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This hike was super fun. A bit busy in the beginning of the trail but you can break away from crowds about a mile or so into it. Some of the arches are disappointing and others are great. As an avid hiker the trail was a little hard to follow once you get into the primitive trail towards the end of the loop. There is some rock scrambling as well. Just pay attention to the little stacked rocks to stay on trail - I think park rangers put them there for that reason. With exploring off the trail a bit I walked about 9-10 miles and it took me about 5 hours to do total and I would consider myself in shape and an intermediate hiker. All in all,the hike was great and worth it!

21 hours ago

Hiked on April 2018. Amazing! What an arc!

1 day ago

Pretty views of a unique section of arches, but much of it is visible from the road too. Go if you want to take some nice photos, otherwise the stairs make it pretty difficult for a 2 mi hike

Great trail. Pretty well marked. Got there around 7:30am and had no issues finding a spot in the parking lot. There were a fair amount of people coming down from the sunrise hike, but actually not too many people starting the hike at that time.

Also went back and did this hike at night and it was completely empty. The view of the stars was amazing. Just make sure to bring a head lamp and download the map before you go just in case you lose the cairns in the dark.

It can get pretty hot because there is very little shade. But it's a pretty quick hike, with a spot at the end to hangout and take lots of pictures of the delicate arch.

Easy short hike. Great views are worth it. We went early (8am) on a Saturday and was still very crowded. Best picture opportunities are in late afternoon

Excellent trail! Was a mix of sand trails and stone trails so lots of variety. We went clockwise so all of the good arches were on the front end. I’m not sure the best way to do it but was an excellent trail.

Lots of options to break off and explore different areas! lots of heights and gorgeous views. Bring tons of water

Easy. Gorgeous. Totally worth it.

Make sure you pay attention to your direction, easy to get turned around going in if there aren't crowds to follow.

If you want a challenge but a great reward than I suggest this hike! We got an early start, 630am, and ended around 1pm. It was a long one but we definitely made it a lot longer by finding own own paths and exploring as much as we could! This is breathtaking! I honestly felt like I was on Mars! It is a great challenge, especially the second half. If you’re afraid of heights then this might not be for you. Bring LOTS of water and sunscreen especially if you’re hiking in the hotter months. Bring lunch and snacks and find an awesome rock to sit on and gaze over. You will definitely be happy you did this trail!

rock climbing
6 days ago

Breathtaking! Felt like I was on another planet! It was a bit challenging. Getting there was the hardest part as it was misty uphill. Bring lots of water and wear good hiking shoes! Also, if you’re going during their hotter months I’d suggest getting an early start and it can get extremely hot out there!

One of the best "bang for your buck" hikes I've done due the to fact it's not very long or hard and the arch and scenery along the way is amazing!

7 days ago

Well worth the trip up. This trial has little shade, there is some. Beautiful arch and scene.

Worth every painful step!

always a favorite! took my man here for his first time and he loved every minute! best mothers day of my life.

9 days ago

We went over National Park Week -- what a view! We towed our toddler in a toddler backpack the whole way and we're glad we did! There's a pretty steep trail right before you get to Delicate Arch, that would worry me to have my toddler running loose there. Lots of rocks, be sure to have plenty of water and snacks on you and be sure to apply lots of sunscreen as there's not really any shaded areas. Go as early as you can as the trail will be congested (not to mention the parking lot) by 11am for sure. We made it a point to get there first and we were on the trail at 9:30 and already fighting for a parking spot.

Beautiful and well worth the effort but fully exposed to the sun. We got up early and were hiking by 7:15 am and it was nice and cool. The trail along the rock wall was easy and should not be a concern to anyone, it is very nicely cut sloped into the wall giving a greater sense of security, those going up and down can easily pass each other. The hike up took 45 min at an easy pace.

The view of the arch was great !!

9 days ago

Let me assist with the directions after my experience today:
Mile marker 141. Drive in over the Railroad tracks and follow the road to the right. Second large parking lot. Park there for Dinosaur tracks. When done continue down that road and park and walk a mile to the dinosaur bones. Don’t drive in the deep sand unless your car/truck can handle it or get stuck.

Both sites are worth seeing and good if you can to do something heading in or out of Moab. Bring water if you walk that sandy mile.

9 days ago

This is a nice, easy trail to start the day with. The slab gets the heart rate going but it's not a steep incline. The main advice I would give is to be aware that there are two routes you can take when you're within viewing distance of delicate arch. There is a section where you can traverse 200 feet of wall to get to the arch faster, which can be quite scary if you're afraid of heights . Or there is a way around the back which is a big paved ledge.

10 days ago

Definitely was fun, wouldn’t recommend going on high wind days. I went on a high wind day and the wind almost knocked me off the side of the cliff, which was about a 50 foot drop.

This hike is awesome! The fin that you have to walk on was a little scary with the high winds we were experiencing, but it was so fun. As said in previous reviews the hardest part is the end when you’re walking through the sand up slight inclines. We did this hike clockwise and that was definitely the way to go. This is a trail where you’ll be going up and down on rock formations, so be prepared to jump down. When you’re trying to find Double-O go to the left off of the rock path. There will probably be people trying to go down the right side, don’t follow. There’s a path to the left that will take you to Double-O and the Primitive Trail.

If there is one hike to do in Arches it’s this one! I would definitely recommend hiking boots or shoes with good grip for the inclines. There’s one section which can be a little scary if you’re not a fan of heights but it’s really short and wide enough that you can get away with hugging the wall.

11 days ago

All its made out to be. Looking forward to sunset hike soon.

on Delicate Arch Trail

11 days ago

Great trail. Stunning views and not very difficult. Would recommend to anyone!

12 days ago

The trailhead is very accessible. Parking and restrooms are nearby and the trail is well marked. Hiking up the trail, you will come to a longer section of slightly graded rock hiking where you will be in direct sunlight. Ensure you bring a fair amount of water, sunscreen and/or hat since there is rarely any canopy.

Once off the rock hike, the trail becomes much more beautiful. The last stretch, to me, was the most beautiful. Walking along a cliff face the trail narrows and then... the magnificent Delicate Arch! It’s much more dramatic than all the other arches in Arches National Park, since it stands alone and is amazing. Don’t forget to look around and behind the arch. There are gorgeous gorges, beautiful bowls and fragrant desert flowers.

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Great hike. Be ready to bounce around on some rocks!

We did this trail when it was cloudy so we didn't get too hot, but there isn't shade throughout the hike. The delicate arch is a sight to see and I would definitely recommend it. As someone that lives in Utah I loved finally seeing delicate arch!

15 days ago

We hiked with two little ones in backpacks. The climb was a bit intense but if you take your time, it’s really not difficult. Lots of people have trekking poles and they do come in handy if you’re carrying precious cargo on your back. Very unique hike with a beautiful close up view of the arch. We did not risk walking underneath although many did and it looked awesome.

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