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Nice fairly easy hike with some great views along the way. The bridge was beautiful and you get to hike right through it.

scenic driving
3 days ago

Awesome drive with some phenomenal views of the landscape. Leads to some really nice hiking trails as well.

Really enjoyed this hike due to the scenery and history behind it. Pretty easy but fairly confusing to find the tanks, still makes for a nice adventure.

10 days ago

This was a great hike. The beginning of the trail is where you gain all of the elevation. The trail loops under the bridge which is gorgeous. Probably the best "bang for your buck" hike in the park.

Nice, easy hike. Would be good for kids. Consider the water tanks as optional. This is because they aren't easy to find and the trail is kind of hard to follow. The rest of the canyon before it was great and the pioneer inscriptions were cool to see.

scenic driving
10 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous drive, the road was in great shape as well. Leads to two nice hikes. Paved the entire way

12 days ago

First bit is a little steep, but nothing unmanageable and gorgeous views from the very beginning. There don't seem to be markers for this trail past the entrance but the path is obvious. We took the turnoff toward the campground but then split off to go back up toward the south and north overlooks which are well worth the adventure. Very windy, make sure you keep an eye out for cairns - you can go fairly far out on the overlook as long as you know where to step.

Arrived around noon and it took an hour and half, didn't run in to too many people even thought it was a gorgeous day.

Great short trail. If you get to Capitol Reef and don't have a ton of daylight left, this is your hike!

Do this trail if you like geology and a vast range of views and formations!

We loved this trail, for the geological differences from the other trails we did at Capital Reef. The first quarter mile is steep, but offers immediate panorama of the historic Fruita district. Then you get into boulders, then a wash before coming to the North and South Overlooks into the valley. Trail is well-marked by cairns along slickrock sections.

Can be heavy traffic, but plenty of alone places when you get near the top.

30 days ago

This hike is short and sweet and right off the roadway. While it was a quick intro to Capitol reef, it seemed like the real heart of the park was to the west of this area—wish we had chosen something among the deep red rock formations. The trailhead was busy with less-seasoned hikers, so I would consider this more of a tourist stop than a real hike.

1 month ago

A very enjoyable hike starting out as a ramble along the Fremont River and orchards and then climbing up to a beautiful view of the fold and Fruita.

A great little hike through time. Though I didn't go up to the tanks, this hike takes you through an imposing gorge with towering rock walls that was the main route through the Waterpocket fold before Rte. 24 was completed. On its walls you can see petroglyphs left by ancient peoples and names carved by early pioneers and travelers. The stories those walls hold !

Easy hike until you get to tanks which were hard to find.

easy walk with great views

We loved this hike! The canyon walls are amazing and stunning to walk through! We came during Spring Break and the crowds were very manageable. The hike is very easy and level and very good for kids of all ages. The length of the hike maybe long for very young children though. We didn’t make it to the end for that reason but still loved doing 2 miles of it out and back.

1 month ago

Quiet trail that ends up in a breathtaking box canyon.

1 month ago

Decent hike. Good destination. Easy hike compared to Cassidy Arch.

Great trail! Took my two boys(6 and 4) with us. 6 year old didn't have any issues but the 4 year old struggled in the begining. Midway there is some interesting things to check out. the natural bridge is breathtaking and you should sit and enjoy it before heading back.

This is a perfect trail for kids, it’s busy, very easy, and the bridge is amazing.

Beautiful walk up a well graded wash. The only problem was we were there in March on a Tuesday when I counted at least 100 walkers going back-and-forth.

We had the trail almost to ourselves in mid-March. We loved being in the canyon. Wear good hiking boots or shoes, because you will be on sand/gravel. We saw a group of bighorn sheep scaling the canyon walls.

Near trail, start earlier in the day so it's not so hot. Bring water, I can't express this enough. I saw several people on the trail with no water. We even gave some away because we were concerned.

Fairly flat trail with high canyon walls. As you get towards the end your climb on top of the canyon via a trail. The trail is nearly non existent going up and on the top of the canyon. Carefully traverse the trail, many opportunities to fall or twist an ankle.

Once you get to the tanks, they are okay, little dirty. Be careful near them, falling in would probably not kill you, but due to the martial the walls are made of you may have a very difficult time getting out.

Intresting fact, if you look at the canyon walls as you go towards the tanks you will see some metal rods pretruding from the wall. Wasn't sure what these were. After talking to a ranger, I found out that the canyon was once used for a roadway and a telephone line was installed along these metal rods. But due to the frequent washouts the maintenance became to expensive. Not to mention the modern-day roads played a factor in abandoning this former practice.

Confusing trail, but pretty neat. You feel like you are on a different planet. The hike is up hill 60% of the time, but not too bad. Keep an eye open for all the sites along the trail (arches) there are also many different features that might trick you in to thinking you found the Hickman Bridge. This feature is enormous, you will know when you get to it.

Hiked summer 2017, very cool. Pay attention to the warnings don't become a victim due to stupid planning.This means rain and washouts!

Worth the hike, not too hot but water is a must. Some wildlife can be seen, small lizards, Jack Rabbits etc.

Definitely take some time to relax at the Gifford House. Neat little shop with homemade products. Water is also located here.

Near this area is a large well maintained greenspace area with well fed wild deer. Be careful not to get too close.

Another neat fact, but not necessarily associated with this trail is, during the fall this park operates a huge orchard. You can walk in and eat as much as you want (not the best, but traditional farm orchard from back in the day) or you pay to pick larger quantities.

Worth it! Took 10 & 14 years boys they loved it! Fairly easy trail, steep in spots! views amazing! Sunrise sunset would be awesome!

Loved this easy, beautiful hike. We started from the parking lot at the end of Grand Wash Road then hiked out and back for an easy 4.4 mile hike.

2 months ago

Such a good trail. First half has a few switchbacks with some elevations gain but the bridge is amazing. We went around 8:30 AM on a Thursday and we only saw about four people. Would highly recommend.

Finding the tanks brings a little bit of adventure to an otherwise very easy flat hike. There is also a small arch behind the largest tank of water. Fun to play around up there; walking through the gorge is really pretty as well. A good hike to end the day on, especially if you choose to do something a little more difficult first.

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