1 month ago

Absolutely worth the hike! The cave is secluded and provides a gorgeous rest stop. Definitely a challenge to follow the trail, though. Get a good idea of where you're going when you start out otherwise you'll lose sight of the cave and get confused in the swell. I'd recommend this to anyone!

Did this hike on 20 Jun 2017 with a group of 10 boys (12 to 14) and 5 adults and we did the complete loop, up Little Wild Horse Canyon and down Bell canyon. Little Wild Horse Canyon is a fairly easy hike until you get most of the way up when you have scramble over/around 8-10ft "cliffs". Bell has more and higher "cliffs" and to me was less interesting than Little Wild Horse Canyon. Make sure you bring enough water, I drank close to 4 liters doing the loop. If it is is going to be hot, start early.

Couldn't even find the hike. We tried for a half hour and had To stop cause it got to dark. Wish we could have found it and that the trails were better marked in the whole area!!!

I only made it through a portion of the little horse slot before needing to turn around due to time of day. I so wish I could have made it through the whole hike. It's in my list of hikes to do again in the near future!!!

took little wild horse up until it opens up, came back. the lower part is fun, but going up one and down the other seems like a waste when it's mainly the lower part of horse that's great, so I just did that out and back