ok so we came back to do this hike sans dogs. went up bell and down little wild horse. lwh is more interesting hike imo. some scrambling but worthwhile. bring water socks. we had to wade thru pools up to calf deep.

Mid march was an incredible time to go. Much of the hike is in the sun, so it was nice to have cooler weather. Starting from Ding (on the left) and then hiking through Dang (on the right) meant that there was a lot of scrambling down. Some people might find a rope helpful in Dang, although it is definitely not necessary. There was a small (~20 feet) segment of nasty water that you either must hike or shimmy through. Definitely made for a fun half day.

This place rules. Lot's of people, but the hike was impressive. BRING WATER!!

Can't wait to go back

We made it quite a ways up Little Wildhorse, but had to turn back - water was about 3+ feet deep, and impossible to get around. Too cold to swim through. Amazing slot though... Incredible.

Great views, lots of people. Water has changed some features recently and we had to detour around a pool of water.

Did not finish this, but what we did see was very fun, we got here later than I wanted to the temp was already in the 90's, the heat just wore us down, so we decided to turn back before we were committed, would love to try again someday

amazing. bucket list type of hike.

Great hike, even in the 100 degree July summer. Started around 8:00 in the morning, weather was perfect until we got to the top of Little Wild Horse canyon. That is when the sun hits you and for the remainder of the hike you are in the sun. Took us 4 hours to complete, and that is with an inexperienced hiker. Little Wild Horse is beautiful, but I would skip Bell canyon next time and just go up and back through Little Wild Horse.