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Make sure you go all the way to end. I found the trail to be more on the easy side as opposed to moderate. There were people with kids and dogs hiking with no problem. Not crowded.

Nice short hike

1 day ago

It's an 8 mile drive up a well-maintained dirt and gravel road from the interstate to the trail head. The road is suitable for regular cars. It’s a pretty drive through the hills, and there are many dispersed camp sites along the way. At the time of writing, the trail head and Oak Grove campground were closed due to a wash out. I parked a half-mile away at the Ridgeline Trail head and walked into Oak Grove.

The views are gorgeous the entire way up and varied. Oak Grove Campground is situated in a ponderosa grove that quickly transitions into oak up from the trail head. At 6,500 ft in the campground, you already have great views of the Colorado Plateau and Hurricane Valley below. Looking up, you see the impressive granite face of Pine Mountain. About halfway up the mountainside, you begin to get very close to the granite wall and its interesting rock formations. Plant communities and climate change over the course of the hike as well.

If you’re afraid of heights, there weren’t any sections with a straight drop until the very end at mile 1.9 (the top of the climb is mile 2.1). Until that point, the slope directly below the trail was never steep enough to make me nervous, and it was thickly vegetated with strong oak shrubs.

This is a very strenuous hike, with a steep ascent. While steep, the trail is almost entirely composed of switchbacks, making it a little easier than you might imagine for the elevation gain (you won’t ever be hiking straight up). This is a non-technical hike, take your time and you’ll get there.

You’ll be walking over rocks and small boulders on an exposed ridge. It’s going to be hot, bring plenty of water. Trekking poles are recommended as the substrate between the rocks is loose and prone to sliding. Additionally, water has flowed down the middle of the trail in many sections, eroding the trail to a deep V. These sections can be awkward as you are forced to straddle the V as you hike or walk in the narrow bottom. Despite this, it is still a trail and you won’t have to do any scrambling or hike up a scree slope.

Overall, a challenging hike, but much easier than I had expected for the terrain and entirely non-technical.

3 days ago

Very scenic and pretty drive in the fall. Lots of colors. Road is bumpier the last 2 miles but any truck or suv will be fine if it’s dry. Old shack, creek, and redwood tree are worth the drive in. You will likely see deer if early or later in the day

on Golden Wall Trail

5 days ago

Skip Bryce NP (too crowded) and do this hike. Amazing views. Some challenging areas which make it more fun

10 days ago

Amazing views all the way to Zion. Fun candy colored cliffs that you can play on. What could be better?!?

Awesome trail! Breathtaking views throughout and hoodoos abounding! Should be pretty steady on narrow exposed hillside trails

21 days ago

A beautiful hike, but the beginning is very difficult to navigate due to the fire and plant regrowth. Definitely strenuous for such a short hike and worth it at the top. Would recommend hiking poles for those backpacking and those with bad knees.

If you’re looking for a green, lush hike, this is not for you (but it will be once everything grows back). Although, if you appreciate the cycles of nature, the spots of green, yellow, orange, and red are stunning amongst the burnt trees and brown foliage. The views of the red rock and alpine trees are wonderful and there’s a small open field once you reach the top.

The hike starts off relatively steep and there’s a lot of fallen trees and rocks you have to step over. There are cairns scattered along the way to help you navigate the unseen path, but you definitely have to look for them. Start by going up and slightly to the left, then taking a few switchbacks across the small (not the big one furthest to the left) stream. After a few of those, you’ll want to stick to the RIGHT of the stream and you’ll then run into the path which will remain easily followed and well marked until the top. Do not follow up the left of the stream unless you want to do a lot of bushwhacking (our mistake).

There’s a few fire pits built around the lake and lots of places to hammock and set up camp if backpacking.

It was beautiful up there! Not a hike I would go out of my way for again, but definitely worth the trip we took.

28 days ago

Exactly what it said in the reviews! The falls were dry but still super fun hike, you can climb in the cave where the falls come out when they're dry and look down there, that was pretty cool!

Cactus still blooming on
May 25th. Go early to beat the heat.

This is a beautiful driving tour. Many places to stop for scenic photos. While dogs can travel in your vehicle, not all hiking trails are dog friendly.

Came in on the gravel road off UT 63. Beautiful area. After getting to the lake, headed north up the mountain. 4x4 required but worth the view atop the 9,000 ft high mountain!!

Great drive through pristine forest and tons of deer, turkeys, and antelope! Very easy 4x4 Trail.

1 month ago

Great little hike with varied views. Lots of good spots for bird watching!

off road driving
1 month ago

We have drove this with our Side X Side 3 times and it gets better each time. The views are like Bryce, but without the crowds. It is the offroad ride we love the most. It handles Side X Sides, ATV's and motorcycles well. It's a hidden gem, so not many people go on it. While you could hike it, and it would be beautiful, make sure you go an off time or you will be eating dust from the off road vehicles, and there is no water. So, my recommendation is, there are better hiking trails, I would avoid it for hiking. I doesn't take long, but don't go if there is going to be a storm or if heavy rain has come through since the trail at times could be impassible. PLEASE DON'T TAKE JEEPS OR THE LIKE ON THIS TRAIL. You could get stuck, cause the other off road vehicles there to have to go way around you and ruin the sides of the trail. That's why they close trails like this, because these are not meant for on road vehicles, so please be responsible. The gate opening is only big enough for about a 62" vehicle. DON'T cut the fence and drive around because your vehicle is too big to fit ... there is a reason it's there. It is for Offroad atv type vehicles only (and hiking/biking if you dare). If you continue up the trail past the acutal hiking area (about 7 miles up the vehilce trail) then you find yourself in some wonderful back road trails as well. However, there are a few areas that are tight to get you Side X Side through. Take some pics, because the views are out of this world.

1 month ago

Great Lake, backpacked in, camped and fished. Not real strenuous, but a lot of fun!

1 month ago

This is perfect for folks (and dogs) of all skill levels. I parked about a mile away from the peak so we could get a total of two miles of walking, but if you want to drive right on up to the area, you can do that too. It was beautiful to watch the morning unfold in solitude....well, with the exception of the fat little prairie dogs chattering away at each other and me. What a treat!

1 month ago

This trail starts two miles off the main road. I drove to the trailhead in my little car, so no worries if you don't have 4 wheel drive or an ATV. I didn't hike the whole thing because my old dog is a little limited and also I knew rain was moving in and didn't want to get caught in a storm. The trail meanders through wooded areas and meadows, sometimes the trail isn't well marked in the meadows so you have to just be up for an adventure and willing to search for where it picks up. Overall we loved it and will absolutely put it on our list of favorites for the area!

This isn't a long hike, but it is difficult. Straight up the mountain on switchbacks. The views are great, but if you don't have a lot of time, and can handle a little harder hike, do the Noah's Ark, it's views are much better.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This is a beautiful ride, and I would do it again, however I can't give it 5 stars. I took my wife and two children on this ride. We ranged in ages 17 - 51, and while my wife and I are more experienced bikers, my children aren't so the moderate rating is all depending upon your point of view. Let me give everyone some tips (I have been ridding mountain bikes for about 20 years now so I do have some experience in this area):
1. Users have said ride this clockwise, don't do that. EVERYONE rides this counter clockwise. We road this clockwise and it was much more difficult (steeper ups and hard rock climbs). Plus you run into everyone else riding it CCW. Just make sure you know how to find the trail when crossing the road as you have about a 1/2 mile on the main road before the trail starts again.
2. Some parts are maintained, but the side closest to the road have two different fallen trees that you need to portage across. One is fairly large and you need someone else with you to help each other.
3. The steeps are more steep than people make out below, your lungs will be burning as you are at high altitude. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone below the age of 12 or you will be out there all day as they will need to walk a lot.
4. It is technical at times (several rock drops and loose gravel). Anytime you add single track, it becomes technical unless you have ridden it a lot, so again for non experienced riders, this will be more difficult. Moderately experienced mountain bikers will have no issues. I would say some parts would be considered hard while others are easy. Hence the moderate rating especially with climbs.
5. Watch out for loose gravel and rock (mostly on the lake side), my daughter had a nasty wash out and got her first good road rash on both knees … some good mountain bike war wounds we like to say.
6. Take water, especially in the summer, it's longer than you think.
7. My wife and I both used our Garmins, and it's more like 11.5-11.6 miles. Now it's possible they are off slightly, but not a mile. If you are checking with a phone or a bike odometer they are probably off more than a true GPS.
8. Be prepared for spectacular views … take a phone or camera for pictures (I used my GoPro).

1 month ago

You get some wonderful views of Pine Valley as you hike up to the saddle which is as far as we went. I had kids six and almost 9 with me and they were able to do the hike pretty easily. We started early around seven and it was beautiful but it would get warm later in the afternoon though there is pretty decent coverage on the trail from the canopy

1 month ago

Beautiful sandstone formations. One our favorite family hiking spots when we're in St. George. No services and the gravel/dirt road getting to the trail head is a little sketchy but we made it in the minivan several times now. Easy, fairly flat but sandy trail from parking spot to the cliffs where you'll then have amazing views. Keep exploring around the cliffs and then head further over the edge for some scrambling down onto the sandstone formations for the real treat at Candy Cliffs.

I’m t

We drove from where 12 starts at 89 to the turn off for Kodachrome Basin State Park. Since we did not drive all this in one go, I uploaded a partial recording so I could sync some pictures to the road (but the pics may not be part of the recorded area).

8/12/18 Path has pretty steep switchbacks with gravelly surface for much of the trail. It is very pretty, but I would be careful about taking kids or those with stability concerns up there. Gorgeous views of redrock cliffs at top.

Nice, easy and very enjoyable hike!!

2 months ago

this is a beautiful, low trafficked gem we just finished hiking. bring lots of water!! it never gets too steep, but this will take you a good 5-6 hours with only breaks for water. you'll cross the creek 15-20 times going all the way up and back. there's no real end goal or location, just pretty scenery throughout. we were the only two on the trail and didn't see any footprints suggesting anyone else had been there in a while. right as the hike starts, cross the river or you'll go up the wrong canyon that's more like rock climbing that abruptly ends!

2 months ago

This should definitely be rated as difficult. I just tried it yesterday and much of the trail is washed out. It is very tricky to find the trail as it is not well marked and gets washed out in several places. Go slow and look up not down to make sure you stay following the trail rather than a runoff. Amazing geology and colors. No one on the trail at all when I took it. Definitely take the castle bridge loop to the east. Amazing views.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike!! We pretty much had the lake to ourselves. We had four wheel drive and were able to drive to the trail head. From there it is only 1.5 miles to the lake.

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