Photos of Dixie National Forest Fishing Trails

3 months ago

A beautiful hike, but the beginning is very difficult to navigate due to the fire and plant regrowth. Definitely strenuous for such a short hike and worth it at the top. Would recommend hiking poles for those backpacking and those with bad knees.

If you’re looking for a green, lush hike, this is not for you (but it will be once everything grows back). Although, if you appreciate the cycles of nature, the spots of green, yellow, orange, and red are stunning amongst the burnt trees and brown foliage. The views of the red rock and alpine trees are wonderful and there’s a small open field once you reach the top.

The hike starts off relatively steep and there’s a lot of fallen trees and rocks you have to step over. There are cairns scattered along the way to help you navigate the unseen path, but you definitely have to look for them. Start by going up and slightly to the left, then taking a few switchbacks across the small (not the big one furthest to the left) stream. After a few of those, you’ll want to stick to the RIGHT of the stream and you’ll then run into the path which will remain easily followed and well marked until the top. Do not follow up the left of the stream unless you want to do a lot of bushwhacking (our mistake).

There’s a few fire pits built around the lake and lots of places to hammock and set up camp if backpacking.

It was beautiful up there! Not a hike I would go out of my way for again, but definitely worth the trip we took.