Draper Park

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Me and my 71 year old father decided to start up the lone peak trail at 8:30 and just hike for a couple of hours then turn back. Well, we got greedy and decided to go for the Outlaw Cabin we had heard about. Amazing hike. Beautiful views, nice and cool for much of the day. It took us five hours to get there, with lots of breaks along the way. The cabin is real and is pretty cool. Yes, there is a Book of Mormon inside. We drank straight from the clear steam that runs close by. The hike down took longer than expected. Even though the Cherry Canyon trail is supposed to be less steep and easier than Jacob’s Ladder, it’s still steep enough in many parts that we had to slow down. We only had three cliff bars so got pretty tired towards the end of the day. And the heat at the lower elevations wore on us quite a bit. But we made it. Next time we’ll prepare a bit better. Well, next time we’ll try to summit Lone Peak. Highly recommend this hike!