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awesome, fairly quick hike with beautiful, fun terrain along the way and an awesome payout at the end. More moderate/strenuous than easy. Hardly anyone on the trail. Have to do a bit of easter egg hunting for the trail markers, but that’s always fun :) Highly recommend.

Very cool to do with small kids

10 days ago

This was a nice out and back tail with some easy challenges. The prizes were the beautiful natural bridge at the end and the nice cool river to soak your feet in back at the trailhead. The moderate climb from the river was enough to get your heart pumping but it was relatively easygoing from there, minus a few scrambles around boulders at the pinnacle. We sat our pack chairs in the Fremont River near the trailhead and had a picnic, complete with a great local heffenweizen, when we returned. It was one of my favorite hikes in the area!

This hike was alright, but definitely not a hike I would consider to even be moderate. The only difficult thing about this hike is the heat and the constant sun. Hiked this on June 6th and it was 92 degrees outside with no clouds in the sky. The history markers were probably the best part. I was personally really looking forward to the water tanks but they were all dried out which was really disappointing.

One of my favorite hikes in Capital Reef. Very easy and very scenic.

short easy hike with great views at the end

14 days ago

This trail was awesome. Tough for my parents who don't hike much, but I had no problems. We started at the parking lots by the campgrounds and made the initial tough ascent, but once you turn the corner and enter the canyon it becomes magical. I would recommend this for anyone. Just don't let the first hill scare you! We continued on to Hickman Bridge and altogether it took about 4 hours with frequent stops for my parents to rest.

AMAZING!!!! This trail is so fun! The views and feeling of it were unbeatable. We did the slot canyons right off of the trail, and made lasting memories. I would recommend this trail to anyone and everyone.

it's hard to see the beauty at the beginning but it gets better every time.

24 days ago

Absolutely beautiful in late afternoon light, with a nice overlook of the rest of the park. Starts with a strenuous uphill with switchbacks that settles into a meandering loop around the mesa.

Awesome trail.

29 days ago

This hike was awesome, however it was a little challenging for me as a fairly new hiker. Most of the challenge for us was a later (1:30 pm) start and due to some off-trail exploration, we were pushed for time to finish the trail before sundown. Overall the trail was well-marked with cairns although we did lose the trail for about 15 minutes on the ascent. There was some scrambling up to the top but it really wasn’t that bad. I’d recommend an earlier start so you can fully enjoy the hike unless you’re a super fast hiker! Great views at the top!

Nice fairly easy hike with some great views along the way. The bridge was beautiful and you get to hike right through it.

Really enjoyed this hike due to the scenery and history behind it. Pretty easy but fairly confusing to find the tanks, still makes for a nice adventure.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail starting from the Hickman Bridge parking lot. Across the street you start out on the Cohab Canyon trail (sign may be blocked by vehicles parked on the road) and go about 3/4 of a mile to the interesection with the Frying Pan trail (sign marks the intersection). There are bathrooms available in the parking lot.

From this direction, most of the hike was uphill, but that just makes the return hike easier! Once you pick up the Frying Pan Trail, be sure to look for cairns marking the way. The views on this hike were amazing! Just beautiful! We passed some other hikers, but not too many. So you can have a nice peaceful hike and enjoy the beauty and scerenity.

Great hike, clearly marked, with great views. Allows you to walk over the arch.

1 month ago

This was a great hike. The beginning of the trail is where you gain all of the elevation. The trail loops under the bridge which is gorgeous. Probably the best "bang for your buck" hike in the park.

Nice, easy hike. Would be good for kids. Consider the water tanks as optional. This is because they aren't easy to find and the trail is kind of hard to follow. The rest of the canyon before it was great and the pioneer inscriptions were cool to see.

We got a mid morning start and it was very hot, completely sun exposed trail, up hill with early and late moderate climbs. The upper half is through juniper and pinion pine to a fantastic overlook of the gorge and river below . Great spot for a snack. Some great rock formations and a hoodoo along the way. We saw flowering cacti, yucca, red tail hawk and lots of lizards. I definitely recommend this hike but start early to avoid getting cooked in the sun.

1 month ago

First bit is a little steep, but nothing unmanageable and gorgeous views from the very beginning. There don't seem to be markers for this trail past the entrance but the path is obvious. We took the turnoff toward the campground but then split off to go back up toward the south and north overlooks which are well worth the adventure. Very windy, make sure you keep an eye out for cairns - you can go fairly far out on the overlook as long as you know where to step.

Arrived around noon and it took an hour and half, didn't run in to too many people even thought it was a gorgeous day.

Awesome hike! The Narrows were amazing, except for the last quarter of a mile... which was filled with water..

Great short trail. If you get to Capitol Reef and don't have a ton of daylight left, this is your hike!

This trail should be rated as moderate not easy..The trail is not easily marked, so make sure to watch out for the piled rocks marking the pathway. Definitely worth seeing as the arch is breathtaking!

1 month ago

Good views; well marked with cairned as of early May 2018. Pretty exposed - was very windy while I was up there despite very limited ground winds in the valley. A nice half-day hike for some good views. Not so sure that the views up top are necessarily "better" than those on the rim trail, but def more expansive.

Amazing hike with great views throughout. A bit of scrambling at the end to get to a spectacular 360 degree view of the park.

1 month ago

This was an awesome hike but definitely grueling. You get a lot of elevation on the way up but do get some breaks with some down hill and flat. However, the elevation you get back on the way down is like a slap in the face.
360 views are totally worth it though! Bring more water than you think you’ll need. I wished I’d had more than I packed.

Do this trail if you like geology and a vast range of views and formations!

We loved this trail, for the geological differences from the other trails we did at Capital Reef. The first quarter mile is steep, but offers immediate panorama of the historic Fruita district. Then you get into boulders, then a wash before coming to the North and South Overlooks into the valley. Trail is well-marked by cairns along slickrock sections.

It was a fun primitive style trail with plenty of stacked rocks as markers. We got some great pictures and got to watch some people repel down by the arch.

Can be heavy traffic, but plenty of alone places when you get near the top.

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