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2 days ago

I assume this might be ok if you don’t mind paying for more information. This basic level is much less then anyone would need in the field. It is a real problem for anyone to us this information when it is so incomplete.
Be careful

6 days ago

Went about 4.5 up trail from south end. Lots of stream crossings, turned back when lost trail. Very nice hike until that point, if you don't mind getting feet wet. Saw another group at TH but no one else on trail. South TH easy to get to with 2WD. Consider long pants for the brush.

6 days ago

12 days ago

The view is amazing but the road is too bad. There are lots of big rocks on the road makes it so hard to drive on.

13 days ago

short trail but with lots of attention. beautiful!

18 days ago

trail running
25 days ago

I beg to differ from the opinion that this trail is good for trail running. The trail is littered with rocks that won't bother bike tires but that are big enough that stepping inbetween them is necessary and enough of them that its exhausting to find a safe place to step. They aren't big rocks that can be stepped on, they are small enough to roll an ankle if you step on them (hope that makes sense). I'm a trail runner and managed the patience to make it 3 miles up from the south before losing patience and turning around for 3 miles back down. A great BIKING or HIKING experience for sure!

27 days ago

Great hike for the whole family. Uphill to a beautiful lake, and wonderful fall colors. The road to the trailhead is a little rough, but did not require 4WD. Definitely worth it.

I like the trail, didn't go very far on it. As the previous comment stated, the directions linked to this App sent us on a wild goose chase for a little bit because it had us starting farther south. Just watch for this sign in my picture on the west side of the road and you won't miss it.

1 month ago

very beautiful! I recommend it, a must.