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This part of Bryce is spectacular with a large variety of formations and views. We did this hike counter clockwise, starting from Sunrise Point. I would rate it as somewhat strenuous going that direction. I will do this hike again!

I would rate this trail as moderate. Beautiful hike among the hoodoos. We did the hike clockwise. The vault toilet part way down the trail was greatly appreciated as there is no rest room at the Bryce Point parking lot.

Hiked on April 2018. One of my fav!

3 days ago

We started at Bryce Point and hiked south. Our first stop for the night was at the Sheep Creek site. We were told by NPS that there was a reliable water source at Sheep Creek, but the creek was dried up. We had seen some water sources as we walked down the trail at Yellow Creek, but there wasn’t much of a stream and the water was contaminated with E. coli which we were not informed about. There were many washouts in the trail and some of the cairns were knocked down, causing us to get lost a few times at the creek bed crossings. Once we arrived at the Sheep Creek site, a sign told us that it was closed due to bear activity. We had gotten a permit for this site at the park that morning and were told nothing of this. We ended up taking the Sheep creek connecting trail out the next morning due to a lack of water. If you are going to do this hike, be prepared and pack plenty of water. Also, get a better map than what you are provided at the visitor center, that map is unreliable.

Good hike. Fairly quiet compared to more popular trails

Very pretty. Good trail

Amazing hike. Walking amongst the hoodoos is incredible. We descended from Navajo, went to Queens Garden, then ascended up to Sunset Point. The hike from Queens to Sunset was pretty strenuous as was all uphill but manageable with breaks and rewarding with beautiful views and the wind cooling you off. Wall Street is still closed as of 5/20.

This is a must see hike. Took us 2 hours but definitely worth it. I would start early as the parking lot was full when we completed it at 11:30 am.

Did Queens Garden to Navajo loop on 5/14. The hoodoos were pretty cool (was our first trip out here). Took about 2.5 hours total, but we took our time. Lots of people on the trail in mid-morning but not too many to make it unbearable.

8 days ago

Not sure if there is somewhere on AllTrails to ask questions about a particular trail but my boyfriend and I plan to backpack this trail this Saturday (May 19) to Monday (21st) starting at the Agua connecting trail from the Ponderosa parking lot. Does anyone know if the trail is cleared from the land slide or at least doable with a 25 pound pack on and hiking poles? Also, are the water sources silty and likely to clog our filters and should plan to bring additional filter mechanisms, or are our camel back filter straws OK? Any sightings or signs of bears on the trail recently? Is it true no fires allowed and you have to pack out even human waste? Or can you bury it 6 inches deep? Thanks to who ever has the knowledge!

As someone from sea level I found the elevation gain a difficult hike, if you start at Navajo and end at Queens Garden the final uphill battle isn’t as difficult!

Good hike - reasonably challenging with the switchbacks, but great views.

Excellent hike! It took us a full 3 hours and was a 5 mile loop. The final mile is uphill. Some steep parts with switch backs in the middle but just take your time and enjoy the views. Make sure you bring enough water for sure. Rare shade spots along the way. The views were incredible and perfect for photographs. Highly recommend. Hiked on May 8.

initially stopped thinking it was a just a turnoff to take some photos, nice little trail

12 days ago

quieter but just as scenic

one of the best hikes in the park

13 days ago

This was not an easy hike, even in early May it was mid 70's and was pretty exhausting. Beautiful scenery and takes around 4 hours. Recommended if you have the time but do it on a cooler day!

Beautiful view, not an easy ascent but absolutely worth it. Not too crowded. Wall Street is still closed.

Stunning hike! This actually makes my list of top hikes that I’ve done. We finished this in about 2.5 hours with plenty of breaks. I recommend starting at sunrise.

15 days ago

Very easy trail to walk for unbeatable views of Bryce. Go at sunset to see the hoodoo shadows.

Beautiful. Crowded with other hikers but they were courteous. We did it with our toddler in a backpack and it was doable.

Great hike with great views all around. We started down Navajo vs. Wall Street as that was still closed until things warm up a bit. Peekaboo Loop section was the most enjoyable part - less crowded and great views approaching the Wall of Windows. The Queens Garden section gets a bit more crowded as this is where many folks pop down for a quick view of the hoodoos up close. I'd recommend this Figure 8 and the Fairyland Loop as a way to get the best of Bryce over two days (plus a drive down to see the Arch at mile marker 12).

16 days ago

Fabulous scenery the whole way around. I'd call this a more "moderate" hike than "hard". We did this one day and the "Figure 8" loop another day. Scenery on both was great, but Fairyland loop has less hikers on it, so if you want to feel like you have the place to yourself, this is the loop to do. It's a 4 hour loop is you're taking lots of pictures. Note: If you're just visiting for one day and are not planning to go into the rest of the park, the parking lot for Fairyland Point is outside the pay station, so you can do this hike "for free" if you want. I wouldn't recommend it - you should really see the vista from Sunset Point at a minimum.

We did this hike while visiting Bryce Canyon on 5/3. The weather was perfect (60 degrees), sunny skies. It took us about 4 hours to complete the loop. I would rate it as a moderate hike. Amazing views every corner you turn. Everyone should do this hike if they get the chance. I highly recommend it. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, sun hat and pack a lunch/snack as you’re gonna want to stop so that you can really take in the beautiful scenery. We picked a nice spot near the junction of sunrise point to eat lunch.

Awesome hike. Not for the faint of heart. Keep in mind that you are upwards of 7,000 feet of elevation. That made the hike difficult for some of the people in our group.

Great hike. Topography like no where else you’ll find!

Fun hike down to the canyon. Switchbacks on way up can be wicked but not a ton of elevation. Too many tourists, however, getting in the way. Also people smoking on trail. Not cool.

Nice easy walk with great views and interesting Bristlecone Pine trees.

'Wow' views around every corner. Long, without being too strenous. Great for taking pictures. Wear extra sunscreen because hardly any shade.

Great short hike. Beautiful with hoo doos, waterfall, and the cave. The moss and water dripping from the ceiling of the cave was really neat. Fun time with little difficulty.

What an amazing view from every angle! We took other review advice and started at Sunset, way easier. Navajo Loop lives up to the hype. Definitely do it!

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