otherwise plan on parking at the golfball radar towers at Francis Peak.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Hot, dry, dusty, rattle snake!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Was limited on time so was only able to go in about 2 miles. But, this is a beautiful trail. Mostly covered and shaded. Could hear the creek the whole time. Gets steep in sections but not terrible. Looking forward to coming back to finish it.

Took my 7 and 4 year olds for a sunset hike while visiting Grandma. Only 5 minutes from home. Not sure which trail is the actual east mountain trail but we walked on A trail. Saw numerous signs with arrows pointing different ways. Since I didn't know the way and the trail is pretty close to town, I just let the boys take turns picking which path we'd follow. That worked great and the boys liked it. We followed trails labeled Upper Crest, Connection, Graveyard, and Bamberger. Again, not sure which trail we were supposed to follow but I wasn't too worried about getting lost. After a bit, I started strategically picking which way to go at the forks and we ended up back at the parking lot. Clocked 1.6 miles. The trail is pretty level in most places, couple of short steep sections. Some exposed areas and some really heavy overgrowth "tunnels" that the boys liked. Overall, pretty good. We'll go back and try different directions or maybe find the real path.

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