Wanted to warn future hikers that the end of the trail near the pond is teaming with poison ivy.

18 days ago

I love this trail! The hike was soooo hot but well worth the journey to the petroglyphs. Bring lots of water and good company this time of year (June).

Don't forget those petroglyphs!

Great trail !

Lightly trafficked, breathtakingly gorgeous.

Wonderful weather yesterday, saw a squirrel!

1 month ago

Lovely views. Very pleasant trail once you get over the incline.

Really mellow and great for little ones.

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2 months ago

Had an awesome day here with my wife. It was great for our first true trail experience!

Pretty and short, but you have to walk through several camp sites. Also there is poison ivy on the trail so be careful. No waterfall ehen we were there, but the kids did like climbing on the rocks and throwing rocks into the pool.

Wow, VERY popular hike. It's pretty, but not a hike if you like solitude.

3 months ago

3 months ago

An easy trail if you have a few minutes to burn. The petroglyphs were not as spectacular as I had hoped.