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Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah is one of the strangest, weirdest, most beautiful National Parks in the Southwest. Bryce Canyon is a giant natural amphitheater along the Paunsaugunt Plateau created from millions of years of erosion. The unique area has hundreds of tall hoodoos (tall, thin spires of rocks). The region was originally settled by Native Americans and later by Mormon pioneers.

11 hours ago

This trail is a good one to have on your bucket list. The trail descends into the canyon among the curious Hoodoo's. The descent and return ascent are strenuous, and it is a good idea to bring water. We did this hike in early spring when parts of the trail were covered with snow which was stunning in contrast to the deep reds of the hoodoos and canyon walls, the dark green of the evergreen trees and the bright crisp blue sky. The time of year we did this hike the trail seemed to be ours alone.

Beautiful. Got a bit confused at times and had to double check to make sure I was still on the loop. About an inch of snow in the canyon in February, wear waterproof boots if you’ve got them.

Cool hike.

Beautiful hike! Very muddy/slushy/icy/snowy trail especially on the Navajo Loop side...but still hikeable! All three of my boys did the whole thing (10, 6, almost 3). Amazing views every step of the way! Great way to see Bryce!

2 days ago

I only did the lower half of the trail, going down Swamp Canyon from UT 63, and then heading south. Simply amazing. Little trafficked, maybe because of the ear signs at the time. Went through different landscapes and forest thicknesses. Well worth it!

2 days ago

We hiked this trail back in 2009 and I still remember it so vividly. I was not in that good of shape then (not that I can't get better now), but wasn't at all used to the ups and downs of a hiking trail, but remember I could do this with relative ease. We were with a group, two adults were about 60 years old, and they also enjoyed this trail, with what seemed like more ease than me (being their kid's age)! The other thing I remember about visiting Bryce, Zion and Arches during this Labor Day week(end) was that it was not hardly as crowded then as it is now.

scenic driving
2 days ago

If the weather doesn't suit hiking or you are not much of a hiker, it is possible to see a lot of the park and view points either from your car, or short, pretty flat walks of less than a mile. See video:

2 days ago

I walked between Sunrise and Sunset Points. This is flat, paved and offers awesome views. It was about 1 mile back and forth. Maybe someday I will do the entire path.

3 days ago

This is a short jaunt on a paved path to an impressive viewpoint. If you want an easy walk, this is a pleasant one.

This trail starts off of route 12, so many mistake it as not being a part of the Bryce Canyon National Park. The trail has a waterfall, a cave (with icicles, at least when we were there) and a large rock structure with arches and windows in it. When we were there, there was not much of a waterfall, just a trickle of water was coming down it, though you could hear water in the stream. I enjoyed this trail and recommend it if you want a quick hike. Keep in mind that it can be a little steep in some places if you aren't used to it, but they have tried to make this trail as user friendly as possible, with man made bridges (so you don't have to wade through the stream). There is also a pit toilet at the trail head. Be careful when pulling in and out as the parking lot is right on the road and people tend to drive fast. Video:

Awesome hike! Can’t wait to bring my kids here. Feels like I’m in line for Thunder Mountain at Disneyland!

Beautiful views around every turn. Challenging in June sun, but cooler than lower elevation.

SO beautiful. saw maybe three other people during the entire 8 miles. we started (and thus ended) at sunrise point, leaving the rim trail section for last. the bits up on the rim were biting cold as it started snowing, but it was still so beautiful.

Wall Street currently closed thru the spring

Icy in some spots (hiked it 2/7) but it’s a nice stroll through the canyon.

13 days ago

It was beautiful and once you get down in the canyon, you ditch most of the people on the trail, at least during this time of the year.

I hadn't planned to hike the Peekaboo Loop, but after hiking Queen's Garden and Navajo Loop, Wall Street was closed. There was a sign pointing to Peekaboo, so I just kept going. It was 25 degrees when I set out (9am) but warmed up quickly and was 50 degrees when I finished (1pm). The trail was about 1/3 snow, but pretty hard-packed and easy going. I didn't use my spikes -- my hiking poles were enough support. (Coming out of the canyon was a little muddy once it warmed up.) Peekaboo was definitely a challenge -- one of the harder hikes I've done -- but great views around every turn. I entered at Sunrise Point, but got twisted around coming back and ending up exiting at Sunset Point. (Who puts a trailhead called Sunrise next to one called Sunset? After 4 hours of hiking, I was lucky to remember SunAnything!) There are some seriously steep switchbacks near the Sunset trailhead -- pretty muddy, too -- and really exhausting after a full morning of hiking. Wish I'd come back out at Sunrise. It was a .5 mile walk along the rim to get back to Sunrise. Easy walk, and gorgeous, but unexpected. I had the trail mostly to myself (yay, off-season) -- only saw a few other hikers. As I was leaving, the park had gotten a little more crowded, but still plenty of parking right at the trailheads.

I got to this trail on a January day where 8-12 inches of snow were expected overnight. Only 2-4 actually came down and the park was nearly deserted. I had the trail to myself and didnt encounter anyone all day. I was lucky 2 people had started a bit earlier than me and left me a nice set of footprints to follow. the views are magical. Awe inspiring. Breath taking. I recommend you start at sunrise point, and end on the rim trail section, so you can look down at where you just hiked. On the day I did it, the snow picked back up as soon as I got to fairyland point and was beginning the rim trail section. A great hike, not dangerous, I highly recommend it, if you like hoodoos and canyons and such ;) I would rate it as moderate, not hard. Also I would love to see the canyon given the name that the natives called it instead of Bryce. It doesn't seem like he was really that important to the canyon itself. The canyon was not discovered in the 1860s by US military men like the info on trail suggests. Thats kinda whitewashing history but my opinions on that have nothing to do with the trail itself which is unbelievable.

good if you dont have time to do the whole fairyland loop. its on that trail.

I walked between Sunrise and Sunset Points. This is flat, paved and offers awesome views. It was about 1 mile back and forth. Maybe someday I will do the entire path. I posted this initially under the Rim Trail, not realizing this particular section had it's own trail!

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