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its nice and relaxing for me and my 6 yr old son.and friends.it depends on your mood if you want a challenge or work out.either way your moving and losing some calories.you can go down by the dry river and hike up to the trails.

Gorgeously warm January day! If only the trail was as nice. Turning west away from the mountains and crossing through a tunnel with graffiti got this hike off to a strange start. Then there was a red sleeping bag and vomit on the trail. What the cuss?! But after that, this was a really easy and enjoyable hike. It has bark mulch or pavement all along it, so the footing was really nice. I bet this is the least beautiful time of year for this hike, but the kids and I enjoyed it anyway.

This was a fun trail with a variety of scenery. Mountains, trees, snow, ice, water. I loved it coming from Phoenix where we don't have a lot other than sand and rock. Not marked but easy to follow with the app. There are a ton of side trails.

As a larger guy and a newb to hiking, I thoroughly enjoyed this trail. There's enough hills to get the heart pumping and equally enough flat spots so you don't feel the need to quit moving. There was a decent amount of droppings from horses and dogs, but it wasn't so bad that you didn't have the majority of the trail available to walk on.

worst. hike.ever. Unless of course you love horse and dog s***. The "hike" is the back of people's homes. So scenic lol. I left and went on a real hike.

trail running
7 months ago

Very beautiful trail. I didn't see any trash and was NOT afraid of any homeless jumping out. I went latter in the afternoon and did not see but maybe three people and one dog. I was hot to start with but then i got rained on :-). I would love to try the other trails. I will be taking my friend and daughter up to explore more. Can't wait to go again.

I live 2 blocks from the trailhead, so this is my go-to for keeping myself in shape and heat conditioning myself (I'm the crazy person who starts at 1pm when it's hottest). I'm on this trail at least twice a week when I'm not traveling for work. When I have time, I make it a bit more interesting by zig-zagging back and forth between the upper and lower trails, taking all the small connection trails back and forth. I have turned this 6-mile hike into 8 miles many times by doing that.

Took this loop for the first time and boy was it a treat! I loved having a trail that is "easy" not too steep, etc. but still pushes me because of the distance, etc. The one section of the river bed that you had to cross was dried up so it was just rocks, and there were a number or horses but the trail is wide enough you feel safe and nobody is in each other's way. Definitely doing this one again.

Great for hiking. The trail is very sandy and some parts have small bark. Good shoes are needed. Wonderful view of the valley on the upper North rim.

There are roaming dogs from the homes near the upper rim that do not clean up after their dogs. Reminder to keep your dog on a leash and take the poop bag to the garbage.

8 months ago

This was such a fun place to go,let the dogs run and enjoy some family time.

Good trail for a visitor to get used to the area. Or for someone looking for something less technical.

8 months ago

Multi-use trail in the heart of Sandy. It would be more beautiful if there wasn't so much trash and graffiti but since it's so close to bridges, a park and a high school I can see why it gets that crowd. I kept thinking I'd see a homeless person at any moment. Still, I'd do it again but bring a trash bag (and a buddy).

The trail is mostly wood chips and sun-exposed which was fine. My gripe was the horse and dog poo along with a dozen side trails that made me had to keep checking my GPS to make sure I was on a legitimate trail. Bathrooms at the TH. One water crossing (take off your shoes) and one bridged water crossing.

trail running
9 months ago

We ran it, it was a nice run not too far from the city!

trail running
9 months ago

For trail running I would consider this more moderate. We came across a lot of deep sand and even the parts that had wood chip, still had sandy bits. I hate sand. It gets everywhere and is difficult to walk in, especially up hill. Even if I were hiking I would not have liked walking around in sand. There are beautiful views though, which is why I gave this 3 stars instead of 2. I'm not sure I would be back for running, but maybe for just some piece and quiet I would come to sit or hang out.

Enjoyable little hike. Perfect if u have kids. If you bring a dog, bring doodie bags, as none are provided. There are restrooms and tables at the trail head

More of a walk, tons of horses and kids out. Dog friendly.

Not really a fan. It's not a mountain hike. I didn't like hiking on a sandy trail and there was horse poop on several parts of the trail

great trail for people in the sandy area wanting a quick break from the city

11 months ago

Just a short flat loop. Not much to it.

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