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Fun quick hike with my girls. The falls aren't much to see, mostly covered by plants. For a while we thought we missed it. There were signs all over to watch out for poison ivy...

Nice and easy. Felt more like a nature walk with a few high steps here and there, but nothing serious unless you're looking for it. I would definitely bring family and kids along. The trails are clearly marked as well, so there shouldn't be any confusion. We went on a Wednesday and the overcast was perfect. Even on a hot day, most of the trails are shaded.

my first time hiking here it easy trail to walk and enjoy.

Very fun hike and easy with my toddler on my back. There are a lot of mountain bikers so watch out! And there are quite a lot of snakes on this trail, non-venomous and venomous (rattlesnakes). I’ve been 3 times in the past week and have seen at least 3 snakes on each visit. Beautiful Mother’s Day today with my little boy and husband seeing all the wildflowers.

Hiked 4/26/2018. Saw two rattle snakes. It was a easy hike. I would go the same way I came in instead of hiking up then back down the driving path. But that way did offer great views just no shade.

Easy short hike with lots of deer and bikers. The view of the valley from the picnic area was beautiful! There are a bunch of different trails throughout the canyon. Ghost Falls is a small stream that waterfalls down the side of a hill and we walked past it thinking the falls were further down the trail.

although all trails mentions dogs on leash when you approach the trailhead you will see a no dogs watershed sign. biker city

This is the second time I've hiked this trail. We started further north on the Bonneville shoreline trail. In the summer there was a lot of poison ivy near the falls, but cool weather took care of that and you can really see the falls. On a Tuesday morning there aren't many other people on this trail, just some nice deer.

Not as enjoyable because you are constantly watching for mountain bikers and moving out of their way.

7 months ago

Fun flow trail with lots of rollers. Downhill mountain biking only.

Fun, easy hike. Took our five kids (10,9,6,5,5). They had no problem at all. The falls are pretty underwhelming at least when we went there, no good spot to really see much, it’s kind of tucked into some shrub overgrowth. But it’s just fun to have a hike with some little streams and such, especially for the kids. Tons of biking, but they’re usually very aware so no issues even with small kids. We take family here to walk through fall leaves. The leaves linger a bit longer here than higher areas like a Brighton or Timp.

7 months ago

Ann's is great for adventurous beginners to intermediate riders, or part of a longer loop for more advanced. Fantastic views from the southern section not shown on map, the best part of the trail!

My favotite Corner Canyon mtb outing. Easy hike, but Not for beginner mt bikers, intermediate for sure.

8 months ago


We hiked all the way up to the top , where there is a picnic table , never saw any sort of falls. We started on the canyon hollow trail , and from there we took the ghost falls trail . Mild hike

I did this one in the January 2017.

This is a very well trafficked and maintained trail. I've been many times. My biggest worry always is the amount of rattlesnakes I've seen through out the years. They shouldn't be bothersome, but keep alert for them just in case.

The waterfall isn't very big and the view of ghost falls was mostly blocked by overgrowth. A cool and easy hike for most people.

Easily one of the most disappointing hikes I've done in the Salt Lake Valley. This might be a good trail for early in the spring or late in the fall, but the trail is mostly exposed and offered very little relief from the mid-summer heat. The falls are not well marked, and as other reviewers have commented, overgrown and hidden. We actually noticed the "little waterfall back there" and kept on walking, thinking that couldn't possibly be our destination.

The trail did offer good views of the valley, especially of the Draper Temple, on the way back down, and is a good, easy hike for kids. That's enough to earn it a second star, but if the falls are what you're interested in, I strongly recommend the shorter trail from the top, which is more sheltered and is a prettier trail.

10 months ago

Not very long, but beautiful views of the valley.

Love this trail. It's a great, quick hike. A lot of variations to explore as well.

Good for kids, the ghost falls are really hide so when the ad says ghost falls stay and look carefully around you. Was and easy and fun hike with kids:)

11 months ago

Annabelle Parr was a Draper woman who spent sixteen long years working in and on top of the Draper Parks and Trails Committee. She may have died of pancreatic cancer, but she lived to preserve the natural beauty of Utah's wilderness. It was through her efforts that bonds were secured to allow for the purchase of the Corner Canyon area, saving it from being flattened and turned into yet another subdivision of hideous po-mo shitboxes. Instead, the network of trails you see today were developed and preserved, and more of Utah's natural bounty was allowed to flourish instead of flounder.

In addition to this, Ann was also a long-distance equestrian endurance rider, and a dear lover of children, working in the fields of adolescent counseling, child welfare, and adoption.

So, please, for the Love of God, do NOT litter here! Are you kidding me? Do you WANT to get haunted? Do you want to have an ectoplasmic tussle with a ghost-woman with that kind of saintly pedigree?! JESUS CHRIST! JUST PACK IT OUT! HOW HARD IS THAT?!



Ann's trail is definitely a versatile one. It's meant to accommodate hikers, bikers, and equestrian ga'lippers. If you're hiking, you'll want to keep your eyes open, both for people heading ass over elbows down the trail on their bike, and for horse dung minefields. Your vigilance will be rewarded, though, I assure you: waiting for you at the top is a fantastic view of the valley, above all of the smog and grit. You can rest at a bench dedicated to Ms.Parr and just take it all in.

The end of the trailhead comes when you join up with Clark's Trail. From there, you can turn around, or take Clark's back down, or explore any of the other interconnecting trails from there. Corner Canyon has quite a lot of different routes you can explore, though for my money, the circuit from Ann's Trail to Clark's Trail and then back through the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a great circuit, taking you just over four miles to complete.

Just, uh... Be sure to mind your sun protection. There's precious little shade through Ann's Trail, so you'll want to make sure you're covered and that you're mindful of when your sunscreen needs to be reapplied. I didn't, and now I'm a lobster-person. Learn from my red-faced mistakes, and you'll have a great time on Ann's Trail.

If you're looking for a beginner's trail to do mountain biking or trail-running, or if you're in the Draper area and want a decent hike to do after work, it's hard to argue against this one. I'm sure it's what Ann would have wanted. :)

Dirt road to trail head was no problem for our mini van, just had to go slow at parts. Trail was shady most the way to the falls and easily done with our 3.5 and 5 year old. Lots of bikers so make sure to review safe trail practices and what to do when a biker comes down the trail. Temperature was ~80 and wasn't too bad with the shade trees most the way down. Great family trail.

11 months ago

beautiful easy trail for hiking. Lots of joggers and mountain bikers.

11 months ago

Nice easy hike with kids. Trail is in good condition. You need to keep an ear out for people on mountain bikes. Beautiful views and flowers/trees.

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