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Arches National Park, located in the Moab region of eastern Utah, is a highlight of any trip to the Southwest, especially for families with children. The park is also a haven for adventure travel and adrenaline junkies. Compared to other National Parks in the region, the highlights can be seen within a day or two. The bright red rock against the deep blue sky is an iconic southwestern sight enjoyed by all ages. This National Park features 2,000 sandstone arches, the worlds highest concentration of natural sandstone arches, including the most famous arch in the park, Delicate arch. In a desert climate, millions of years of erosion have led to these structures, while the ground has life-sustaining soil crust and potholes. Other geologic formations are stone columns, spires, fins, and towers. If you are short on time, you can take the scenic drive past many viewpoints to snap a quick picture. With more time, make sure to to check out the various hiking trails the park has to offer. There are plenty of short hikes that are great for including the Delicate Arch Trail and Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail (the iconic arch on the Utah license plates), the Park Avenue Trail, and trails in the windows section of the park such as Turret Arch Trail, Double Arch Trail or South Window Viewpoint. If you are feeling adventurous (and energetic), try the Devil's Garden Primitive Trail. Along this loop trail you will see such wonders as Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Double O Arch, and Dark Angel. Landscape arch is the largest arch on earth and should not be missed! Other notable features in the park include balanced rock, a large boulder that appears to be balancing 128 feet in the air and is a quick hike off of the road. Fiery Furnace, named such from the reddish glow at sunset that resembles a furnace is another great option. This ranger guided tour requires a permit from the visitor center. If you are hoping to avoid crowds, Broken arch is a less frequented spot in the park.

18 hours ago

Super easy, but lots of nice views.

off road driving
20 hours ago

Gorgeous back entrance to park

21 hours ago

So busy but worth the trek to see Delicate Arch

Super easy, but very crowded. Pro Tip: You can get behind the arch on the right side. It is very cool view.

Great views of a bunch of arches, there are some good rock scrambles, so you walking stick old-people turn around. Too many people mid October.

Loved the thrill of this path. The trail ascends up a giant rock/mountain hill and continues all the way up. Thank goodness for signs. Not sure we would have stayed on the path. The arch was amazing. It was surely a sight to see. Moderate trail.

Great views of Arches and a nice evening stroll

2 days ago

Stayed at devils garden campground and rode our bikes to the trailhead. Started about 8:30am and the crowds were very thin. I recommend doing this one early as it gets very busy by mid morning. Landscape arch is great and many people turn around at that point. Do all the side trails along the way to double O. Watch for the cairns to stay on trail, lots of off trail paths seem to have been worn. We covered 6 miles in 2 1/2 hours taking lots of breaks for pictures. Not very strenuous so you’ll have plenty of energy for an afternoon hike as well!! Beautiful scenery!

Love this hike. Did it on Monday and redid it on Thursday. Great hike. Challenging. Lots of things to explore.

Best thing to do in arches besides the delicate arch. Our three year old did it


off trail
3 days ago

We got a hiking permit to do this hike and we enjoyed the opportunity to explore off the beaten path. This was amazing and our only disappointment was the lack of signs. In some places there were more small arrows marking the trail than were needed but in the more sketchy places there would be none. At one point 4 different groups were lost in the same section. Otherwise this hike is amazing. Full of climbing, scrambling and hunting around for the next adventure!

I would recommend using the All Trails recording to make sure you don't get lost! Also, a wet bandana on your head is the DREAM.

Great hike. Takes you across Fins. Went over the fins after landscape arch. Did primitive trail to get back. Lots of beautiful arches. Be sure to go see the Navajo arch. On primitive trail there is one ledge that is very steep and tricky the rest is just over fins and through the wash. Did not go to dark angel I showed 7.2 miles visiting all the other arches. Even on the primitive trail it was easy to follow there were white arrows and Cairns

4 days ago

Beautiful as expected. More people than I expected but still great.

A can’t miss trail in the Arches. Crowded of course, but super fun hiking over the open rock. Not too strenuous, but then again we are hiking in October. Must do!

I liked the challenge this trail posed, but did not like the way the trail was marked. I got lost numerous times and didn't see any clear direction markets. The trail is fun though, and takes you over and on top of arches.

Started at 5 and got up before the sunset crowds, then also stayed for sunset. Definitely worth the wait!

Awesome trail. Highly concentrated dose of arches. Would recommend starting early and go clockwise, this way you avoid the crowds for the more popular sections, and you get great lighting on the early arches. The primitive loop section has one particularly difficult part where you have to carefully navigate a steep ledge, but all levels of hiker seemed to be navigating it

4 days ago

Pretty steady uphill, a little more challenging than we anticipated but very doable for all levels of hiker. The ending view is worth it.

Hard up but well worth it. Go early full sun exposure

a steep incline. But a wonderful payoff!

4 days ago

Beautiful way to get up close and personal with some of these formations, and a great two in one to get to courthouse towers viewpoint and back!

We needed about 3.5 hours for the whole trail. The walk was moderate, not too difficult as described in the guide. There were two places which were a little more demanding (hiking over a steep cliff) otherwise well walkable paths which were sufficiently signposted. Highly recommended: start before 9.00 o'clock on our return at noon it was a bit crowded

Great hike. I highly recommend it. There is only one really sketchy scramble in the primitive side of the trail. I was really nervous about it. we passed it with not problems. The rest was smooth sailing. It could be marked better in the primitive section but in the end we found our way. I highly recommend. you can avoid the primitive trail by just doing an out and back instead of the loop if you want.

no shade
5 days ago

So worth it! Really not a hard trail at all. The view is so worth the uphill part!

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