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Like standing on the crest of a breaking wave, Cedar Breaks National Monument, administered by the National Parks Service, rests at the end of the Markagunt Plateau, its amphitheater stretching below full of colorful pillars and sculpted rock called Hoodoos. The pillars are carved from limestone which eroded away much the same way as Bryce Canyon. However, many find the brilliant colors of Cedar Breaks to be more dramatic. This visual effect could be caused by Cedar Breaks' larger and deeper amphitheater. Dropping at a rate of 2500 vertical feet over just 3 miles versus Bryce Canyon National Park's 1000 feet over 10 miles. Cedar Breaks is also at high elevation, sitting 10,350 feet at the visitors center. The Markagunt Plateau consists of an alpine ecosystem with snow often lingering in the alpine meadows or beneath the pine trees until mid-June or early July. Valleys of wildflowers consist of: Indian paintbrush, Yarrow, Penstemon and Lupine. Their colors peak in mid to late July. Many services are closed in late fall and winter, but the park is opened as soon as snow can be cleared from Hwy-148 generally in late May. Camping is not allowed in the amphitheater and only a small campground exists at the park on a first come - first served basis. The night skies in the park are breathtaking, and star gazing from your sleeping bag is a unique and memorable experience. Cedar Breaks Individual Entrance Fee (16 +Years) : $6 Per Person * Valid for seven days, this fee is for visitors, age 16 or older, entering the park. This fee is paid at the entrance station at Point Supreme.

If pressed for time, skip the second lookout - it takes an extra hour and is more strenuous than the first half. Very fun hike with spectacular views. Snow on December 28th was packed and fine to walk on with decent shoes.

3 months ago

Great views, a little steep but good hike!

what an awesome hike and great views very easy Trail took the lower Loop out and the upper loop back perfect end of the day hike saw some deer and the pond was froze over beautiful scenery

4 months ago

Hiked the upper trail. Just a note, signs said no dogs allowed, even on leash.

Fairly easy

5 months ago

The view is gorgeous but the hike isn't much. We took little kids and had to carry them. It is nothing but steep rocky pathways, the kids slid and fell every time they tried to walk.

6 months ago

Lower loop is gorgeous, definitely check it out! Upper is relatively boring but would be good for trail running.

We only had time to do Spectra Point, but it was well worth the mile or so hike each way. It is a bit steep in some places, but easy for a kid to do. You get to walk along the side of narrow cliff and the overlook is beautiful.

6 months ago

The best thing about Cedar Breaks in the summer is the cool temperatures, at least 20 degrees cooler than in Cedar City below. This is really the only moderately difficult hike in the monument. The other options are either very short or very long. The views on this hike are great, but beware that it is pretty much all downhill on the way to Rampart Overlook and you are going to have to climb back up, at an altitude that is going to make it tough if you are not acclimated. Also, note that there are often torrential thunderstorms in the afternoon, with hail possible, and the mud on the trail makes it like you are walking through clay. I did this one year in August and it snowed.

Lots of loose rocks before arch so watch your footing. Well worth to keep going past Ramparts and Spectra. No defined trail but if you keep going, you'll find the arch.

7 months ago

The challenge is well worth the pain! Go for it!

Great views and outlooks!

Beauty of Bryce with peace, wild flowers, and a stream. My 6 year old had no problem and while there are some drops the trails plenty wide so there's never much danger.

Really short but a fun little hike anyways

The hike leads to Spectra and then onto Rampart. Great views and photo ops, and much less crowded than Zion. Not good for kids- the canyon ledges are sharp. Highly recommend this hike!

8 months ago

Good trail. Pretty views.

Beautiful hike and wide vistas. Mostly shaded and very moderate. Not bad for kids - if you keep the aww from the edges.

Lovely trail❤️

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