Very nice hike that's both challenging and manageable. Great wildflowers and a spectacular view at the peak! Only 30 mins from downtown SLC!

Great short hike. Took 1 hr and 10minutes to hike up. Tracked to be shy of 2 miles one way. Elevation gain is primarily at the beginning and the end. There is a log laying down on the left side of the trail after multiple switchbacks where you take a left and hike to the peak at the very end. Beautiful views

Very beautiful hike! I went on a Saturday afternoon and thought it was going to be super busy but actually there weren't many people! Be careful not to miss the turnoff to the lookout - there's a down log to the left and an overgrown path that doesn't really look like it leads to anything but that's the turnoff. If you keep going (which is what I did) you just end up at a trail junction which at that point is obvious that you've went too far. That was kind of a happy mistake because the views were super gorgeous up there as well!

Paved, so it'd be nice for wheelchairs or strollers. Honestly, it would be a nice little stop if you're the type to just go for a drive in the canyon. Maybe I'd take my parents there when they visit, kind of deal. The little waterfall isn't spectacular but it provided a nice mist after doing some other hiking. We also went up the Lake Blanche trail a little bit (definitely rocky and steep), but just a few feet up and you can climb over into some rocks and see more waterfall.

5 days ago

Awesome hike up, meadows exploding with color and the water levels are reasonable. Views across BCC are fantastic and Summit is a good morning reward. Decent amount of vertical in well groomed trails.

It is very vertical and lots of plants poke you but the view at the summit is amazing

9 days ago

15 days ago

Beautiful the whole way up. Most of the hike is shaded so it's fine to do on a hot day. Took me 1.5 hours to go up and down (1 hour up, 0.5 down). The way up is a steady incline the WHOLE way. The hike is short but 1600 ft in elevation gain so... not easy. I did this after 4 mimosas and the incline was very difficult--probably not as difficult otherwise. The view at the top is amazing!!! Little hike for a huge reward. No snow as of 6/11/17

16 days ago

on Circle All Peak

19 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous 360-degree views of Big Cottonwood. The snow is gone from the peak as of 6-7-17! I wouldn't recommend following this track past the highest point; there doesn't seem to be much of a trail after that.

20 days ago

22 days ago

A beautiful and great hike in the middle of Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trail is pretty steep the whole way with a few areas of flat or low grade to give you some relief. Luckily, most the trail is shaded. It follows Butler Fork for about half the time before branching off and heading up switchbacks to Circle Awl Peak. On June 3rd 2017, there were a couple spots of snow from about 8,400 ft and up, but nothing difficult and easily passable with running shoes.

The view at the top is incredible as you can see all of Big Cottonwood, this would probably be really amazing in the Fall when the colors change. There would be an option to make this a loop that stays high going underneath Gobbler's Knob toward Reynold's Peak and past Dog Lake, but that is at least an additional 3 miles from what I can tell from the trail maps.

23 days ago