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Pretty trail great if you need a shorter trail run to get your heart rate up!

1 month ago

A hike away from all the people. I highly recommend the loop.

1 month ago

This was a great hike, however it is a little more moderate than easy.

2 months ago

Beautiful and dramatic. Strenuous

Trail is easy to follow, and steady up all the way. A bit of scrambling on the gravel above the tree line. It was hazy when we went, but there are some good vistas along the way. Felt longer on the way down, and the brush was encroaching on the trail some. The trees and fauna are not what you'd expect to find near Tooele; felt more like a Wasatch canyon!

4 months ago

BEAUTIFUL! Remember to keep in mind you will be going up 3600 feet in just under 4 miles and be prepared for that--also, the elevation might get to you--make sure to keep breathing as much as possible without hyperventilating (that helps me). Overall stunning hike complete with forest at the beginning, meadows in the middle, and mountain-top views in the end!

This is a great hike; took us about 6 hours to do the full loop - including a bit of time at the summit. The steepest part is up to the saddle, beware of some lose gravel along the way as well. Highly recommend this challenging hike, although it should be rated as Hard rather than Moderate.

This hike is beautiful! I am an avid hiker and would rate this hike as hard more than moderate (for some reason the peak route on All Trails is marked hard but the loop is moderate even though to do the loop you summit the peak?). There is some loose gravel near the saddle and further on the way up to the summit so shoes with a fair amount of tread are helpful, also hiking poles were a great treat on the way down but aren't an absolute necessity.

Great hike- definitely wear long pants because it's overgrown for a majority of it.

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5 months ago

Rode this trail back in May 2017, loved it but got stopped by a snow drift about half way. Does anyone know if it is clear yet?

This is a beautiful hike and the views from the summit are incredible. It took me about 2 hrs 40 minutes to reach the summit and about 2 hrs to get down. Spent about 20 minutes at the peak for about a 5 hr total hike. I saw a few people on the way up and one on the way down, so it is not heavily trafficked. I saw a deer, lots of birds, and the number of butterflies near the top was amazing.

I hiked this mid July and most of the snow was gone. I had to traverse over one snow patch on the way up and one on the way down, but it wasn't too bad. I am a middle aged guy who hikes once every two or three weeks and it was a workout for me. Parts are steep and I had to push hard to keep going. I got blisters on the back of my heels and my toes were sore going down. This isn't common for me, so I think the steepness of the trail caused that.

The GPS said the total distance hiked was 9.9 miles, which is a couple miles longer than the trail description gives.

Overall great hike. I'll try to do this one again.

Just did this hike yesterday and all I can tell you is that this is by far the best hike I've ever don so gorgeous recommend that you bring a lot of water hike ain't easy and right now ain't that much snow we hiked up 8 in the morning reached the top at 10:20 am

Good beautiful hike. It's an oasis in the desert.

Only did a little portion of it. It was not too steep; a 3 year old handled it like a champ! The whole trail would be awesome!

Awesome hike with great views, after the peak the trail is a bit hard to follow. I would not have been able to do it without the app.

6 months ago

beautiful hike

Beautiful hike still was a bit of snow in places but pushed through well worth it

6 months ago

Love this so much! hiked about 3-4 miles up then set up camp and the next day we summit ed to the peak

Constant elevation gain, not too pretty of a trail. People bring horses up it regularly, so it tears up the trail. Moderate, not a hard trail.

6 months ago

The south side is definitely the easier way up, and I'd take the north way out. Still too much snow to make it out North now, as I was up at Willow lake two days ago (06/24/17), I'd wait a few weeks.

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