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8/12/18 Path has pretty steep switchbacks with gravelly surface for much of the trail. It is very pretty, but I would be careful about taking kids or those with stability concerns up there. Gorgeous views of redrock cliffs at top.

Nice, easy and very enjoyable hike!!

this is a beautiful, low trafficked gem we just finished hiking. bring lots of water!! it never gets too steep, but this will take you a good 5-6 hours with only breaks for water. you'll cross the creek 15-20 times going all the way up and back. there's no real end goal or location, just pretty scenery throughout. we were the only two on the trail and didn't see any footprints suggesting anyone else had been there in a while. right as the hike starts, cross the river or you'll go up the wrong canyon that's more like rock climbing that abruptly ends!

2 days ago

This should definitely be rated as difficult. I just tried it yesterday and much of the trail is washed out. It is very tricky to find the trail as it is not well marked and gets washed out in several places. Go slow and look up not down to make sure you stay following the trail rather than a runoff. Amazing geology and colors. No one on the trail at all when I took it. Definitely take the castle bridge loop to the east. Amazing views.

7 days ago

Beautiful hike!! We pretty much had the lake to ourselves. We had four wheel drive and were able to drive to the trail head. From there it is only 1.5 miles to the lake.

Nice short walk through the woods. end of the trail has a decent overlook of the top of the Zion plateau in the distance. Very easy trail.

The solitude is splendid, the trail is terrible, and the lake is lovely despite its approach being a cement dam. The trail is a very steep OHV route with treacherously loose rocks on about 90% of the trail. There are two beautiful stream crossings, but since the route is essentially a 4WD road, treacherous, and banked for OHVs not people, it never quite feels like a hike in the woods.

Nothing dramatic to see other than the lookout, but an easy family walk with plenty of flowers & insects along the way for little ones on a summer day.

12 days ago

Fun, easy walk with my 3-yr old (who loved the lava field).

14 days ago

Lovely even on a hot day...

18 days ago

Not maintained. Path disappears shortly after leaving trailhead.

Very scenic road with great scenic overlooks.

20 days ago

Fairly easy trail with good views of Zion National park and a small waterfall

Good hike, some steeper slopes but we did it with small children, holding hands at the steepest parts. Waterfall was not that impressive but the views from the mountainside were nice!

Incredible sandstone formations. You could easily spend two days here. I've been out 3 times now and still more to explore. It's best done in the cooler season though, very limited shade and you will be walking around on rock that faces south.

29 days ago

Beautiful. A nice short scenic hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful viewpoint. You can drive right up to the top. Did it in my Prius with careful driving. There is a lower parking lot as well with and out house that we like to start from and walk the road to the top to get a little more exercise since the "trail" at the top is just a little path to the old station and only about 50 yards long.

1 month ago

Did this beautiful hike on a rainy day with our pup and ended up being the only ones! Gorgeous views and well worth it. The “falls” at the end was not much more than some running water that was waist level past a guardrail. Worth every minute of it!

1 month ago

This hike was easy and short. There's not a lot of difficulty in climbing, but it is on a cliffside so I would be careful bringing small children. There are a few benches on the way to sit and rest, take pictures, or have a snack.
At this time of the year, the actual waterfall was nice to look at, but pretty small- maybe because they are in a drought, even though it's been raining for 2 weeks. Some of the walkways on the cliffs were washed out, but we didn't have any problems getting over them.
Aside from this, the views on the way to the falls were spectacular. We had a pair of binoculars and enjoyed looking at objects nestled in the valley.
There are also restrooms at the trailhead.

1 month ago

amazing trail. we did it twice during our 4 days in Bryce. didn't see a single person on either hikes. some sections have loose rocks and soil so be careful. I ended up slipping and falling down the hill on the decent into the camp ground at the end of the hike so be careful. I liked it more than the fairytail loop. Somewhere in the middle you will see a rock balencing on a thin tendril of stone that seems to defy gravity. It amazed me more than anything I saw in Bryce canyon.

Clear weather on the way in...downpour on the way out. Parts were covered with rocks which made you be more cautious of your footing due to the downpour from the days before. A comfortable decline then a nice incline at the end. Not much of a “fall” to look at. Still a fun hike.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Found the canyon full of interesting rock formations and made for a perfect up & back horseback ride.

Nice little hike. Beautiful view at the end. Is just a VERY short hike.

it was beautiful on the way in and flooding on the way out, but a little water couldn't dampen our day

on Cascade Falls

1 month ago

Nice easy well groomed trail. Fall was trickling because of seasonal low rainfall.
Stopped in to chat with the Visitor Center folks before heading out who gave me some great info on this and other trails. If you are squeamish about hiking on the edge you may not enjoy this so much.

3.2 mile well-signed dirt road takes you to the end parking lot. Restrooms available. Trail to the right is falls, there is also a trailhead for Virgin River Rim Trail popular with Mtn bikers. Falls trail has some shade but mostly exposed. Its a gradual down hill so remember you will be coming back up at return.

This summer there are still some beautiful flowers and a stand of Bristlecone Pines. Closer to the fall you might find some geodes.

nice short trail..

Great views at TH. Arrive early, lot gets full.

1 month ago

Easy hike

off road driving
1 month ago

We did this in a group of 3 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons and the first part up from Bown's Reservoir is very pleasant. However, once you start on the South Draw Road portion of the track, it becomes very difficult. Easy perhaps for mountain bikes, but challenging for jeeps. My friends in the other two Rubicons had lifts and larger tires, whereas I had a stock Rubicon. Needless to say, they were doing better than I. There were a few spots where my jeep was tilting toward a sheer drop and the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that my friends ahead of me made it without rolling. Once you arrive at Capitol Gorge, it is a very easy paved road of course.

1 month ago

Easy to find. Worth the views, if you look long enough there are two small arches down in the canyon. We went early in the morning about 8:00am and we didn't see anyone until the way back. It was a slight bit chilly but tolerable. There isn't much protection from sliding down the hill if you went off trail, so be careful of that.

We be best at sunset! Lots of wildlife and flowers along the hike.

Nice easy short hike with a little water waterfall at the end. The views of along trail are worth it. Looking at out over the valley is amazing. Wasn’t not crowded at all when went. Got there at about 9am. We were the only ones there.

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