Photos of Bears Ears National Monument Birding Trails

We spent three days and two nights backpacking. Many ruins to explore right along the trail or a short ways from the trail. There also many up higher in the cliffs that could also be explored if you are not afraid of heights. You will need better directions to the springs than just the Nat Geo Trails Illustrated map to find the springs. Even with the low December temperatures there were several pools of water that were not frozen. If you go this time of year it's not a bad idea to top off you water when you find a good source. There are a few sections where the trail travels through thick brush and the trail gets very hard to follow. in these sections the main drainage is also blocked by down trees crossing the stream bed. Because of this there are multiple paths to choose from. Some of these path are much better that other path so sometime you have to back track a was to find a better way through. It's also not a bad idea to do a web search to learn about the locations of the major ruins along the way. We saw only 6 day hikers and 5 backpackers in the three days and every one of these were near the Grand Gulch-Bullet Canyon confluence.